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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
03/17/2008, STANIEL Cay

What a grand time we had with Jessica!

We snorkled everyday, saw some neat things like lion fish, and eagle rays. (maybe some photos later in the week)

But for now we are getting the boat ready to head north toward Maine! It has been a wonderful adventure, but the spring is commin' and we are looking forward to Edgecomb.

Next hurdle is the crossing west of the Gulf Stream. That will happen when the weather is right and we are staged at Lucaya or Bimini ready to jump.

03/20/2008 | Mike (& Mary)
Well, there's no doubt you guys are still having fun! Love that blue-green H20 and what a jump it was. Great shot.

We're back on-line after 2 weeks in Turkey (during the invasion of Kurdish Iraq...did that news reach the boat?) and a few other places I'd rather be in right now (Paris, Zurich). Lots of fun, albeit some work for me. Fabulous greek and roman ruins on the southwest coast of turkey. There are blue tours (sailboats) that are very popular hugging the coast and anchoring next to the ruins. We should check it out, although the dollar has gone down the toilet. everything, tres cher. But the best greek ruins are in Turkey, for sure.

Much to catch up on but all good. One downer is Mary's new boot. A present from her orthopod to decrease inflammation from a very minor (and old) 5th metatarsal fracture. 6 weeks of gimpiness might slow her down, but her spirits are good, as always.

Well, the blog has been great to hear and also to watch your progress.

Hope you guy
03/14/2008, STANIEL Cay

This is great! Jessica arrived today and could not wait to jump into the gin clear water. What fun to have her join us in the EXUMAS!

03/16/2008 | jeanie
What a great photo...It truly put a smile on my face. Hope you have a great time so very careful of the sun. It's closer to the earth this month then any other time.

I'll send this to Oma ...she will love it!!
Love to all of you

Sampson Cay Conch Ensamble
03/10/2008, Sampson Cay

As we all waited for the cold front to arrive (Chris Parker 1900 to 2100) Dock 2 decided to close down the day with style. The cold front came about 2000, The date of the CD release of our first conch concert is not yet determined.

03/12/2008 | Ed Perkins
What a band! You've got to teach Nancy & I to play the conch. Let us know your general plans/stops for heading north once you get an idea of them. Would very much like to rendevous before you go north.
Ed, Nancy & Scully
03/13/2008 | Octavio Contreras
Looking good playing conch Mayan style. I check your blogg on a regular basis and am glad to confirm you are having a great time. Well, who wouldn't in a journey like yours!

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