No Cuff Too Tough.....

Muddling my way around on the sea...

24 July 2017 | Pyrenees Venture, Indian Ocean, Western Australia
15 July 2017 | North West Shelf, Western Australia
18 May 2017 | East Coast Marina, Manly, Brisvegas
16 May 2017 | Stralia
15 May 2017 | Nearly There
14 May 2017 | Stormsville
12 May 2017 | On the Ally Ally Oh
09 May 2017 | Still at Sea.......same one
07 May 2017 | At sea, the South Pacific one...........
06 May 2017 | North of the Three Kings Islands
03 May 2017 | Bay of Islands Marina, Opua
02 May 2017 | Bay of Islands Marina, Opua
29 April 2017 | Entico Bay, Urupukapuka Island
26 April 2017 | Opua
23 April 2017 | Te Hue Bay (Assassination Cove)
22 April 2017 | Mimiwhangata Bay
20 April 2017 | Marsden Cove Marina
20 April 2017 | Marsden cove Marina

Humpbacks, Humpbacks and more Humpbacks......

24 July 2017 | Pyrenees Venture, Indian Ocean, Western Australia
Nearly done on this little money making venture, fly off tomorrow morning, just thought I'd mention the whales, there totally everywhere right now as there all migrating up the west coast, there also migrating up the east coast so I'll be right in the guts of them(not literally of course, I'm not Japanese!) when I'm sailing to the Whitsundays next week, how good is that........

Got a bigger boat!!!

15 July 2017 | North West Shelf, Western Australia
Just for work though, called the Pyrenees Venture.......she's a fair size and a tad bigger than mine!
Ok, some boring facts:
The Pyrenees field is located in Permit WA-12-R, in the Exmouth Sub-basin portion of the Carnarvon Basin approximately 45 kilometers northwest of Exmouth, Western Australia.
The Pyrenees Venture is capable of processing 96,000 barrels of oil per day, combined gas lift/re-injection capacity of 60 million cubic feet per day and having an oil storage capacity of approximately 850,000 barrels. The FPSO is installed in 200 meters water depth.

What do I do on here? good question, drink a lot of tea and discuss the work to be done, then wander about with a clip board looking at stuff and giving an opinion as to wether its in good nick, needs a wee bit of work done or is completely and totally knackered, then drink some more tea and discuss the findings, not bad eh! its paying for some new wind instruments for Confidence and helping to fill the "I don't like working going sailing instead" bucket.

I'm 2 weeks into a 3 week trip, after which I'm sailing up to the Whitsundays, I'll try and make it to Hamilton Island race week and hang out trendy sailor types of people that know what there up to, see if I can pick up a few tips..........

Never eat yellow snow! now theres a good tip..............

Getting out of upside down helicopters to shake the money tree......

03 July 2017 | Perth, Australia
Been a while since I posted anything, I've been getting the boat through the Australian import bureaucracy and doing some work to pay for it, surprisingly enough, all the import stuff was pretty easy, but thats only because Mandy the lovely customs lady done most of the paper work for me, well, done all of the paperwork for me! so thank you Mandy, your a star.
So, where have i been since I got to Brisbane? spent two weeks working at the Karratha Gas Plant on the north west coast, its where I was working before I went to India last year, ha! could only manage one trip, it was a shocker. It was great to catch up with mates but that was about it, maybe I'm just allergic to working.....
Anyway, I'm going back offshore to work for 3 weeks tomorrow, to an FPSO which is like a big oil tanker that is anchored in one place and pumps oil from manifolds on the sea bed and off loads to normal oil tankers, its pretty much like a big old petrol station in the ocean, I've been in Perth for the weekend as I had to redo the helicopter escape thingy, hence the photograph, fingers crossed the only time I'm going to doing that is training in a swimming pool!
I'll start sailing again after this trip, heading North to the Whitsunday Islands/Airlie beach, it'll be good to get going again, see if I can remember what on earth it is I'm meant to be doing..........
Vessel Name: Confidence
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana37
Hailing Port: Brisbane
Crew: Bobby
About: Freelance Good Egg🥚
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