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Blue Highway
Enjoying Panama

Had a great three months this winter enjoying the San Blas, the Canal, and mostly surfing at Bocas del toro! Don't usually use this media so just a test to see if it still works. LOL (We use Facebook for updates to friends.)

05/18/2016 | Clay
Your name and boat came up in a discussion on the Peterson Cutter website as follows: "Russ Fraser on blue highway kph has a design that I copied where he put a watertight deck plate going down to the quadrant and able to steer from on deck. I thought a lot about complete rudder loss as well and this is my back up plan. I would screw together the 2 plywood covers in the v berth and attach them to my whisker pole this is a true sailors jury rig that would due in a pinch."

You have any pictures of your 'solution' to a lost rudder that you can share. Is so, you can send them to me [email protected] so I can post them on the website. I have a Formosa 46. Two years to retirement. Refitting now. You know John Warrington in Beaufort?
Back from Maine
12/17/2012, Naples Fl

We had another great trip to Maine for the summer. 90% of our live trip info is located on my Face Book page (reg. friends can see only) with lots of pictures.
Anyhow, we are looking to work on the boat a lot this winter and summer. Hopefully throw in little trip back over to Melbourne Florida for some spring surfing for a month or so. And may even do a repower later this summer. Thinking a lot about the Cumins that Trans Atlantic Diesel offers. It's a great match to our old Perkins 4-154. Always a challenge keeping a 32 year old boat "deep ocean worthy"!

Fair winds! Russell & Lynne

Setting sail soon for Maine
03/23/2012, Naples Fl

Well, we have done ton a ton of work to Blue Highway mainly the mast,rigging,new chainplates,sails and even a Mack pack too. Must be time to get underway again!

Our plan will have us leaving SW Florida for a slow trip up to Maine for the summer. Our first long stop will be in Melbourne Florida. We hope to spend a full month there visiting family but also the various surf breaks of Coco Beach.

I guess if we don't cross over to Nova Scotia we will indeed be at the SSCA and OCC parties again as they are great fun. We will also be up on the "Cruisehymers net" (8152usb@ 08:30) most mornings. Hope to meet up with long lost cruisers and make new friends as the summer and miles tick along.

Enjoying the ride, Russell & Lynne

03/23/2012 | Randy Frazer
Nice to see BLUE HIGHWAY show up here. No Bahamas? We are heading over in a month.........
Pulling mast and boat
11/09/2011, St Petersburg

We are up in Salt Creek and have pulled the mast and boat. After 31 years it seemed like a good idea to really inspect the spar up close and personal. We also hauled BH (4 year interval) and are DIY bottom job at Salt Creek Marina. We are half way through and all is great. We derigged the spar and had JSI pick it up for welding, cutting some of the heel off and inspect, re paint and new mast step. So far so good. Look forward to getting it all back together in a week or so. Living on the hard does suck especially the grey water bucket brigade when doing the dishes.

12/26/2011 | sv Serengeti
Hey Blue Highway. Just came across your blog. Hope the mast work is going well. It was great to see you guys in Marathon this summer. We got our new mast all rigged and the boat painted and sailed straight back to Beaufort. Planning to sail to Bermuda in June. Hope to see you again soon!
Sue & Larry
August check in
Russell & Lynne
08/01/2011, Naples Florida

Well we are certainly having a hot summer here in Florida. Wish we were in Maine enjoying the cool coastal weather. When it gets this hot we even give up on the day sailing. Much less overnight trips.

Still lots of summer charters around however it is really hard to take people out for more that two or three hours at a time. This time of year it's either no wind or squall and lightning time. The biggest problem the last couple weeks is that our area has had an awful algea bloom going on. And that makes the water disgusting to swim in it. Even the fish are sick of it as they are floating dead on top and washing up on the beaches. Can't get too excited about sailing and being on the water around here this month. We think it's going away and hope that someday we will get our green water back.

Work progress on the boat and house is slow but steady, we hope to redo a number of chain plates this month. We have to be careful as we don't want the chainplates disconnected and at a welding shop if and when we get hit with nasty tropical storms or hurricanes.

July check in
Russell & Lynne
06/30/2011, Naples Florida

Hi Campers:

Although we're not cruising at this time, we'll still check in and try to have a monthly report. Many of the other sailblogs just go silent for months at a time when they are off the boat, but we'll at least give a monthly update during our time ashore.

Summer in Florida is the rainy season, either no wind or squalls with blinding rain, and for us it's way too hot to spend any time at anchor away from the air conditioning. Last year in New England was awesome but this year is about the house and the refit of Blue Highway.

As you know, we're trying to fix up the old family home and it is certainly a challenge. The big news this month is we blew out a wall! The wall between the kitchen and living room we cut out to make a pass thru bar. It's amazing, and we're very happy with the results. Can't wait for our bar stools to arrive!

We're also doing a lot of planting/landscaping as rainy season has really kicked in. We dropped in some very large traveler's palms this week (look like banana plants). The hole to dig was 30-gallon size. In one hole we found the old cedar tree stump and root system and the other was some kind of concrete rubble with huge pieces to unearth. During the long digs Lynne was helpful in reminding me that for $30 per tree the place we bought them from would have planted them.

We also bought another surfboard, this one is a Stewart 9'4", the biggest board we have ever had. A true long board and a nose rider at that. We bought it used on Craig's list on the East coast. However, it is a nice piece of equipment for the Gulf coast too. We have had it out three times in the last three weeks (my hair is still wet as I write this). It can catch the tiniest of waves with the extra buoyancy and longer waterline. We even took it to Blue Highway just to see if it would fit somewhere if we wanted to take it cruising with us. And oh my, we found a spot over the settee where it can be hung. That's awesome. Sometimes it's nice to have a large boat to be able to bring the toys along. Anchored in the Bahamas waiting for weather but enjoying the surf that the high winds have brought us will be great. What's that about making lemonade from lemons?

Keep living the Pura Vida. See you next month.

Russell and Lynne

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