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Adventures of Bliss
Leaving the Delta
28 September 2010 | Napa, CA
We've enjoyed the delta, and were glad we checked it out. For us, September was a good time to go, as it was a quiet during the week, but not so much during the weekend, and we can imagine that the summer can get pretty busy here. It's a place where motor crafts seem to rule, and with that comes a certain amount of noise. After 5 days exploring we felt like a change of scenery of tule, levees, Mount Diablo (always very scenic in the background, see the pic) and very warm temperatures.

We left Eden Island at 830 AM, and motored back to Benicia in 6 hours. Our main sail was up for providing shade, as there was no wind to be seen. A heat wave is in the area, so no escape from that in Benicia. We pulled in our slip, and took cold showers, with the AC fan on full blast, only to come out for dinner 2 hours later. We managed to get a stroll in before sunset, and then had dinner in a cute restaurant on Main Street.

This morning we re- provisioned at the Safeway in Benicia, and took off for Napa where we're staying at the Yacht Club 1 mile from downtown. Napa also had a record temp of 103 F today, so we went for the closest ice-cream shop, and just zoned out in the A/C for a while. A bit cooler forecast for tomorrow and Tod is trying to talk me into biking to some wineries- I'm all game if we take a tandem, and I can relax in the backseat.....

[By the way, if you'd like to see the locations we've talked about on Google Earth, click the "Maps & Tracking" link at the right, then click the link to Google Earth.]
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