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Blowinganddrifting with Admiral Chrissy and Capt. Dean
We are Mariners, heart and soul, but there is much more to us than that :)
Crossing Saginaw Bay
Capt. Dean sunny, hot, no wind
08/11/2010, Port Austin Mich.

Joe and Dawn really know how to hit the beach !!! Not really, they handle the bingo game at the Griswald reunion, and it was a blast !!

It was a long crossing with little wind, and what there was, was on our nose ALL DAY. The sun was relentless and hot, but we'll take it!!
Today we are taking a total day off and hanging out on the beach here near the marina. I will be in the shade on the beach though, as I need a day out of the sun.

We have logged about 250 nautical miles so far with another 1,800 to go, ugh!!

sorry for the short one today, but gotta load some pics to post.

Later, Dean

08/11/2010 | Kristin Hoffman
Hi Dean and Chris!! How fun and exciting your adventure sounds. I look forward to following your blog.
08/12/2010 | Scott
Enjoy your day off !
08/13/2010 | Mark Sneathen
We just got the link to your blog from your mom. Amy and I are really excited for you - what a great adventure! We'll be checking in frequently to see what's happening on Rubaiyat
08/14/2010 | lewis edsall
Wow, Your moving right along. Glad things are going well, also glad you have ponce. Work has been terrible with the heat and humidety. Wish I was with the ruby. luv lew
Hey Sailors,
sitting here catching up on your posts. Heck of a rain storm last night hope you were snug for the night. see you're getting in to more interesting traveling down past the Saginaw Bay area. How many bottles of wine are left?
We're hoping to get out on Shiftless this weekend. Take care smooth sailing w/the wind at your back
Harrisville, never been here
Capt. Dean 10:pm flat and dark
08/09/2010, Harrisville Municipal Marina

One of our frequent stops.

Hey all, we had a, well, some kinda day. We left Presque Isle Harbor about 8:15am. and headed for Harrisville, we made with some "stuff" inbetween :)
about 9 it started to rain, and kept itup till 1:30 pm. Then it started to shape up a bit, stayed overcast till about 6 when we could see the harbor, finally. The haze was real bad and we couldn't see land till about 2miles out, but thanks to our new chart plotter "Ponce" (as in DeLeon, fountian of youth, more on that later) we found our way without any problems. So here I sit in the lounge, and a beautiful one I must say! having a beer (or 2) after a great dinner aboard, thanks to Chrissy. Mackaroni and cheeze, bluberry muffins, seasoned fried hot dogs and her fruit salad from the Griswald Reunion :)

We are headed for Port Austin in the morning early, 8am. that is across Saginaw Bay, another 45 mile rum (run) but we are prepared to travel while the weather is good (meaning 2 feet waves or less) when we need to, as it may turn to shit anyday now

OK, 10:15 and headed back to the boat to crash, Later, Capt. Dean

08/09/2010 | mark neill
Hey it was good to see you post and chat with you tonight. Glad things are goo! Keep on keepin on!
08/10/2010 | Your favorite brother Scott
Hey Pirates ! I hope you are enjoying your "adventure". All is calm here. I said it sounds a little bit like a motorcycle trip when you got caught in the rain. That looks like a long trip across the Saginaw Bay. Sounds like a nice new piece of equipment you got on board. I'm sure you're glad you got it now. Two vehicles came up from the swamp last night and crossed our yard to the road. I have no idea who that was. I guess they were just two trackers. Hope you have a good day. Happy Trails. Scott
08/10/2010 | Shaun
Sounds like a nice evening. Keep relaxing. Glad to read your update. Smooth sailing, Shaun
Good Morning from the Rogers City Nautical Festival
Capt. Dean overcast 75, nice
08/06/2010, Rogers City Michigan

