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Blowinganddrifting with Admiral Chrissy and Capt. Dean
We are Mariners, heart and soul, but there is much more to us than that :)
another tiny update

I got word from the previous owner/hauler and he wants to move it on the 30th. of May !!!!

Later, Dean

tiny update

I only have a small update on the big boat. I have spoken with the previous owner and hauler, he will pick a day sometime iin the next week or 2 and make it happen. He want's to load it up on the day before, and haul it the next morning. I will take the van down and load up the stands and blocking and be the chase vehicle. I am not sure if I will stay on the boat that night or someplace else.

Photo's and videos will follow, Dean

Ready to roll North
Dean spring
05/07/2012, above the 45th.

Tadaaaaa, no more shrink wrap !!!

I had a good trip to the big boat on sunday.
I managed to get the shrinkwrap off, and all in one piece! I sliced up about 5 feet on the aft portside about a foot from the back corner, eased it up and over the sternrail, and as I had hoped, it rolled right on up to the bow. It took a few trips from side to side cuz I was alone, but no problem. I marked the support poles accordingly, so maybe I can slip it back on for a winter, if I need to :)

I loaded up all the bimini poles into the van and secured the interior for transport. The windshield is strapped down nice and tight with blocking underneath, ready for the trip north of the 45th. !!

I took some more video too, ck the you tube.

Later, Capt. Dean

05/07/2012 | Charlotte Crissey
She's a beauty! Keep us psted on your progress.
05/07/2012 | Mike
Hey, she’s looking superb Dean.

Great video

Mike (DIY Wood Boat)



more of it


nice ass

Spring Break is over and these guys went home !
Dog eared Dean :)

This is part of what has kept us busy for the last 2 weeks, dogs come here for vacation when their owners head into the nastyness of the amusment parks !!!

04/24/2012 | Charlotte Crissey
It's been a while since I had a chance to check your have been busy! Glad to hear your enthusiasm is still running high! Auntie Gladys told us to tell you hello and is still raving about the maple syrup you gave her. Hugs to you both, all!
The nose piece

This is the nose piece from the bow, the same guy (Tim) has one of these too, and his has been re-cromed, nice :)

Tim had a 1963 Owens 30' cruiser that he COMPLETELY DISMANTLED for parts and lumber, he has sold alot of stuff already, but is holding this stuff for me.

Thanks Tim !!

Later, Dean

A missing cleat too

The port side cleat like this one is missing. The same guy that has the hatch, has one of these for me too.


from above

Boat Parts

This is the bow hatch that is broken, if you look at the left side and see the hold down screw, the right side is broken off. I have a line on another one that is in fine shap.

Another trip to the Big Boat
Dean turning to spring
04/16/2012, above the 45th. paralel

The Bow of the big boat, with the windshield being stored there while under shrinkwrap.

Another successfull trip to the big boat !

I did a pretty good "clean and straighten up" day. I took off everything that wasn't fastend down:
at least 20 life jackets
3 throw cushions
2 float pads
2 bags of garbage(junk laying around from repairs)
6 mixed pillows
several pieces of carpet

I sorted 3 different drawers of screws, nuts, bolts, brackets and bits and pieces all into a couple little plastic baskets. They all will have to go someplace, but alot of them look like collected stuff from the years, so no throwing it out till much later.

I cleaned out everything from under both bathroom cupboards and the under the galley sink.

The next trip will include the shop vac and some soapy water and a rag. It has been out of the water and under restoration for several years, lots of dust, dirt, leaves and saw dust.

While I was there I started talking to a guy (big suprise, thats what I do when I am around boats) that was moving some motorcycles around and when I mentioned that was my boat, he said "you bought that boat", I said yes and he went on to tell me how he had a slip next to this one for may years and had alot of great history aboard her. We got on to the fact that he had attempted to buy it from the guy 3 time over the past 12 years, but it just didn't work out.

When he found out the price I paid, he quickly stated "you got the deal of the century" I quickly agreed. He said especially since most of the pain in the ass nasy repairs have already been done, that was music to my ears.

I also took some measurements of the space it will need when it gets here.

More to come, Dean

I have posted 2 new you tubes, one of the interior and the other of the power plant.

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blowinganddrifting with Admiral Chrissy and Capt. Dean
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