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S/V Blue Dawn of Sark: Circumnavigation I & II
Sea's Reflections
Port Vila, Vanuatu

Eventually the weather became clement, the sky was blue and the anchor chain gave us a happy creaking sound as it came up on departure day. Blue Dawn was trembling like a happy puppy but after the eight days passage from New Zealand she was pleased to rest again in lovely Port Vila. A warm and friendly place where we were really lucky to arrived on Independence Week with fireworks and festivals all day long!

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Pacific Islands
Birdman Festival
07/11/2010, Russell, New Zealand

Russell Birdman all started over a couple of beers between a few locals. The idea was for them to have some fun in the winter time. Having planted the seed they threw the idea backwards and forwards between them, nurtured it over a week until it took hold and then, Pania and Phil got together at the end of the wharf and with a hum of excitement the idea well and truly blossomed. Within a day we had gone from convincing a few local characters to jump off the wharf to a week long winter festival!!! We witnessed the jumps from the dinghy and it was indeed really fun!

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Australia & NZ
Taking it in!
06/06/2010, Opua, New Zealand

We've made the best of it, enjoying our free time, taking walks and side trips around the Northland. We really liked the area around the Stone house in Keri Keri, the waterfalls and all of the crafty shops. By the way does anyone know what plant is on the picture, inside the balloon was a very silky white flower.

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Australia & NZ
Waiting for a weather window
05/01/2010, Paihia Russell Opua, New Zealand

Wow, it seems like we are taking roots here! We have been waiting for a favorable weather for quite sometimes, fronts keep coming and there are too close from each other to give us enough time to arrive safely in Vanuatu. We are experiencing some really strong squalls up to 45 knots and being now anchored by Opua Marina was not a good move!!! This is such a tight bay with too many boats and an uncertain holding... We had to move a few time being too close to other vessels and when we dragged. It was indeed a very long night, at least we are not out at sea! We are not sure yet when we will be leaving as for today Wednesday 26 of May but we will keep everyone posted on the development.

Australia & NZ
On the move again
04/29/2010, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

I am sure you will be all pleased to know that the sailing season has started and that we are back out towards the big blue ocean. Our feet started to itch after being moored for five months downtown in Auckland. What a fabulous time we had! Blue Dawn is looking sexy, she is ready for some more adventure into the unusual. Sea gypsy's life is pointing its nose on the horizon and what a route in front of us! Going back to one of my favorite little spot in the Pacific make me so excited, Vanuatu with its live volcanoes, indigenous people and magnificent underwater scenes... Talk to you when the first weather window will allow us to sail towards our destination.

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Australia & NZ
Prince William
01/16/2010, Auckland

We had the nice surprise to glimpse at Prince William during his Royal visit of New Zealand. He entered the Maritime Museum only meters from our boat and then went for a sail on the Team New Zealand yacht across from Blue Dawn! We even got a smile...he must have recognized some British pride in Geoff's eyes!

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Australia & NZ
12/21/2009, Hobson West Marina

2010 is starting amazingly! Friends, fun and the big city...but it is only the beginning I awoke this morning finding a lovely poem celebrating our good old Blue Dawn on the website. Thank you so much Bruce for that beautiful ode but you know what, you will be expected to make a new one every year now!

Ode to Blue Dawn

Our lady is in dock
Resting from her duty of care
Soon loving hands will raise her up
To strip away all signs of wear.

Content to be constrained
till all required work is done
Proudly she will stand
Gleaming brightly in the sun.

Gently then to be lowered
and again embrace the water
Still resting and tethered
Awaiting a call from her master

The MTU supplies the pulse
Shore based power and lines are freed
Eagerly now she clears the harbour
and our lady heads for the open sea

She shakes her wings free
The ropes strain and winches groan
A bone is in her teeth
Home again with the sun, sea and foam

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Fun with friends

Australia & NZ
Christmas Cruise
12/10/2009, From Paihia to Auckland

We are departing today for a two weeks exploration of the coast and islands between the Bay of Islands and Auckland. Today Roberton island where we intend to climb to the summit. We are anchored in the exact same spot as Captain Cook, that's quite incredible. I cannot wait for tonight as you can apparently hear the Kiwi birds here, according to one of our local friend 's tip, so thank you Ray & Gaye. Next day we will be off to Urupukapuka for the 5 hours archaeological walk around the island. We will head South for few days in Whangaruru, Great Barrier Island, Waiheke before taking our marina at the Hobson West marina in the Viaduct Basin. Happy Christmas to all of you.

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Australia & NZ



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