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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
Capt. Corn gets a birthday rainbow
11/25/2010, North Lake Worth

Yup, the Captain is 69 today.

The weather celebrated with a rainbow arching over the boat. Then we celebrated with Ken and Amy on the MARY T with a wonderful dinner of Duck breast a la'orange, mashed potatoes, asparagus and fresh chocolate-nut brownies. Just practicing for the thanksgiving feast tomorrow.

11/25/2010 | Rob Watson
Surely you mistyped that 6, he could pass for 49. Wow, hope I look that good at whatever age he really is!
11/25/2010 | chip
.And look!...You're the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Happy Thanksgiving to you three and all your cruising friends. Love you.
11/26/2010 | Leonard
Happy Birthday Corning! If anybody deserves a rainbow, it is you! Looking forward to seeing you in NOLA.
11/26/2010 | woody Woodworth
Happy Birthday, Captain. Can't think of a better place to celebrate another birthday. Remember, when Demi is your age, she will be 483!
11/28/2010 | Judy
Belated birthday greetings Corning. It looks like you had a wonderful day! It also looks like you are inching your way closer to us----when we we gorge on mussels????
More fun and hospitality
84 Degrees, 10 kt SE
11/23/2010, Hobe Sound, Jupiter FL

Last year we stopped in Hobe Sound to visit with our friend Andy who we had met on his Huckins, MOIRA. He introduced us to Lisa and Charles and their son Charlie. What a wonderful experience it was! We made it a point to stop again since it has been a year since we crossed paths and there was some catching up to do.

We had a wonder glass of wine and some cheese sitting under their Banyon tree as the sun set. This tree is flat out enormous, maybe 50 or 60 feet in diameter with at least 10 "tendrils" that have gotten to the ground, some of which are now 2 feet in diameter. It would be the ultimate hurricane tie-down. Demi found their Westy Terrior , Lilly, a bit overwhelming so there was no play time on the grass for the two of them.

Charles took us all to dinner (which was outside so Demi could join). Charlie and friend Lindsey also joined us as after dinner they were to pick up their daughter Joey at the airport for a thanksgiving feast.

I had the best cuban jerk pork with black beans and rice that I have ever had.

As we dinghied back to our boat, we were reminded how great the cruising experience is because of the wonderful people we meet.

Haveneesus Caninus
11/22/2010, Peck Lake on the Ocean

This is a clear indication that a very loving dog has walked this beach in search of something new. (like a hermit crab, and a blue Portuguese Man of War, a 150 pound dead sea turtle, or a lot of awful plastic.) She seemed to be pleased with all her finds, but the smell of the turtle did not please us.

11/24/2010 | Jan Marshall
a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Corning!...nice to see you in warm waters....we have arctic weather here....snow and ice and wind the last few Demi's paws in the sand!
11/24/2010 | CRT
Hey Dad... Happy birthday!! I can think of no finer father. I wish I could give to you on your birthday what you have given me in my life. Have a great day, see you in NOLA

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