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Boracay Dreaming
Broken Bay trip
Good up, bad down...
04/19/2011, Broken Bay, NSW, OZ

We went to Broken Bay thinking we had a couple of weeks. We had a great trip going up, a really lovely couple of days cruising Pittwater and Broken Bay and then the weather started to look ugly.

The forecast for the next week didn't look much better so we took the chance and put our nose outside.

It was really rough with a south easterly wind pushing wave and swell against the current, but with the wind on our nose and all holding together we went for Sydney Harbour. I figure that if it got too bad we could turn back with wind and wave behind.

It didn't get much better, but it didn't get any worse either so we just hung on. Poor Boracay rolled badly with waves on our forward port quarter but the deck stayed out of the drink, though we got quite a bit of spray.

3 1/2 hours later Sydney Harbour was in sight and as we came abreast of South Head it all became calm again.

Note to self: Put more handholds in cockpit and put in some harness tie down points...

Headliner done...
03/20/2011, Sydney harbour

Finally "completed almost every part of the headliner. Big, unpleasant job (working overhead).

Boracay has a sole...
Mostly fine, some wind
12/18/2010, Sydney Harbour

I've finally replaced almost every bit of the old plywood that made up Boracay's sole.
I've finished it with a heavy coat of clear epoxy resin that should be durable and will darken with age.

Estimated total hours :4700

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