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Blowinganddrifting with Admiral Chrissy and Capt. Dean
We are Mariners, heart and soul, but there is much more to us than that :)
Home for the Holidays
capt. Dean 7 degrees
12/13/2010, Petoskey, Mich.

Just a short blog today, more to come when I get a chance and things slow down.

We made a couple split decisions last week and low and behold we are home for the holidays. The boat is in Charleston all safe and sound, we got a rental car and headed home just as the big blizzard closed in behind us.
We are staying with Mom while we are here.

More to follow, Dean

12/13/2010 | chip at the maritime center
Dean, I stumbled across your blog this morning, and thought I'd write to let you know that you boat is still afloat! High winds last night, but everything is fine. Also, the dilly beans are excellent! Haven't broken into the vino yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so soon! Stay warm, guys.
The Maritime Center and Aquarium
Capt. Dean 15 degree wind chill
12/08/2010, Charleston SC

This is our new buddy, he rode along with us quite awhile

We pulled in here and the current tried to sweep us away from the dock, wow it was a real maneuver just to get pumed out.
It is freezing cold and we decided to spend the day at the Aquarium, it was pretty nice.

We walked awhile and found an Irish Pub, where we had lunch with Charlotte and Terry.
We headed back to the boat cuz it was soooo cold.

More later, Dean

Frozen but we made it
Capt. Dean not quite as cold this am.
12/04/2010, Isle of Palms S.C.

This shot was taken by Charlotte while we headed out a couple weeks ago.

We pulled into Isle of Palms, got a pumpout and moved to the dock about 4:30-5:00 I think.
I was never so glad to get into port in the whole trip. I was frozen, tired and hungry but still couldn't really eat much. Once we got tied up I went below and laid out on the couch for an hour or so to rest and get warm. Never had a beer. Eventually I thawed and got hungry, Chrissy made stroganoff with burger and I chowed down, healing up abit.

Here we are today staying put, we need to do more serious homework on the next 2 swing bridges just before Charleston, they have restricted hours for morning and eve. rush hour traffic and maybe a mid day closing too. The timing is critical or you have to wait for up to 2 hours, that can mess up the next arrival time, Darkness !! Soooooo tired of all the research needed to travel each day, looking forward to staying put for a couple weeks in Jacksonville.

Matt is going to drive down and hang out with us this afternoon/eve. for awhile. Saturday on the Isle of Palms. Lots of people heading out fishing this am already 9:00am. there is a launch ramp just down a hundred yards. Crabbers, and all types of boats out and about.

Will get some pictures and video posted sometime today.

Capt. Dean

12/04/2010 | Coop
Hang in there buddy!! Every mile closer to JAX is closer to your much deserved time off on land for awhile
12/05/2010 | robert
congrats on ya'lls cruise. My wife and I have a 5 yr plan to get out. How is the boat working out? We have a Hunter 28.5. Nice boat but not built for cruising. We looked at a few Cat 30s and would have loved to own one. Some were trash and others were out of our price range at the time. How are you guys making out living and cruising on the Cat 30?
12/11/2010 | Aunt Genny
Worried about the weather for you guys. We are in Florida now but will be on a cruise from Dec. 17 till New Years Day. Would love for you to spend a few days here so I can feed you and get you warm. Should be cold this next week, hope it warms up after that.
Meeting the locals in McClellanvill
Capt. Dean 30 degrees
12/04/2010, Jeremy Creek, McClellanvill S. C.

33 04 972N 079 27 729W
McClellanvill S.C on Jeremy Creek

This one was really something!! Be sure to ck. the new You Tube video.

We pulled into the Marina, more of a fuel stop for shirmpboats. Old docks with a floating section and 6 feet of tide. No pumpout but diesel and a tiny little bathroom with a shower up at the shore building. This little community survives on the Midatlantic Seafood plant that is here just up the creek. There are probably 12 shrimpers if not more all docked up in there. I did ride overthere to the little store and get another lb. of shrimp for 6 bucks, and some homemade crab dip. Delicious.

The Creek here has always been very shallow over the years (we have gathered from boaters) but a couple years ago it was dredged and I had 10-12 feet right up to the dock that hade 8'. I had called ahead so when we pulled up we tied temporarily to the fixed dock because the floating one was busy with the Coast Guard inspecting a tour boat, pontoon type. Shortly after they left we moved to the floater. I had been talking with Matt the dockhand off and on since we got there, I could tell he was having a bad day.

