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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
Safe and Found
03/04/2010, Staniel Cay

Rashka was found and is now safe and warm, given water, a package of turkey breast and warm blankets by Tita and took a well deserved stress-free nap aboard BLESSED SPIRIT. But now where are her owners? A general announcement of the finding was put out on VHF along for a call for her owners, but with no results.

03/04/2010, Staniel Cay

Beth and Jim on MADCAP offered to get into their dinghy and search for the owners. They went around the island and found UNICORN unoccupied and left a note that Rashka was safe. The owners must be on the island somewhere as Charles had spent the night ashore looking for Rashka. Tom on COCOON II spotted two people walking on Big Majors and having heard the transmissions, went to Indi and Charles and asked if they had lost a dog. Tom brought them straightaway to BLESSED SPIRIT and Rashka, hearing her owners' voices, rushed up the companionway to a tearful reunion while Beth and Jim watching from their dinghy.

03/04/2010 | dennis & penny & jaimie
that's just beautiful guys. Congratulations for helping out and a great man thanks to all who participated. Dogs (and all pets) and just like a member of the family.
I know, I just lost my BIG French Bardeaux Mastiff today to a severe infection. It's hard on the whole family. Thanks for sharing this with us.
03/05/2010 | Mike Bacon
What a great story. I'm impressed, but not surprised, by your efforts. Long live Rashka...
Going Home!
03/04/2010, Staniel Cay

Tom took the re-united family back to UNICORN and a celebration will be had by all on BLESSED SPIRIT this evening.

Another example of the United Family of Cruisers!

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