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Bourdons Gallivant
catching up on posts
Capt. John

This was the last post that I didn't do back at the time. Just notes to myself really from the 21st of June. It was our last day at sea for Justin and me. Life has been well, a bit crazy since we made landfall in Honolulu. I will endevor to get everybody caught up on the continued adventure of the Gallivant. But for the moment:

Day 36, June 21, 2012:
It's 0130. I am up on watch. I can see the glow of Kahului on Maui and one other city also. We came in on a course of about 230* and came in right between the 2 buoys! I can see the lights on them. The other amazing thing is that as we grow closer to Molokai the wind is shifting to the north and so are we. (Oscars on the payroll!) doesn't look like I will have to tack after all, just go with the flow. We were concerned that after coming all this way we could crash on the rocky beaches of Molokai. We look to be in pretty good shape even though we have slowed a bit.
I really wanted to see the Sea cliffs of Molokai but might miss them in the darkness. As much as I dearly want to get to Jenni as fast as I can I doubt that another chance to see them in my lifetime will ever come.

Just heard a small plane overhead and saw his strobe lights. We are close to the civilized world once again. Happy but kinda sad too. The new normal was just starting to settle in with me. Not Justin though. He is ready to see "things" again. The sea can be VERY boring and monotonous.

0245: the sea cliffs are off my port bow now about 6 miles out. Hoping daylight comes before we pass them all by. Winds seem to be picking up as we get closer to Molokai. Course now bumping the 255* range correcting nicely on its own to the direction we want to go.

0300. I keep spotting a light off in the distance ahead. Sure do wish the radar worked! Might be another sailboat or fishing vessel. Nothing on the AIS. Saw it again through a bit of clouds, looks to be a rotating beacon. Maybe the tower on Kahi'u Point on Molokai. Need to keep a sharp eye on it. Either way I dont want to come in contact with it what ever it is.

I count 8 seconds on regular intervals seeing the light. Pretty sure it's a rotating beacon on land and not another boat. It is on my right and I know Molokai is on my left. Hmmmmm.

I adjusted Oscar awhile ago to get us closer to the cliffs so we can by chance see them come daylight. The water splashing up through the scuppers in the cockpit is warm on my bare feet. Water temp here 76.3* !

0339: just 4 miles off the rocky shore of Molokai now. The stars are just starting to wane. Come on daylight before we pass the cliffs by! The rotating beacon is dead ahead and getting closer. Very sure now that it is the towers on the chart and not another boat.

0400: the stars are back and bright. Must've just been some clouds earlier. They are beautiful though. They sparkle like the twinkle of Jennis eyes.

New guess on ETA Honolulu. 12 to 13 hours. That would put us there around 4 to 5 pm.

0418: set an alarm and laid on my back for a bit. Just saw a HUGE shooting star. Always a treat.

08/29/2012 | George
Hope your father is doing well. What a trial that must have been. Are you having the boat refit in Hawaii or shipping it home. When does the return voyage happen?
02/02/2013 | Capt. John
Afterb2 knee surgeries I have decided to sell the Gallivant here in Honolulu. I need to get back to "the business of business"
Thankyou all!
Capt. John
06/25/2012, Honolulu

Greetings all, and by all I mean all of you that I know and also y'all that we have never met. I have been over whelmed and humbled by all the well wishes for Dad, congrats and such. All of it. Thank you!!! The Horizon Reliance will be back in Honolulu this coming Wednesday. Jenni & I will get to meet and thank our rescuers in person. The "Aloha" that we continue to receive here is wonderful. Except maybe for that one local that thought I was gonna clip him with the car, he gave me the good old fashioned one finger salute.......(out of state drivers)
Before Justin had to get on a plane and get back to the real world we got to go to the Pearl harbor Memorial and see the Arizona. A moving experience I highly recommend if you ever get the chance.
I will give you an update.......when I have a real one to give. The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least but the pictures and video uploads will come...promise!
Here's one pic. There was a map. Here I am with one foot at SF and the other on Honolulu. (I figured if I tried to reach Seattle.......I'd rip my pants)

06/25/2012 | Lauren
So thankful you arrived good to see you on land there in Hawaii for a bit! Congratulations on this leg of your adventure! Thanks for sharing pictures and all your posts...Love ALL you Bourdons!
Photos from the Reliance encounter
06/23/2012, Honolulu, Hawaii

We finally had a few moments to upload some of the photos from the Gallivant's at-sea encounter with the Horizon Reliance. Take a look in the photo gallery for the few photos the boys were able to snap off during the exchange.

The lifeboat "left behind" several little pieces on the Gallivant (we'll be meeting up with the Reliance when she makes port in Honolulu this coming Wednesday to swap pieces and parts the respective boats "left" with the other!) and we'll post Justin's account of the dangerous transfer a bit later, too...

Capt John, Justin and the camera crew
06/21/2012, Honolulu!!!

After 20 days of ocean from leaving San Fran, The Gallivant made Honolulu! The Hawaii News Now crew was waiting at Kewalo Basin Marina to talk with John and Justin about their adventures and liason with the Reliance.

06/22/2012 | fellow seafarer
Congratulations J & J, you made it!!!!! Hope you are enjoying those burgers on dry land!!!!
06/22/2012 | pete
By golly you made it safe and sound! Quite a feat and no worse for the wear.... Gallivant looks great in the back ground as well. Congrat's boyz!
Welcoming Committee!

[%youtube*]About 5 hrs out of Honolulu, John and Justin were greeted by a welcoming committee of dolphins! They flanked the Gallivant then played up front, disappearing and reappearing to the delight of the boys! John says he has some video of Justin leaning over the bow sprit inches from the visitors:)

Here's the video of the dolphins!! (I posted the link to the "Links" on our blog, but it's not easy to find, so you can just copy and paste this url into your browser to see this amazing video! )

06/21/2012 | Cherie Nakai
YAY! SO exciting! :)
Leg 2 - the last day!
06/21/2012, Off Oahu!!

John sent me a TEXT MESSAGE this morning at 6am Hawaii time -- close enough to get cell reception! WOOO HOOO! This very trying leg of his sailing adventure to Hawaii and back is nearly complete -- he and Justin were so excited when, after 19 days at sea, they could see land! Passing Maui last night, they were able to see the lights of Kahului, and most likely Pukulani where I've been staying with friends.

John snapped this pic of Justin at sunrise just as they first spotted Molokai. The cliffs were enormous, he said, and the waves crashing against them would splash up the cliff face over 30' high.

He anticipates them making Kewalo Basin sometime around 4pm Hawaii time (7pm for all you West coasters), and I can't wait to hug the both of them...and then hand over those cheeseburgers they've been dreaming about!

06/22/2012 | Daniel Slocum
Well done guys! Very proud of you.
06/25/2012 | Gloria
Great picture of Justin and the sunrise!!
So glad you are on solid ground again,
at least for a while.
Continued prayers for Bobs recovery. Enjoy your stay in beautiful Hawaii! Mama B.

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