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Boracay Dreaming
Porthole repair no 3
Mostly fine, some rain
04/21/2007, Mort Bay, sydney Harbour

Then I primed the steel with high build epoxy primer and topcoated with high build two pack polyurethane.
The portholes were refitted with lots of silicon rubber.
Hopefully no leaks.
I masked off the area round one of the deck hatches to keep the silicon rubber off the paint, but when I pulled off the tape the expensive polyurethane came with it. I should have allowed more cure time for the epoxy and sanded it down wet before topcoating.
I have noted the need for an antisyphon fitting. Will be fitted as time permits.
Estimated total time : 1025 hours

Porthole repair no 2
Mostly fine, some rain
04/21/2007, Mort Bay, Sydney harbour

I cleaned up the rust as best I could using wire brushes.
Then I treated the rust with phosohoric acid.

Porthole repair no 1
04/09/2007, Mort Bay, Sydney harbour

The steel behind the portholes had become rusted so I decided to repair them while access was still "easy".

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