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The adventures of Ed & Suzi
The Final Day !!

Well today is the final day of our adventure. At 20.35 tonight we will be winging our way back on a big silver bird. A delivery crew should be with us in just over an hour tasked with returning Betsy to the UK in just over a month.
We will be returning to the luxury of comfy beds, flushing toilets and easy food shopping. We will miss the sunshine and the warm seas but definately not the ##!!#?? mosquitoes and other assorted biting things that have been worse here in Antigua than any other island.
WE hope you have enjoyed our little reports and look forward to seeing you all soon
Ed n Suzi

28/04/11 | emily
Can't wait to see you guys and here all about your adventures in person!!! Love you lots!! Xxx
Looking at Classics

We are currently in Falmouth Harbour for Classic Week. Lots of old and newer but classic design yachts fill the marina and race during the day.
We took Betsy out to watch the fun and took some pictures ( see additional sub-album ). Unfortunately the weather stayed grey and overcast as it has been for the last 5 days, so the pictures are not great ( also the boat was bouncing up and down a lot !! )
Last night we had a torrential downpour and lightening, fortunately we were in a bar, unfortunately the dinghy was not, so we returned to Betsy in a mobile paddling pool!

20/04/11 | Glyn & Jenny
Some might say Betsy is a modern classic! You will miss this great life

OK ,we know, we have been naughty travelers and been too quiet for a while
We are still in Antigua which is really a pretty quiet place with not a lot going on. All we are doing is sitting around in the sun, drinking and eating, oh yeah we know its tough but we got charged with it so we have to do it.
We have strolled around Nelsons dockyard and up to Fort Berkley. Sunday night we took off up to Shirley Heights for a BBQ with steel band followed by jump-up/reggae music. Also seen some obscenely huge yachts worth millions
Today we took a bus trip up to the capital St John and mingled with the Cruise ship sightseers
A few new pics on a new albulm to see

Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Our voyage across from Deashaies, Guadeloupe to Jolly Harbour was our first major trip between islands where the wind never rose above 15kts and the seas were the flattest we had seen. The 46mile trip took us 8.5 hrs from up anchor to picking up a mooring in the very sheltered harbour here. We were too late for customs but the supermarket was the best so far ( almost a sainsburys ) even got some anchor cheddar and branston pickle, yummmm!

18/03/11 | John Miller
Hi Sue & Ed

We love the photos, especially the beautiful pink flowers.Your blog is very quiet not many comments
love Mum & Dad
31/03/11 | Gina and Sheila
Hi from both of us yes we agree with your Mum and Dad Sue gone quiet and we love to read all about what both of you are up to. Nws flash I ( Gina) am going to be a Great Nan in August Kim expecting Ist baby bit of a shock I am far too young as you know. So come on give us some update on what you are doing xx
Deshaies, Guadeloupe

After an unusual trip up from Les Saintes during which we had no more than 16kts of breeze and a slightly rolly sea for the first 1.5hrs to the lee of Guadaloupe, we have spent 3 days here in Deshaies (day-ay), and the winds have been remarkably light, with the boats at anchor facing all different directions. Yesterday we walked up the hill to the Jardin Botanique (yes we like our gardens), but have been slowed down by both having colds, especially Suzi, so have not done much else. This morning we cleared out ready for our 40mile trip up to Antigua tomorrow.
New album to see

On to Les Saintes

We moved on up to the Guadaloupe dependencies of Les Saintes, anchoring off the pretty holiday town of Bourg de Saintes. We had a quick scout round the town, lots of nice shops for Suzi after another boisterous sail up from Dominica. Lots of artists and local craft products. The anchorage is a bit rolly so we will see what tomorrow brings weather-wise before deciding what to do next.

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