The Coast Guard had used the dock all day and the shrimpers were all needing fuel when they came in, all 6 of them just before 5pm. Through it all and talking with Matt, he ended up giving me a ride to the store for beer, I invited him to the boat for beer and maybe some dinner. He was glad to come aboard. He is a young guy going through some tough times, just getting buy. Turns out he is a wine maker too, so I gave him a couple bottles of mine.
Just as we were going below 2 more guys (shrimpers) were walking back to thier boat and I invited them aboard also, they said sure. A few minutes later they showed up with about 5 lb.s of shrimp(small head on) and some Canadian Club. We talked and talked and drank and drank and drank and did I mention we drank??? :( OUCH !! They pulled up a crab pot that was next to the dock and showed chrissy how to steam and clean them, that was about the extend ofour dinner (get the picture).

About Midnight they all headed back to thier boat and shore. It was only about 30 degrees out at that point, Chrissy and got some jammies and fleece on and went to bed saying there is no way we can leave in the morning, figuring we would be hurting. Yup. I got up at 7 to let stelly out and the dock was frozen and so was the canvas on the boat. Back to bed I went and woke again at 9:30, not feeling much better. Chrissy got up about 10 to the sun shining in, I got up too. It warmed up by then to about 45. We soon decided we couldn't stay another night as we needed a pumpout and we needed to travel rather than sit still. We got the move on a pushed off at 11. It was cold and windy with about a 30 degree wind chill. I had my long johns on along with 5 other layers and suffered through a 5 hour 25 mile trip to Isle of Palms.

There were only a couple spooky shallow spots, the rest was not a problem with 12-20 feet most of the way.

Capt. Dean

Waiting out the weather, again
12/01/2010, Georgetown S.C. still

Well,another night in Georgetown S.C. AND GLAD WE WERE TIED UP SAFE AND SOUND. After waiting for this weather to pass, it finally got here last night(tues.) and it is still blowing like stink this morning (wed.). Rocking the boat and tugging on her dock lines. We had intended to leave about 9:30 this morning but that all went out the window. Gonna sit here another day(and night) and let the wind die off and the seas to calm too. McClellenville is the next destination, 28 miles down the river. I will call and tell them we won't be there today (I called them yesterday saying we would be in today), I'm sure they won't be surprised.

I rode to the Piggly Wiggly yesterday and stocked up the fridge and freezer, a small chicken, some bacon, a lb. of burger, lunch meats,as well as bread, some pasta mixes, jiffy mixes and a tomato, an onion, some broccoli a head of lettuce and we were and are ready for another couple weeks. Oh, did I mention the shirmp is still fresh :)

Last night I made pan seared grouper, seasoned with basil, ground salt and pepper, some montreal chicken seasoning, all seared in butter :) On the side was steamed broccoli with cheeze, and my home made diced hash browned potatoes, we ate everybit of it!!!!!

Today, how will we cook the shrimp?? I will need to get more seafood cuz there weren't any good looking steaks at the Piggly.

I am feeling better after what will be a 4 day rest, the travel gets quite taxing with only a one or two day rests after a few days of moving. We feel we should be moving everyday but damn, we get tired of all the research that is needed for the next days of travel. It feels good NOT to be memorizing the guidebook ( of what the hazards are gonna be. It seems kinda wierd to be glad for a few days of "bad" weather that seems to never materalize. Till a couple days later. Remember!!! Slow and safe is the key, it is much more enjoyable cruizing when it is a nice day. Looks like only about 400 miles (only?, sound funny now) to Jacksonville and a couple weeks off from travel.

We walked down the mainstreet and back the other day, it is a real historic town, as they all seem to be. Loaded with places to eat, art is everywhere, and antiques and regular shopping are all up and down the main street. This town seems to have most of the stores open as opposed to being half closed up or abandoned.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast, Later, Dean

12/03/2010 | Zephyr
Hi Deen and Chrissie,
We finally made it to SC! But still waiting for warmer weather. .. where has it gone?Ttried to call but lost your number :((
It's Friday night. Hope to catch up soon.
Georgetown yup, we are there
Capt. Dean sunny and 50 with wind
11/28/2010, S. Carolina

Check out this bad boy boat :) must be a guy and his brother built two of them.

Check the gallery for more mossy trees and stuff.

We had a good run down here to Georgetown today, it was about 6 hours but it was deep and wide all the way, none of the real challenges that put that knot in my gut, like most days :))

We have done our homework for tommarow and hope to head to another spot about 25 miles from here.

Will keep in touch, Capt. Dean

11/30/2010 | laurie
Now that's a houseboat huh???? Great for the shallow water I'm sure... I'm so happy to hear that you didn't have those nasty knots in your gut, what did you do today?? Happy Sails i'll be bugging you and hugs
11/30/2010 | Zephyr
Congratulations! You made it to SOUTH Carolina. We're still in "north" :(
Trying to catch up...just went through Wrightsville Beach.
Flat water and warm air,
12/03/2010 | Maggie
Hey D&C
Change of plans and our boat is still at Isle of Hope Marina outside of Savannah. We were wondering if you could check it out as you pass by. It's anchored and should be fine but it would be great to have someone look it over really quickly. We'll be stopped for another couple of weeks at least. Hope the cold isn't getting to you too much!
The Osprey Marina is a required stop
Capt. Dean sunny, frost and breeze
11/28/2010, ICW South Carolina

Rubaiyat in the Osprey Marina, a real nice place.

