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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
05/02/2008, Jackson Creek, VA

We are at the dock at Fishing Bay Yacht Club (absolutely to die for) when:

We looked up and anchored right next to us is Joe and Mary Ellen (DALLY CALLY) who we have not seen since Allan Cay. Then Bill came down to the dock (CHARISMA) who we have not seen since Bimini. And then on the VHF we were called by Charlie and Jenny (LADY) who we have not spoken to since we had dinner together in St Augustine.

These surprise reunions make cruising all the more fun!

05/02/2008 | Scott Kuhner
Tita, we have an old friend visiting us from Geneva and she wants me to be sure to tell you hello from her. You may remember Irene Chamay from when she lived just across the street from you on Crocket and Rowayton Ave. I have just shown her your bolg and she was very impressed. When she saw one of the recent pictures of you and Corning she exclaimed, "Wow Tita sure looks great!" Might you be stopping here on LI Sound on your way back to Maine?
05/02/2008 | Scott Kuhner
Kitty wanted me to tell you to be sure to go up the Patomic all the way to DC and pick up a mooring at the Capitol Yacht Club for $15/night. (you will have to go under a bridge that only opens at night) You will then be in easy walking distance of the Washington Monument etc. Many of our foreign freinds have done it and raved about how convient it was.
05/03/2008 | Terry and David Vaughan
Wonderful to get caught up on your adventures! What an amazing odyssey. We'll be in Edgecomb for the month of June and look so so forward to seeing you. In answer to your question concerning the historic house type in Charleston, I understand it is so the gate to the street can be locked while the entire house is left open to the long porches: more air! Love, T and D
05/04/2008 | Blair Buchanan (Strathspey)
I count 185 of the species musca domestica, and another 141 stomoxys calcitrans for a total of 226 flies.
04/30/2008, Hospital Point, VA

Last night several boats arrived in Norfolk having completed the ICW, and that deserved a party!!

The highlight of the gathering which took place on our boat was a cake baked by Bev (CHESSIE) which evoked a lot of good smiles and laughs from Roman, Ulha, Jack and the two of us.

It was a good cake!

05/01/2008 | cheryl
We miss you!
05/01/2008 | Carl and Carrie
Glad to hear you guys made it. If ou come by Annapolis stop by and say hello. We are moored in front of Bert Jabins in back creek. It would be nice to put a face with a name and we would like to thank you personally for the SSB advice.
05/01/2008 | Jean
Glad to hear you made it okay. Stay safe and see you soon.

We stopped at the visitors center part way thru the dismal swamp and very quickly heard on the radio that we were virtually surrounded by tornado warnings.

The 5 boats quickly put out multiple lines, extra fenders, removed canvas tightened down on the sheets etc. Fortunately within a few hours, the warnings were removed.

Unfortunately, just 30 miles away, a class 3-4 tornado struck and injured 200+ and destroyed many homes, schools and churches.

Thank you Scott for asking about our welfare. We are now in Norfolk and headed to Deltaville in the morning.

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