Wow, paying our dues already, but good though, more on that in a minute.
We stayed in Cheboygan after the night in Mackinaw, I failed to post from there, we are in Rogers City this am. "we" "elected" to pass by Hammond Bay about 1:30 in the afternoon, as it was a glorious sail since we left at about 11:30 from Cheboygan. A nice 10-15kt. wind over our shoulder, reefed mainsail and 8' of headsail out. I digress:
We pulled out of the Cheboygan River and I had this feeling in my gut that said "why didn't I put the dingy on the bow, like I said I was going to do yesterday (beer got in the way, another story) so I said "Self" TURN AROUND AND GO BACK TO THE DOCK, so self did :)
We got it strapped down all nice and tight, It fit real well, we hadn't tried it before that. So off we went. It was a bit big and swellly for a mile or so out of the channel, then it evened out to nice chasing seas of 2-5 feet, but all nice and not scarry.
So, now to the point of passing Hammon Bay, did I forget to mention it is a "harbor of refuge" and we passed it by and the weather was really quit nice and we were surfing Ruby faster than we ever had 5-7kt.s and on the surf down some of them a touch more than that. The NEW chart plotter put us in Rogers Cty. at 5:10, at that point is was still glorious. We had it good for another 2 hours or so, till we could see this dark , big, hazy, .........thing chasing us down. The wind was 15kts. and we were doing 6, Chrissy went to get the raingear out. She just make it in time, down it came and with it was this wall of air pushing sideways rain at 26kts. , luckily we had just furled the head sail up, the main was still reefed and out on wing. We all just hung on and Ruby took off on a gallop like HIDALGO !!!!!! heading for the finishline !!!!!
The initial gust only lasted about 2 minutes, gladly, then it evened out at 19 or something like that for the next 15 min. Soon it pretty much passed us and we continued to surf right up to the channel in 7-8 kts.
So, the Nautical Festival is in town so about 10pm. we went up to the carninival and played the squirtgun game, the dime candy game, rode the bumper cars and had a big elephant ear, (forgot the camera). Can you tell we haven't been out in a few years :)

It is all good, and we really feel like we are really traveling, cuz I guess we are :)

We are headed for Presque Isle Harbor today. The Grisswald family reunion is over in Alpena this year and we intend to make it there, with the help of our chase vehicle MOM, Thanks Mom !!!

Coffee is kicking, Dean

08/06/2010 | G & M Baker
Sounds like a great time. Gary wants you to get a tracking device so we can watch a map as you go!!!! LOL We tried calling this morning. Talk to you soon! Love to all aboard
08/06/2010 | Sheryl
See you in Alpena!!
I guess it's official, we LIVE ABOARD!!!
Capt. Dean Sunny and 77 @ 9am.
08/04/2010, Mackinaw City Municipal Marina

Wow, I really don't know where to start. I guess with a big thanks to all the friends and family that have helped us through this last month or so.

Admiral Chrissy has authorized the expenditure of a full blown membership to this blog page, so I can post a complete photo album and have all the bells and whistles the site has to offer, a tracking map and stuff I guess.

We survived a great trip to Beaver Island and a HUGE THANK YOU GOES OUT TO OUR FRIEND CAPT. SKIP DUHAMEL for loaning us his truck to tour the bay area and get all 14 of us to the Stony Point Grill and DonnagallDannys bar. What an adventure that was, oh yeah and a dog too. all in Sonoma pick up (S10 size) Lots of details to that story too.

Earlier I bought enough fresh Lake Trout from skip to feed all 15 people. We grilled on the beach in front of the hotel where Mom, Uncle Richard, Aunt Donna and Bonney were staying. photo's and video to follow thanks to Craig Cooper who surprised us when he walked out on the dock after we had only been there a couple hours !! He flew in for a suprise visit.
Wow, all this is so intertwined I can hardly keep one line of thought going straight.
Anyway, I guess I will jump around abit
Mark Lewis and Sierra made the trip over on the ferry as did Aunt Donna and Bonney, Mom and Uncle Richard flew over.
Markie, Cat and Mike sailed over on Restless and got there a couple hours before us, they arrainged our slip, as by now we were some sort of celebritys (in out own mind :) ) and a couple hours later Larry and Nancy Trumble along with Pepe sailed in on Katerina, they tied up next to the tow of us and then it ALLL STARTE HAPPENING and ALL OF YOU who have been here know EXACTLY WHAT THAT MEANS !!!!
So, drinks while grilling on the beach, the Shamrock for one, the ride to Stony Point, back to the Beachcomber and I think I remember one more at the Shamrock :)
I heard Markie popped one more on the boat after that and enjoyed the stars.
Sunday we bid farewell to all of them and Chrissy, Ashley and I crashed out and slep goooood that night, then monday was a nice drizzley rain till about 3pm so we just lazed around the boat and ate and slept. Tues morning we cast of from Beaver about 8am and motored out of the harbor. It was kind of hazy and not much wind from over our shoulder, that made it really rolly polly for a few hours till we could head north to GRAYS REEF PASSAGE. then on to under the Mackinaw Bridge in into the mariina her. bridge pics to follow.
Coffee is kicking and I gotta get out and see the town .

sorry no pics yet, Dean

ps. thanks for all the comments it really makes it all worth it knowing your out there.

08/04/2010 | Sheryl
Wow, sounds like a whirlwind, so good to be able to follow along, I'll be watching you.....
08/04/2010 | Tim Burrows
Sounds like yall are having a great start. We'll be thinking of you and checking in now and then.