The Osprey Marina came highly reccommended from a lady named Susan, way back when, up in the Chesepaeak somplace. We stopped and spent the night, it was great, as was the burger and the corndog!!!! It was frosty in the morning so we waited abit to leave, 9:30 :)
Believe it or not this whole marina is 9 feet deep at low tide and at the slip too, I was one slip from shore and it was all good.... Slept like babys, except for the typical dreams and nightmares :)

We had a good run to Georgetown, see ya there in the next blog

Capt Dean

Leaving North Carolina no more North...
Capt. Dean Mostly sunny 15 drops of rain
11/25/2010, Little River South Carolina, Coquina Yacht Club

Ck the gallery, cuz I posted a bunch more pictures of the homes and camps and ....whatever along the way..

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, it was another GOOD day for us :)

We took off outof Southport Marina at 8 am with a screaming tide at our back again. It was wonderfull for a couple hours, 13 feet of water and from 4.7 to 6.3kts. with some sun and some clouds but a nice 67 degrees probably. Thinking of those of you back home in the crap that comes along this time of year.

It was cool to see so many people out on their docks with kids and grammas and fishing or yelling and running around. I posted a BUNCH OF PICTURES TO THE GALLERY OF THE HOMES ALONG THE WAY here in southern North Carolina. Enjoy...

We made our way past a couple of inlets, we got drug around by some current, no problem with any markers or shoaling though. We didn't see any other travlers going south with us but in the marina, one had just arrived and 3 others came in after us. All in all it was a good day with 12-20 feet of water and the wind at our back and 30 plus miles behind us. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

We will be having the T-Bones I found on sale a couple weeks ago, and more of the fresh shrimp I bought yesterday (I talked to the guy that caught the shrimp), stove top stuffing and yams with brown sugar and butter.. then the rest of the real homemade sweetpotato pie from Aunt Gladys :)

Gonna sleep in tommarroww and do more homework on SOUTH Carolina, restock the freezer and the cooler and pump out and get a shower and do laundry and wash the boat down, and ck the oil and ck the weather and ck the chart, if I can find one, ck the milage to Myrtle Beach and........get the picture........Lazy day.

Love and miss Yal'llllll Capt. Dean

11/26/2010 | Coop
Casual. What else did you have to do today anyway? Black Friday cancelled, it is officially White Friday in northern michigan. Glad i don't have your to-do list!!!
"There is nothing to fear but fear itself"
Capt. Dean yup sunny 68 brezzy over the shoulder
11/24/2010, Cape Fear River NC

Stelly and I at Southport Marina, I just can't get over all the roses we have been seeing for the last week or so. All are in full bloom and still budding in NOV. Wow.

We headed out at 8:30 am on the high tide. We zoomed past the sandbar I hung up on 2 days earlier, and I had, like, 16 feet!!! What the hell!!! We made a great passage of 30 plus miles down to Southport NC. We hit the tide and current and the wind just right (funny how that happens)(experience) and cleared the Cape Fear River in record time.

There was alot of current here and there though, but with the help from above and onboard and all the river experience Chrissy and I have had, No Problem. At one point we were at 7.3 kts. but we never really went below 4.8 all day, mostly 5.3 and sunny and nice. Sorry, gotta tell ya folks back home how it really is yanow.....

This is another nice marina, I am developing my own description of "nice" as we have sampled over a hundred and soomething.......
I pedaled around the little town, about the size of Harbor Springs MI. or Boyne City type of town.
Guess what I found???

Ok, Alright, YUP!!! another little tiny fish market :0 I got a pound of shrimp, just off the boat about 10 minutes ago (the fisherman is now weighing the whiting he also brought in) for a whopping 4.50 a pound with the heads on.... he headed them for free, and I think he gave me at least a pound and a half, I love these guys! The whiting were about 14" and were whole @ 2bucks a pound, he would clean them for another 20cents a lb. I came THIS CLOSE TO GETTING SOME of those but the shrimp had these real loong antenni like ocean shrimp are supposed to have :) and they are damn near clear when you hold them up......Heaven and derbounty of der sea:)

Chrissy whipped up a boxo pasta salad and we tossed a few shrimpies into some butter and seasoning and............................................................... Thanksgiving wonder..I have a couple big ol T BONES in the freezer and the rest of the shrimp and fried potatoe wedges and whatever after another 30 mile day????? We'ell see, it is supposed to rain on friday so thats probly when we will have the big one.

