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Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
04/12/2008, CHARLESTON S.C.

The photo above is typical of the majority of houses in the downtown historic district. There is a small gate or door onto the road and then the elegant porch is perpendicular to the road looking immediately at the side of the next door house.

Today I was told that in the 1700-1800, they taxed the town's people by the number of windows that faced the road. Hmmmm...

Can anyone (Terry V) tell me the REAL reason for such a design in Charleston?

04/13/2008 | Ed Perkins
Looks like everything is going great with you guys. Couldn't help but notice Cornng is back in long pants and a sweater, though. We'll be headed north in a couple of weeks.
Ed, Nancy & Scully
04/14/2008 | plamen
May be the Architect of this house was influenced by some passenger ship design... to the contrary of the Naval Architect of that ferry from previous posting who seem to have been inspired by this house design -:)
have fun,

04/10/2008, A few miles north of Charleston

This beach is hard as a rock below the high tide mark and must be great for jogging.

04/10/2008, Isle of Palms, S.C.

Created Naval Architects,
....except that he was so tired he apparently rested instead.

With yacht design like the one above, I just might come out of retirement and start over.

We are north of Charleston and plan to meet up with our good friends on STRATHSPEY tomorrowl Today we went for a walk on the beach which was hard as pavement and nearly vacant.

04/11/2008 | Terry and David Vaughan the form, function, delight criteria are not met in this vessel, T? Looks like some great fodder for discussions over a meal come June. Love, to you both, and I hope you decide to continue your blog long after your return. It's been such a great journey. T and D

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