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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
05/18/2008, 86 FORT ROAD EDGECOMB

Today we had a wonderful brunch for our 2 kids, their spouces and the grandkids.

It was a WONDERFUL day with great food, good cool weather and fantastic family. Not one tear!

Above is Ruby Lou, Tatreau, Scout and Ryder.

05/22/2008 | Jean
How sweet are they!!! That is an awesome reason to come home.
05/25/2008 | Ed Perkins
We're so jealous: the grandkids are beautiful. We're still in Wrightsville Beach but headed north. Hope to see you both this summer.

Ed, Nancy and, oh yes, Scully
06/08/2008 | judy
What beauties your grandchildren are! And it looks like they're standing on the good old Canadian Shield in Muskoka. -- Judy
"... a crab pot to port!"
05/13/2008, Maine

When we were plying the ICW, our best friends would get on the VHF a couple of times a day to warn others ".... I see 1 crab pot to port!".

We were always apreciative but thought in the back of our minds that we've ...been there..done that.

Anyway, lobster season is starting in Maine so if you head to the East soon, have a good eye out for the occasional lobster pot to port. They get sorta thick up here. Kinda like the flies in Maryland.

Oh no...not another contest. But with the fog, who could actually count them.

05/13/2008 | Vicky Worosz
Looks like the Maine we know and love! No pots here in the Abacos.
05/07/2008, Edgecomb Maine

Thank you one and all.
The low Estimate was 187 flies
The average Estimate was 273.3 flies
The high Estimate was 635 flies

We threw the first 40 overboard.
There were 341 on the plate
For a total of 381 flies in 2 hours,
which amounts to 95 flies per person per hour. Or a dead fly every 38 seconds. YUK!

Blair was very close with 326, but would have been disqualified (with no appeal process) due to a math error of incorrectly adding his estimates of the two species that he had correctly identified. (Don't give up your night job)

Our boat is at Tilghman Island MD. We drove home yesterday and will get the boat back up to Maine in June when the water is a bit warmer. Tita will be busy with the garden and a flower show will soon be posted on this blog.

Thanks for all the fun participation. It was the best blog response yet and thus is a top hit if "Blessed Spirit" is Googled.
Chipper...ants? ants???

05/07/2008 | Chip
I can't believe it! Why do I always dream so big? Welcome home.
05/08/2008 | woody Woodworth
I demand a re-count!
05/12/2008 | Scottt Kuhner
Instead of doing a recount for Woody, since the amount of flies was so great, why don't you just send him a small jar of paste from the mashed up flies to put on his crackers when he has his nightly sundowner

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