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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
02/01/2012, Wando SC

Two years ago we met George and Mo (Vermont PASSAGES) in the lower Exumas. (scroll thru CONTENTS to "A door closes, A door opens" 03/08/2010) to see when we last parted. But a few days ago they heard our Single Side Band check in on Cruisheimers Net just before they left the Keys by car to head for Vermont for a month. What fun it was to hear from them by phone and then later in the day to hear they were going to make a big detour in order to have lunch on our boat as they raced north. With any luck, we will see them in March in the keys, perhaps a joint trip to the Dry Tortugas!?! Thanks G & M for making the detour!! It made our day.

Tomorrow morning we drop the lines at Wando and drift down to Charleston for a few days at the Maritime Center.

02/02/2012 | Beth and Jim
Heard you on Cruisehimers this morning. So glad you are on the move and sending good wishes for the winter, and improved health for Corning. We remember a wonderful dog rescue party with Maureen and George, on Blessed Spirit! Waiting for weather to move from Key West to Isla Mujeres now.
02/03/2012 | Corning & Tita
Dear Beth & Jim, Thanks for the reminder of one of our best memories in the Exumas with RASKA. We never heard back from Indi & Charles but I assume they all arrived safely in Quebec.

Fair winds to MX, I will listen for your passage on 8152 with St Jude. God speed

02/03/2012 | Chip
Hi ho, so glad to hear you're on your way. It's been so warm here that our forsythia, daffodils and crocuses are up! (I feel sorry for the May brides who think that everything will be blooming for their outdoor wedding). Hey, keep your eyes open for the 55 footer OHANNA. love you.
02/03/2012 | Tom
I had finished some work on a 60-year old Hammarlund receiver and was checking out the job when I tuned across a USB voice signal at 8104 khz (took a sig generator and freq counter to be sure of that). Appeared to be two yachts in conversation. The much stronger station signed with "Blessed Spirit" so I searched the name and found your page. Your HF Marine station is very loud and clear into the Nashville area. Best wishes on your cruise!

02/06/2012 | Tom and Cathie
Hey guys...we're in your favorite spot Emerald Bay wishing you were here to share a bottle of wine...or 2...or 3????? Heard you on Cruisehemiers this morning but there was such a waiting list to talk to you that we decided to wait till tomorrow. Call if you hear us check in...miss you guys, Tom and Cathie
01/28/2012, CHARLESTON SC

Things were going well, the storage unit emptied, the electrical systems checked, the sails bent on with some muscular rental help and the dinghy inflated. We were about to make plans to leave the shipyard when we found two problems which were critical.

The bow thruster only goes to Port. We have ordered new solinoids and hopefully that will fix this issue by Monday night.

But more of a problem, our 1982 anchor windlass has crapped out. It is no longer made and there are no more spare parts. On Monday we will see what our options are: rebuild the motor or perhaps a new windlass, ouch!

So for now we sit and are thankful that these failures occured in the states, and not in the southern Bahamas.

01/29/2012 | gerri dubey
You could be stuck in worse places!!
01/29/2012 | burketts
You are very right--out bow thruster died upon entering Cat Cay last time we were south. Never did get it REALLY fixed till we were stateside again in late April. Weather in Maine is BORING--not enuf snow to have fun, but quite cold.
02/01/2012 | pamen
third option - used parts. there is a store in so cal - - full of used parts in decent shape. check them out.

good luck
01/26/2012, Wando creek, Charleston SC

1220 miles and the temp went from 6 to 70 F. The boat survived well on the hard, and there is absolutely zero mildew or mold!

We saw Amy and ken in Anap, and Claude and Wendy in Southport and ate a lot of fast food in the car.

It wil be several days before we are loaded down and shipshape to the point we can head South, but we did want to let you know that we have arrived, are getting ready and shoulod meander toward Florida within the week. We hired two great guys from North Sails for a couple of hours to help me move and set the 150% genny.

Demi is well adjusted to her new home.

01/26/2012 | Gene -S/V Island Rose
She looks good in the water. I know you can feel the excitement. Sure beats that cold snow!
01/27/2012 | Chip
Suddenly thought to check out your blog and here you are. Knew you were somewhere south. Isn't this weather fabulous! Good news about your boat, and I will start checking daily to keep up. Hope you three are all well.

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