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The adventures of Ed & Suzi
Double Figures

Yes.......down to double figures so double "sundowners" to celebrate. ETA tomorrow is 1400hrs UTC (gmt) which we think is 1200hrs local time?, try to get a local radio station in the morning. No wind today so motoring ( if we ever buy another boat it will probably be a motor boat!) We covered 140 miles yesterday so quite a good average over all ....138.85 miles per day at a speed of 5.78 kts This morning the shout went up "Dolphins at 9 O`clock!! well 8.45 actually, Suzi was just getting up so we both went up to the Bows to watch the show for 20 mins or so, they didn`t leap out much and stayed a couple of feet from the boat but were fascinating to watch in the crystal clear water, zig-zagging across the bows singularly or in groups up to 4, think there where 6 in total and stayed around for about 40 mins Next blog should be "Live from Barbados" yahoo!

17/12/10 | emily
Welcome welcome! You must be there by now and I hope you're indulging in showers and tasty food. Speak soon. Lots of love and well done in completing your mammoth journey! Xxx
17/12/10 | Barry & Dawn
Thick frost outside snow forecast for the morning, Our timbers are being shivered Rob is getting slaughtered at his xmas party.
Not far to go, still haven't received your Xmas card with the flight tickets for Barbados
Last 2 Days

A little under 2 days to go and we both can`t wait to step on something that doesn`t move or put you drink down without it ending up all over the floor ......again!!..... Yesterday our 24hr run was down to145 miles, still pretty good but the winds are slowly falling so the "Iron Topsail" will soon be engaged to drive us to Bridgetown for Friday.

16/12/10 | Rob
You are going to be so close to French Guiana, please go to the isles da salut for me as I don't think I will ever get there no matter how much I want to!

Can you smell the rum yet and feel the sand between your toes??!!!

Counting the Days

Barbados is getting nearer, but still 350 miles to go......touch and go for Friday at the moment we are hoping the wind holds ( it`s dropping at the moment but still just on target ) Its been a warm day today with a little more breeze last night than we thought so got a good 150 miles behind us up till noon today.

15/12/10 | Keith and Welly
Passage Weather is showing that you should keep force 3 through Thursady picking up a little into Friday. Good luck. Still jealous.
Keith and Welly
Betsy`s Log Day11

The good ship Betsy is ploughing her way onwards towards Barbados with another 154 miles behind us. Later this evening we will drop under the 500 miles to go which will be a great boost ( just 500 miles Ha! ) then this time tomorrow it should be well under 400 so we can start to dream of landfall and all the things we want to eat & drink when we get there..... where will we start ?? Currently the winds have dropped a bit so a little slower, that confounded swell/wave combination is easing a bit, but there are a few dark clouds around, hope we don`t get a soaking.

14/12/10 | emily
ah, there are some good mile markers there for you to enjoy putting behind you! keep up the good work and keep dremaing of all the tasty teat that await you in Barbados :)
love you! xxx
14/12/10 | Rob
I would question why my sister is encouraging her father to dream of tasty teat's???? :-)

Onward sailors! Thar be rum ahead! arghhhhh me hearties!!!
14/12/10 | netz
well shiver me timbers thats the best bit of news i've heard today x
Still Rollin` Along

Day 10 saw us cover 152 miles with a fair wind blowing but still those damned annoying waves that throw us around making it very difficult to do anything. Today has been bright and sunny, better than the grey of yesterday. Trying not to work out when we will arrive, so much depends on if the winds hold up, the forecast is to gradually drop but hopefully not too much.

And on the Ninth Day

We recovered from a turbulent night. The wind and rain squalls continued into the night with strong winds and confused seas, but Betsy and her crew came through and are now rested up and well into our ninth day. The last 24 hrs saw us cover 136 miles due to our reduced sail-plan during the night and a gentler ride today, tomorrow we hope to crank it up a bit and see if we can get into Bridgetown on Friday....yippee!! Today we just rested , read and baked some fresh bread....yum

12/12/10 | emily
Hello hello! Sounds like u've had trickier time in the pond for the last couple of days! Glad its a bit nicer now and your able to chill a bit with your books and bread. A friday arrival would be excellent, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you that you can make good time in the next few days. All's well here, we've had a nice sociable festive weekend. Take care! Lots of love, emily and steve. Xxx
12/12/10 | Ben McInnes
Just seen your progress, hope everything goes well for your friday arrival! Let me know if you need any Weather Forecasts, as we have a good met dept on my ship (Helicopter Carrier)

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