08/05/2010 | Rich & Karen Satmary
Sounds like it was a great start to your adventure. Have Fun & keep posting.
08/05/2010 | laurie
Holy Moly, sounds like craziness :) Wish I were a part of it, but I'm really enjoying your blog and photos. Miss you guys and happy Sailing :)
don't know what to say !!
Capt. Dean sunny after a rainy morning
08/02/2010, Beaver Island Michigna

Here I go apologising right off the bat !!! BUT !! I am in my transition zone now I guess (suprise!suprise!). I will be posting a huge one soon, of everyting I am able to remember from the last 13 days !! It has been quite foggy in Petoskey! from what I remember :( Many thanks are going out to a0list to long to type out for now, I am on free wifi on Beaver Isl. and don't know if you will get this or not :)

Island speed, Love Capt. Dean

ps. pics to follow

08/02/2010 | Bob
Looks like you're off to a great start. We look forward to watching your progress. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
08/03/2010 | Ruthie
Hope the wind is good and your sails are full
for your big adventure. Good Luck & happy sailing
08/03/2010 | Shaun
Best of sailing to you guys!
Beaver Island!!

We made it to Beaver on Friday afternon. It took us 7 1/2 hours of motoring. It was a beautiful sunny day, unfortunatelyl, little wind and of course it was on our nose. Totally nice and relaxing though. Private Air got here first and saved Catarina and us a couple of slips. Dean came in a little hot, to the dock and we entered Beaver Island with a bang!! hehe...Nothing hurt, but our reputation of being a "well oiled crew". hehe I'm sure Dean will fill you in with the rest of the details about the last couple of days, but I wanted to let everyone know that we made it here. I also wanted to say...a million THANKSYOU's to all our Friends and Family that made our departure one of the most special moments of our lives!!
more later...
Admiral Chrissy

08/02/2010 | Laurie
Oh no, Deano!!! Don't be the show, watch the show....LOL..:) Glad you had a relaxing ride over though.... miss that sail...hugs and may the wind fill your sails :)
08/02/2010 | mark neill
Looks like you all had fun! Glad everything is going well for you. Let me know when your going to be in Cheboygan and I'll come hang out! Happy Sailing!!!
Oh yeah, Rubaiyat on the water
Capt. Dean
07/28/2010, Little Traverse Bay, Petoskey Mi.

Here is a nice shot of Capt. Cook (Mark Neill) and his boat IEee .
We had another (the second) great sunset cruiz last night. We went out with our friend Mark and his boat IEee, we sailed together for a couple hours and got some great shots of each others boats out on the water.
I have the house ready to drain the water out of everything, probably gonna to that yet today. We have all the foodstuffs out of the cupboards, the fridges and freezers are cleaned out and turned off. Everything outdoors is set for the duration.
We have a ton of stuff that needs to be loaded into the boat from the van, but we will wait till the day before departure and just pile it in here, sort it and all that as we get settled into the routine.
Last night was our 6th. night aboard and we are adjusting quite well I think, since everynight has been a party, but we are soaking it up (haha pun intended) as much as possible since that will be going away in another few days, as we get underway.
This weekend we will be headed to Beaver Island along with our buddy boats, Caterina, Larry and Nancy, and also Private Air, Mark, Cat and Marks brother Mike will be aboard too.
Mom, Uncle Richard, Aunt Donna and cousin Bonney are going over on the ferry sat. and they have rooms at the Erin Motel , right across the street from the WORLD FAMOUS SHAMROCK BAR, not sure if that is a good thing or not though :).............Really, experience says it will NOT be a good thing sunday morning hahahahahahahah, anybody been there and done that???? Comment if you would or can remember it !!!

Ok, coffee is kicking and I am off to the house to "git er done"

Later, Capt. Dean

07/28/2010 | southern
We have been Shamrocked before and have the coozies to proove it!!!!! P.S. awesome smoked white fish.
07/29/2010 | Peg
(in my best pirate voice)
AArrrrrrr, Aye, matey. I've had the Saturday night Beaver Island experience followed by the Sunday morning I can't remember what happened last night experience! It was a blast!

Bon voyage Dean and Chris. I'll use my Beaver Island coozie tonight and think of you. xoxo
07/30/2010 | laurie
Ohhhhhh......hooollllllyyy moly have I had the shamrock experience...which story would you like me to great memories....
07/31/2010 | angie
May Mother Nature be kind and good winds be with you. Wishing you the best.
First Sail of the adventure
First Mate Ashley

It's the first mate here =) We finally got Ruby out there in the bay and sailing. Dean, Chris, Nancy, Randy, and I got her movin. Winds were perfect and we came in right during the sunset, perfct timing as always. We got the sails up and not even ten minutes later Captain Dean pasted her over to me, for the rest of the cruise in fact. Dean said no ones seen my teeth as mush as when I take the wheel (as in smiling haha). Chrissy decided I've earned a new name, Apa (Auto Piolet Ashley). Chrissy just said that means I'm worth a milion dollars. =) so if anyone catches up with us and needs an extra pare of hands, I'm pretty good with the controls. So, it's almost dinner time. Just decided to start my section of the blog. Today was absolutely perfect. This is First Mate Ashley, over and out

