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Adventures of Bliss
On the hook in the Delta
24 September 2010
Friday 9/24: Time for some fishing and trying the tree tie. Three River Reach came up as a good location to anchor, but luck and weeds were not on our side. We approached from the river, and saw a couple of fishing boats close to shore. Ah, times you wish you had a retractable keel....The center of the river was full of weeds. When our depth sounder was reading 2 , and the engine slowed down, it was clear we were having the whole backyard around our prop. We were able to back out a bit, found ourselves a circle where weeds were not all dominant, and just dropped the hook to get our priorities straight....LUNCH! Then into the fresh water with mask and snorkel and clear off the prop.

After lunch, we motored up to Potato Slough, and tucked ourselves close in (no tree tie though, but bow and stern anchor well set by Tod) to one of the many private islands in the Delta in Little Potato Slough. Tod went fishing and came home with a cat fish for dinner (I think he likes the catching better than the aftermath...). Here's Tod's catch of the day.

This catfish looks more frightening in the picture than it was in reality
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