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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!

We sailed overnight from Cuttyhunk to Edgecomb Maine.
Crossing the Stellwagon we saw lots of whales which were great. Then near dinner time, I spotted two fins each about 24" out of the water which I thought were 2 giant sun fish close to each other. I turned the boat around to come nearer.

It was a huge shark!

He came up along the boat within 15 feet. and from the dorsal to the tail was 10 to 12 feet. He then just swam off.

Then he turned and came right for the boat at a high rate of speed. Just before hitting the boat, he made a right angle turn and stopped. At speed I could tell from his bow wave that his dorsal was about mid length making him 20 feet plus. We jumped to the middle of the cockpit thinking only of Jaws.

Then we noticed a second one on the other side of the boat about 100 yards away.

As usual, we tethered in when on night watch, but this time with an added reason not to go overboard. I was shaking for hours.

06/12/2008 | Jess
06/12/2008 | plamen
not cool huh.
had similar experience last year. half way motoring back form Block island to Narragansett. mid July, about 1100, 35C, fog, no wind, 99% humidity. couldn't resist a cool off swim around the boat. half an hour later we saw her passing maybe 5-6m form the us. we thought it had the length of the boat we ware on (21ft). it probably wasn't that big but I know for fact the proximity of this creature was so unpleasant it didn't even cross my ming to turn the boat and follow it for better look. no more offshore cool off swiming
06/12/2008 | Blair and Mary (Strathspey)
Congratulations on a safe trip home guys. We met you in Staniel Cay this winter and enjoyed your company off and on right up to our last supper together in Charleston in late April. We loved your outlook on all things nautical and gastronomical! Gotta love those Maineiacs methinks. Looking forward to seeing you both up in Ottawa.

After a quick fill-up at $5.79 / gal!!! for diesel, we sailed to Cutty Hunk. We were the only boat at a town mooring. Didn't go to shore, but it is still a wonderfully magical place.

Tomorrow at 0500 we head for the Cape Cod canal and then check the weather for the final push home.


This was a 30 hour off shore passage which of course means several watches in the dark. Tita and I go 2 on and 2 off.
A night watch brings all the senses to a heightened state, such as smell, hearing, touch. All of the instruments must be accomplished with no light. The smell of diesel may alert you of a fishing vessel without lights. The throbbing noise of dual engines may alert you of a tug well before it shows up on radar.

Twice we had 2 freighters in excess of 20 knots alter course as did we. One came within 200 yards. We could see in the windows but it was difficult to understand the Japanese Captain on the radio at midnight.

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Who: Corning & Tita
Port: Edgecomb, Maine
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