07/28/2010 | southern
Sailing,sailing,sailing.......We are so happy that you are having a good time sailing. Take some good pics for us!!!!! May the wind be with you!!!! Love Dad and Mom
Settling into the marina thing :)
Capt. Dean sunny and 80+
07/25/2010, Petoskey marina

Settling into the lifestyle pretty well in only 4 nights. Getting most things stowed on board, and visiting with people stopping down to see us. There a couple other boats comming in today to hang out and have alittle party on the pier.

Mark Neill is sailing his boat over from Charlevoix and Larry & Nancy Trumble are bringing there boat from East Jordan.

Weather is awesome, Capt. Dean

AAAAAhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,need I say more??
Capt. Dean
07/22/2010, Aboard Rubaiyat in the Petoskey Marina

Oh Yeah, the day finally came !!! We launched yesterday and spent the night aboard, even in the totally disaster zone the boat is with all the "stuff" just piled in someplace, we just brought it all aboard and then sat down and procedeed to have a few coldies !!!! Well more than a few :) But we did have pizza delivered before pass out time :) We pushed stuff aside and crawled into our own little "sleeping areas" and just let the relaxation take over.

We will be in Petoskey for another 7-8 days before heading to Beaver Isl., we are on the cement dock, slip 12 for now. We might get her rigged today, not sure, probly stow the stuff from yesterday and run some errands.


I am on a different laptop now and don't have my photos loaded on it yet, but in a few days, as we settle in I will be getting all of that together.

Coffee is kicking in, gotta get going, doing someting, maybe just a bike ride :)

Stomach calmed, brain unscrambling, just relaxed, Capt. Dean

please comment as this site does not show hits on my blog

07/22/2010 | laurie
Ah, I'm sure it's a great feeling being back in the water. You sure have been busy preparing and bet there isn't a better feeling right now than what you are experiencing :) We have some suggestions for you on cameras if you are interested :) So happy to hear that your stomach and brain are relaxing a bit. Enjoy Ruby and the girls....Cheers Capt. :) We'll be checking back daily! Hugs
07/22/2010 | Everett
It's too bad that your hits aren't counted. I will be checking in every couple days as time allows, this is my work season, winters off.

All the best~EV
07/27/2010 | Ruth
Such a fun blog you have! I have found some good ideas for my sailing trips here
I will continue reading your adventures!
What's left ?

The Bachelor Family Reunion is over and it was Awesome!!! Lots of food and fun. Now on to the new lifestyle change.
I have gotten alot done in a couple days around here, the ElCamino is parked in the garage, the mower is winterized and parked in the garage, the 4wheler is winterized and in the garage, the weedey is winterized, as it the leaf blower.
The Boarding room is all locked up, the yard is all picked up and stuff is all put away.
I am hoping to launch tommarow, wed. , then I can get after the house itself, draining the water softner, water heater, washer, fridge ice maker, drain sinks and toilets.

Scrambled brain, churning somach, sleepless, Dean

07/21/2010 | Everett
Wishing you the all best from Wisconsin. It is great to see you have a blog and are posting regularly. I love the part in the video when you say you really are going to live aboard, can really tell the elation.

As my wife and I are making the same trip in 25 months I am really looking forward to reading about your trip.
We have similar interests in making syrup and home brew and will also be packing each on our trip. Harvesting hops this weekend in fact.

So fair winds and have the time of your lives.~EV
07/22/2010 | Aunt Genny and jim
Hi Dean and Chris,
Watching to see when you cast off. Wishing you the best and hope to see you in Florida this winter. Chris want a painting lesson and you should be ready for a break. Jimmy lives in St. Clair Mi, when you go thru there. If you contact him, he could arrange a rest for you there. email him at [email protected] or call me and I can make arrangements for you.

08/16/2010 | Stacey Harper Re:Jimmie Harper
Dean and Chrissy,
I found your website...fabulous. I can't wait to meet you guys. The closest point would be Schenectady on the Erie Canal. We will keep communicating as you get closer and closer. Love you guys,
Jimmie H.
Making progress every day

Hey Janet !!! I got the bottom done !!!!!

I got 2 coats of bottom paint on Ruby, and I set aside a half a gallon to do under the pads of the cradle and the bottom of the keel.

one more thing off the list :)

Later, Dean

# 231-881-5063 in a couple weeks the home phone 4802 will be shut off.

write this one down someplace !!

07/15/2010 | Janet Pankey
OK! - I can finally quit worrying that it won't get done-it looks beautiful!

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