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Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
"Front Porch"!!
03/16/2010, Hatchet Bay

I was fortunate to be able to assist Gina and Francis with the Internet portion of their newly established "Front Porch" just steps from the dinghy dock at Hatchet Bay.

While Gina was baking carrot cake and frying chicken for the lunch crowd, Francis and I were sucessful in getting their modem and router to broadcast the Internet. Now it is truly an Internet Cafe serving cold beers, great food and a few essentials, all this with the best view in town from the Front AND Back Porches!

The picture is celebrating the first SKYPE call to Christian in Maine.

Tita 33165 Corn 31530

03/17/2010 | Chip
Cheers! You're both looking good. Call when you've got work.
03/17/2010 | jean
Corning, I LOVE that t-shirt!!! Glad you are both doing well. Take care...
PS: I wonder if anyone else is having the issue I am making comments... this is the 4th try...
03/17/2010 | Jack Schnurr
I am glad that you are having a great time. My radiation treatments are going fine. I completed ASA 101 last weekend and will crew on a 46 ft sailboat this weekend on a 2 day trip.
03/18/2010 | plamen
This picture just busted my bouble (:-
I thought this plase was hi-tech free haven.
Yea, I realize we would'n be enjoing this blog if ti ware.
Though I still think there is somtnihg diferent with the time dimension there. Is it going backword? You are looking like a teenaged computer gamer -:)

Cheers captain,
03/19/2010 | Jan Marshall
that Kalik looks as good as always!!...great photo, love the blog, and we will be drinking Kaliks on Exuma very soon.....
03/19/2010 | Jess
Are you wearing your sunscreen!?
And are you having enough fun yet!?
Boat Fresh Stone Crab!
03/15/2010, Hatchet Bay

Hatchet Bay has a number of things that are positive, 10 free mooring balls and free dock space in one of the most protected bays from winds of all directions. Meat eaters, go to "Frankie's" where you can buy for only $5.00, the flat out the biggest, best and juiciest cheese burger in the Bahamas.

In addition, the locals are very friendly. Since rental cars were nowhere to be found for two solid days, we were told not to worry as everyone hitch hikes and so we did also. We hitch hiked a total of about 150 miles going to the bank and grocery shopping two different times. Never did we wait more than two or three cars passing when we were welcomed into someone's car or truck. Once, a couple stopped to apologize for not picking us up because they were only going 100 yards. Also, there is a local crabber who arrives back at the dock in the evening and then proceeds to boil the crab legs on the aft deck of his boat. Tita couldn't resist and for just $10 had four meals for herself.

03/18/2010 | plamen
Building boat with no plans, people apologizing for not being able to give you a ride, no retacars... sounds so 60s-70s, isn't it.
And the picture with the crabber (so out of the East/West coast realm) makes me wander do they have 24h day there or the time goes slower...

Enjoy it,


Tita multi-tasking!
03/15/2010, Hatchet Bay

The stone crab legs were boiled, but before the feast could proceed, Tita had to "pick" the meat out of about 24 really hard claws. Each claw was about 3.5" long with two joints attached with a lesser amount of meat. This tedious job took about 40 minutes but yielded 4 meals, three of which went into our freezer.

For the first meal, Tita reheated the crab meat then put it on top of her share of a lovely Quiche which she had made for both of us to enjoy. Though I would have loved to try the combination, my seafood allergy forced me to just stay with the Quiche Lorain.

03/16/2010 | Jessica Townsend
That's a great picture of you, Tita! You sure look healthy and happy...
03/17/2010 | joan
yes, you look wonderful and Corning too in the previous photo. This type of living is obviously good for you. Will write e-mail soon.

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