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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
03/25/2011, Hatchet Bay, Eluthera

We met Sari and Pete (COYOTE) from Oregon, in Ft. Lauderdale and have seen them hop scotching about the Bahamas many times. Today we are all at Hatchet Bay. The photo is at a place called "The Front Porch" over looking the incredibly protected harbor. Without a doubt, the Front Porch serves the best "cheese- burgers-in-paradice". and makes Hatchet a REAL destination, not just a weather hidy-hole.

At the moment the women are talking about Maine, a place Sari and Pete will be sailing to in August 2011!

"We'lll keep the mooring ball open for ya".

Pete is not sleeping, I think I just cought him in a double blink. Maybe....


Jan and Corning were friends in college and somehow through the years lost touch. Then about four years ago, Jan found Corning through a mutual friend and they have been trying to reconnect and introduce the spouses. After a failed attempt last year and a near miss this year, we finally hit. What fun we all had.

Jan and Tom for the past 18 years have flown from Seattle to spend some time in the Bahamas at their friend's "Super Fabulous" house on the shore of Great Exuma and luckily we were able to see this incredible compound and enjoy being spoiled by two of the most generous people. Not only did Jan and Tom chauffeur us around, they brought us goodies from afar but they cooked several meals for us and gave us the best time we have ever spent in the Bahamas. In return, what could we do? Not much but sailing from Emerald Bay to George Town was indeed something we could offer and it turned out to be a lot of fun and a great sail.

We tossed the lines over in hopes of a mahi, but to no avail. Not a problem, Tom put the smoked ribs on their barbi and feast we did!

03/21/2011, BIG MAJORS SPOT

There is nothing...simply nothing as much fun as going to windward.
I heard Demi sofly say over the 25 kts,
... the wind in my face, the kick of the wheel and a star to steer her by..."

Actually in this picture we are at anchor in 25-30 at Big Major, an Island in the mid Exumas which has numerous pigs that swim out to the dinghys looking for food. Tomorrow Warderrick Wells and the day after, off to Eluthera.

It looks like Demi might have a whiff of the pigs.

03/21/2011 | David Nutt
Ah, that warm tropical wind in the face. There is nothing quite like be ye man or dog or even some combination of the two. Love it!
03/22/2011 | gerri
Sounds like you guys might be headed our way. When do you think you will get to the Abacos? It doesn't seem right that we get back to Maine without having met you!
03/24/2011 | Jesse
What an awesome picture! She sure looks comfortable as a boat dog... Looking forward to getting to know her when you return North. Daffodils are six inches high in Portland and snowdrops have already gone by. Don't dawdle too long!

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