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The adventures of Ed & Suzi
Christmas Eve

Hello Everybody and Merry Christmas for Tomorrow
We are enjoying a warm if wet Christmas Time so have a good one everybody

25/12/10 | Sprucettes
Wow that's spooky! Its cold and dry here, the exact opposite! Temp last night here in Somerset was -11 Celsius so best you don't complain about the rain, just leave the filler cap off once deck is salt free and fill the tanks in a jiffy.
25/12/10 | ger and helen and all at evesham.
sounds like you've made good progress. what would landlubbers at evesham know about these things! we can beat somerset's temperature - 17 c overnight christmas night. so don't brag to us about rain. bit of news, mark sue's younger lad got engaged today after 9 years courting. have a lovely time, keep the photos coming. lots of love from everyone at evesham. gerald and helen. xx
26/12/10 | Gina and Keith
Hi both of you a bit of news from us I have given in Sue and we now have 2 Chihuahua puppies 2 little boys called Ronnie and Reggie and they are fabulous Sheila is coming round to see them after xmas. Hope you both had a lovely xmas and as you know yours was much warmer bye for now
Anchored inAdmiralty Bay

We arrived here safely at 10.15 local time this morning after a non eventful night sail which totalled 101 miles It has been quite gusty today so apart from a lunchtime visit ashore to clear in ( and a quick drink!! ) we have been on the boat. Weird to think its Christmas in a few days, Its very hot and humid (but showery), not many decs around here but a large boat near us has a 3 tier coloured light triangle (tree) rigged up on his mizzen mast, very strange.

22/12/10 | Keith and Welly
Nice spot innit ? We've had an e card from Jim and Ann who are on a dark blue Westerly calledd IMPRESSIONIST. Thay are currently in Clark's Court Bay Grenada. You may well come across them. Not to be confused with John and Ann on a dark blue Vancouver 36 called MOONLIGHT. They are somewhere near you and you may well see them. They are all lovely people. Have a cracking Christmas. Still jealous. Keith and Welly
22/12/10 | Sprucettes
Hope you have a relaxing time in the sun. Have a fantastic Christmas , thinking alot about you two out there, whilst we are back here in freezing Blighty! xxxx
24/12/10 | Sprucettes
Also, catamaran Catacaos(Graham, Lorraine & Lucas) are coming south from BVI to Saba yesterday so they will probably get down your way soon. Say Hi if you see them.
24/12/10 | Danny and Sally
Merry Christmas to you both. Perhaps you can fulfil a dream - have a swim on Christmas Day.
In Blighty at the moment at Michelle and Vern's, we all send you best wishes. Champagne at 08.00 tomorrow and we'll think of you.
Danny, Sally, Michelle, Vernon, Lucie and James
Off Again

We left Barbados this evening 17.30 local time bound for Bequia a mere 195 miles away, we should arrive about 1300 hrs (1700 GMT) WE enjoyed our short stay in Barbados but have visited this lovely island before and want to settle down in Bequia for 10-14 days to get over our long trip without upping sticks again for a while, just kick back and enjoy!!

A piccy of Betsy

Just to set the scene

Enjoying Bajan Time Man

Hi everybody sorry to hear you are all suffering cold weather in the UK whilst we have to put up with 80+ C
Thought you might like a couple of pics to show you how hard it is

Safely in Barbados

We are safely anchored in Carlisle Bay after a crossing of 15 days,4hrs and 2,094 miles. After the drama of clearing in at the commercial port we eventually settled at anchor at 1300 local (GMT -4) we jumped in for our first swim and then had a celebratory drink, The champagne was opened at 9.00 this morning with a bucks fizz whilst on our final approach. Both of us are shattered and need a good rest but tomorrow its off to the shops for fresh food and to sort out our phones as we have no credit left and can`t top up from here for some reason so will get local sim card. Off for a rest now, more news soon

17/12/10 | emily
Woopidy woop woop! Well done you two, good job done. Well deserved champers and rest ahead. Have a nice long sleep! Lots of love. Xxx
17/12/10 | netz
well done both of you, now for a relaxing christmas
my sea hippy friend, im am so pleased for you both,
take care and enjoy x
18/12/10 | Keith and Welly
Fantastic ! Well done. It's worth it isn't it ? Nearest internet cafe is on the left just before you get to the bridge in Bridgetown. The pinacolada in The Boatyard is so cold it will make your head hurt when you sip it !. Best night out is Oistins Fish Fair on Friday evening. You can get a bus from the central bus station and a taxi back. Great music. Enjoy Barbados. It's brilliant. Keep the blog updated with what you get up to while you are there. We will keep you updated with the snow situation in Porchy ! Keith and Welly
18/12/10 | Danny and Sally
Well done to both - what an achievement. Have ten minutes in the sun and think of us with five inches of snow.
19/12/10 | Tom Steventon
Congratulations to you both for your transatlantic travels. We are so envious back here. Have a lovely warm Christmas. Phil and Tom.

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