Keepin yaa'lll posted froom dawon hheeaaa... Cpppt. Dane

ps. Hey Coop, crabcakes all around!!!! 2 for 2 bucks!!! Damn, they gotta be just as good and only a day or two older!!!!

More photos in the gallery too.

11/24/2010 | Jimmy Conrad
Hi guys,

Looks like you are having a great time. You are alittle bit too old to be running away from home. Get back here and work like the rest of us. :) Be safe! Happy Thanksgiving.

Jimmy Conrad
11/25/2010 | barb
Ahem, rule #1 ? watch the show, don't be the show...
Capt. Dean sunny 72
11/23/2010, Motts channel, Wrightsville Beach NC

The Rubaiyat at SeaPath Marina NC look close in the upper right hand corner.

Tow Boat US......Tow Boat US.......This is the Rubaiyat calling......go ahead Rubaiyat this is Tow Boat US.......Rubaiyat here, we are aground here at green marker 25, right in front of the Boathouse bar and grill, and the Dockside restaurant.......Ok, go ahead and shut it down, I will be there in about 10 minutes....Tow Boat..over.

So there we sat for a little while, maybe 10-15 minutes, stuck on the sandbar in the entrance to Motts Channel, on the way into the Sea Path Marina. (sat there and tried to decide if we should wait an hour to see if the tide would lift us off but Chrissy and I figured it would be best to get tied up as soon as poss. as the beer started flowing :) )
He showed up, tossed the line to me, I looped in on the bow cleat (cuz he said he was going to pull me on through it and into the channel) and went back to the wheel. When he got us over/through it, I fired up the engine and kept going up the channel while he Chrissy tossed the line back to him. He followed us up to the gas dock, got our info, and we thanked him, he said it was no problem and it happens a few times a DAY !!!and off he went. All covered by our Tow Boat US coverage, Chrissy forgot to get a copy of the bill though, we will have to wait till they send one to us, hopefully, just see how much it was.

So here is the other thing, We had some new friends aboard for the 3-1/2 hour trip down from the Harbor Village Marina, where we stayed the night before. The people in the slip next to us are locals and we hit it off real well. Tom and Jodi are a blast!!! We ended up on Rubaiyat till after 9 I think, we all ordered pizza and just kept on drinking :) We offered them to ride along as they are on vacation this week and they said YES !!! We left at 9am and it was absoutely beautiful out, 68 and sunny, with just a slight breeze.

They pointed out a bunch of their freinds homes along the way. After we got to the slip relaxed for a couple beers, we walked over the bridge to the bar in front of the sand bar I was on. We had a couple beers, I had the crabcake sandwich (very good and made there by hand) and Chrissy had the shrimp and cheddar cheeze grits, as did Jody whe reccommended it. Tom had an awesome jambaliya (sp) that he said was great. It looked great. Oh yeah, the crabcake sandwich was only 8 bucks, the rest have been 10.

This weekend is a huge NC Holiday Floatilla, the main event of the year for this area, and it is as big or better than the Venecian Festival in Charlevoix, we have to get out of here and make room for the mega yachts.
We have called the marina just down 14 miles, Joyner Marina ( it will make a short day (a good thing these days) but then we can ready for the run to Southport NC. through snows cut and down the Cape Fear River (nasty current we are told) so we are leaving a coule hours of cushion incase we can only do a few kts.

We will let you know as we go :) Capt. Dean

11/24/2010 | Coop
So how come i can buy Chesapeake Bay crab cakes at Oleson's @ 2 for 1.98? Not quite as fresh, but i had to buy them in your honor to enjoy for my lunch!! Press on, regardless!!!
11/25/2010 | sal
Great site Happy Thanksgiving
01/06/2011 | Jody
Hi Chris and Dean. I just logged in for the first time and have been reading your blogs. They are wonderful! Tom and I are great... we think about you a lot. Take care, get warm and we'll stay in touch. -Jody
It is all about the people you meet :)
Capt. Dean mostly sunny 66
11/23/2010, Harbor Village Marina, Wilmington NC

This was a great marina with 10' at low tide, loaded with boats too. We met the people in the slip next to us, who live there, we talked and talked and had a great tiime. One thing led to another and the rest is in the next blog.

Capt. Dean

Loving the fighting Chairs
Capt. Dean sunny and getting south but cooool
11/20/2010, Morehead City Yacht Basiin

Wow, the fishing boats in here are awesome!!!!

A Stelly update is on You Tube, and so is a tour of the Marina.

We stayed 2 nights and are got to Swansboro this moring :)

Later Capt Dean

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