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Boracay Dreaming
My new "bimini"...
Finally some nice South Easterlies
12/18/2009, Sydney harbour

I have "completed" a cover over the cockpit to save us from frying during the summer.

7 mm ply, epoxy coated, fibreglass on top, then exterior acrylic, all on 70 x 35 frame.

I used wood as the practicalities of stainless were beyond me.

Estimated Total Hours:- 3810

New front cabin storage and panels
Lots of strong westerlies
10/26/2009, Sydney Harbour

I have done the port and starboard paneling in the front cabin and installed a light.
Estimated Total Hours:- 3650

Porthole paneling
Two months of wet, windy weather...
07/29/2009, Sydney Harbour...

I've put in a photo of the #2 port porthole paneling. It's the only job actually finished in the last two months.
Flu, windy and wet weather (I'm now on a mooring) have all slowed me down.
I'm now working on the front cabin, which (hopefully) is the last of the big tricky interior furniture jobs.

Estimated Total Hours:- 3470

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