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23 February 2010
19 February 2010 | Panama City
19 February 2010 | MPLS, Miami, P City
19 February 2010 | Rice Lake/Birchwood
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Panamanian Death March

19 February 2010 | Panama City

I woke up a little late after a long night and went on what I was planned to be a little stroll. I headed towards the new trump tower that's under's designed to look like a spinnaker and is actually a really good looking building. I tested out the SLR camera that I got and took a little nap in a park on the ocean. I had on a new pair of boat shoes and the stroll quickly turned into torture as blisters began to form. I'm far too cheap to jump in a cab and pay the $5 fare, so I just toughed it out and huffed it back to the hotel (got turned around a few times along the way...which extended the death march a bit). The results were some impressive blisters, so I was walkin a little gingerly later that night and decided to take it easy to get a few things accomplished.

I found some wifi in the casino sportsbook area connected to the hotel which is run by a cool guy named Captain Garcia of the Panamanian Navy...awesome guy who hooked me up with free wifi. There was a 15 piece band jammin about 40 feet away from me and some serious tango dancing going on as I made these posts. Anyway, I had to wake up at 4:30 for my 6am flight to the Kuna Yala to meet up with Alex and my buddy Doug (who is living in Columbia and flew to Cartegena to sail with Alex to Panama City). The Kuna Yala are supposed to be absolutely amazing...the kind of secluded islands you see in movies. I'm flying into Playon Chico and hopefully will get picked up by Alex. The Kuna Yala are inhabited by the native Kunas and they mostly live a very traditional lifestyle (interesting people and worth a quick google search). I won't have internet again until I'm back here in Panama City. I'll get an update posted then.

We should be heading through through the Panama Canal on next wednesday or thursday. I think there is a live webcam, so if you have some time, look for bubbles heading through the canal.
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