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S/V Blue Dawn of Sark: Circumnavigation I & II
Sea's Reflections

What a lovely country if you ignore the poverty and the dirt in some area. The people are nice and friendly.

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Red Sea
03/10/2004, Sailing to Eritrea

Might be hard to imagine on the pictures, but the whole sea was glowing like a neon light, an absolute marvel! Even when you put your hand in the water the phosphorescence comes on your skin.

Bioluminescence is light produced by a chemical reaction within an organism, at least two chemicals are required. The one which produces the light is generically called a "luciferin" and the one that drives or catalyzes the reaction is called a "luciferase."
Ninety percent of deep-sea marine life is estimated to produce bioluminescence in one form or another. Most marine light-emission belongs in the blue and green light spectrum, the wavelengths that can transmit through the seawater most easily. However, certain loose jawed fish emit red and infrared light. There are four main reasons for bioluminescence to be used: camouflage, attraction, repulsion or communication.

Red Sea


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