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North Atlantic Delivery II
09/10/2008, 41 29.5'N:71 19.5'W, Newport RI

This morning was a little rough, but when the sea smoothed out, the afternoon became a fantastic sail - and then, almost too soon, we were there, at R2 buoy outside of Newport, the specific sailing destination.

More descriptions tomorrow. For now - adjustment and sleep.

Full Coastal
09/10/2008, 41 02.1'N:70 43.2'W, 38nm SE of Newportg RI

Cold front passage was pretty benign, but we got the full coastal package when we rounded Nantucket Shoals - 25-30knt headwind, really bad chop, fishing boats arising out of nowhere to cluster in the most awkward places for us. Too rough to type now - more later.

09/09/2008, 41 31.2'N:67 32.6'W, 100nm E of Nantucket Isl. Mass.

Pleasant morning here on George's Bank off the Massachusets coast.

Things get a little trickier later this evening and overnight, as an intense cold front is forecast to pass just as we near the Nantucket Shoals. But for now - pure peace.

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