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Muddling my way around on the sea...

18 May 2017 | East Coast Marina, Manly, Brisvegas
16 May 2017 | Stralia
15 May 2017 | Nearly There
14 May 2017 | Stormsville
12 May 2017 | On the Ally Ally Oh
09 May 2017 | Still at Sea.......same one
07 May 2017 | At sea, the South Pacific one...........
06 May 2017 | North of the Three Kings Islands
03 May 2017 | Bay of Islands Marina, Opua
02 May 2017 | Bay of Islands Marina, Opua
29 April 2017 | Entico Bay, Urupukapuka Island
26 April 2017 | Opua
23 April 2017 | Te Hue Bay (Assassination Cove)
22 April 2017 | Mimiwhangata Bay
20 April 2017 | Marsden Cove Marina
20 April 2017 | Marsden cove Marina

Boats!..........Thousands of them!

18 May 2017 | East Coast Marina, Manly, Brisvegas
Came round to the East Coast Marina in Manly boat harbour yesterday afternoon which is in Moreton Bay, it's beautiful, miles if sheltered sailing right on the doorstep but Jeez! There's thousands of boats here, it's four different marinas joined together, needed a map to find my berth!
I've been in a cleaning frenzy since I arrived, think I'll be here for at least a month, loads of jobs I want to get done.
Super friendly here, people just coming over and introducing themselves, which is great but the dour Scotsman in me is always thinking "oh aye, whit you after" ha, it's terrible I know, can't help it, its in the blood.
Have another top tip, be careful of body cleaning products with Spanish Labels! I got my pasty Scottish skin a bit too much sun yesterday, never had any aftersun or suchlike, there was some stuff left in the bathroom cabinet with a Nivea label, so I thought Nivea = moisturiser, apparently this is not the case, "jabon liquido para el cuerpo" actually means liquid body soap and not moisturiser, which I discovered when I started rubbing myself with it after my shower, ah, another edjit moment but hey, I smelled pretty damn good....

Brisvegas, Customs & Quarantine

16 May 2017 | Stralia
Got into the quarantine berth at Rivergate Marina about 2am, set my alarm for 7am as I thought there's no way that those boys will be down before 8.......wrong! They were knocking on the side of the boat at 6.30am, ha! I woke up from the first deep sleep in a week, never had a Scooby what was going on but I must confess, good blokes' not at all the tossers I thought they were going to be, customs were quick and courteous , the quarantine guy went through the boat with a fine tooth comb but was happy, which was a relief as I've heard all sorts of horror stories about having to get your boat fumigated at the cost of thousands, still have all the importation bollocks to deal with but I have a bit of time for that, today will be a lazy day before heading off tomorrow to Manly Marina where I'll be for the next few weeks while I try to get some work so I can feed some more money to the boat.
Also, a long shower, in New Zealand the Marina showers are operated by a $2 coin, so you can show real decadence by having a $4 shower, there free here, so I'm off to help keep the state in a state of drought!

Land Ho!..............ya dancer......

15 May 2017 | Nearly There
Caught sight of the great continent of Australasia at a quarter past two this afternoon, was fairly chuffed not to have missed such a large target, I had a photo but it was pretty boring so I have put a photo of the Sunset as I was coming into Moreton Bay at the head of the Brisbane River.

P.s. For anybody not of the Scottish persuasion reading the title of this post "ya dancer" would be something one might say when expressing his pleasure at something.
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