No Cuff Too Tough.....

Muddling my way around middle age on the sea...

23 August 2017 | Mackay, Queensland.
22 August 2017 | Curlew Island, Guardfish Cluster, Great Barrier Reef
21 August 2017 | Middle Percy Island, Great Barrier Reef
20 August 2017 | Pearl Bay, Queensland
18 August 2017 | Pearl Bay
17 August 2017 | Long Beach, Great Keppel Island
12 August 2017 | Big Woody Island
09 August 2017 | Inskip Point, just inside the Great Sandy Straits........
08 August 2017 | Double Island Point
07 August 2017 | Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast
24 July 2017 | Pyrenees Venture, Indian Ocean, Western Australia
15 July 2017 | North West Shelf, Western Australia
18 May 2017 | East Coast Marina, Manly, Brisvegas
16 May 2017 | Stralia
15 May 2017 | Nearly There

Och Aye, I'm in Mackay..............

23 August 2017 | Mackay, Queensland.
In the Marina in Mackay now, managed to get in here without playing bumper cars with any of the other boats so all good.

Its a pretty nice Marina, right next to the working port though so theres a lot of shipping moving around getting loaded up with sugar to take away and poison you all......

The town proper is a few miles away, named after a John Mackay from Inversnecky, on his wikipedia page his occupation is listed as explorer, sailor, harbourmaster, pretty good hey, I'd be happy with that as an epitaph.

Heading back to work offshore on Sunday for a few weeks to get more rum tokens, I'll start sailing North again middle of September through the Whitsunday Islands.

But for now......I clean........and scrub.....and polish........

Curlew Island

22 August 2017 | Curlew Island, Guardfish Cluster, Great Barrier Reef
Not a whole lot happening here, went ashore for a look see but its a barren scrub covered small island, just an overnight stop on the way to Mackay.

Theres a big range on the tides here (6m) so I'll leave in early hours to make Mackay at slack water to give myself more of a chance of getting into the marina without making an arse of myself!

Middle Percy Island

21 August 2017 | Middle Percy Island, Great Barrier Reef
Managed to sneak away from Pearl Bay early doors this morning, I was watching the ridge for a fair while last night to see if any flames were going to appear but the wind veered taking the smoke in another direction so all good.

Had a 60 mile run today in a 15knot South Easterly so i was fairly flying along, might have gotten a bit close to South Percy Island though as I got caught in the tidal races on the point for a while and had to fanny about a fair bit to get clear, not the first time i've done this either, need to start learning from previous daft errors! Still, it was a cracking day.

Now on Middle Percy Island, not the best name for an island I think but its a beautiful place all the same, there is even a few people living on here as caretakers, surviving on the goats the navy put on here way back when and growing all their own veggies, they even make their own honey which they sell at $30 a jar, Jesus? $30, they don't even have the decency to wear a mask when they are robbing you! (ha! can't help it, every penny is a prisoner after all).

Its an interesting place, the have an A Frame on the beach with a BBQ where everybody comes in of an evening for shits and giggles, you can also see the old Homestead of the bold Captain John Till of the Royal Navy who lived here back in the day with his two wives! Two wives!! he was obviously Doolally........
Vessel Name: Confidence
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Crew: Bobby
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