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Bravado Breeze
Sailing into the Sunset
April 20, 2012,


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Good Bye Charlie
April 17, 2012,

Part of the process of getting ready for our trip was to find a good home for my beloved Charlie. This would have to be one of the most painful things that I had to do in my life.

It had been 6 and half years ago that we got him from the pound, he was in a separate area to all the other dogs and I was advised by the pound lady that he wasnt for sale as he had not been temper tested. I asked her if I could at least hold him, he was so scrawny and trembling from fright, as I picked him he soon started to settle a little and put his little head on my shoulders. The lady was amazed at the transformation and told me that yes I could adopt him.

Took him home and he wanted to be constantly in my arms this was quite hard for me at first as it was like having a baby again and I was really out of practice! In no time Charlie made himself very comfortable and become a very loved member of our family. He became my shadow. would look at me with those big brown eyes and transmit so much love and affection that he had me wrapped around his little paw.

A few weeks ago I was given the contact details for "Paws" a dog re-homing organisation in Sydney, after talking to the lady she mentioned that her sister Kathy might be interested in fostering or adopting Charlie.

The drive to Sydney was awful, not only terribly long and hot but also because I was giving my baby away.

When Kathy came to pick him up , she had an engraved name tag for Charlie. I knew he was going to a good home, she had owned a couple of King Charles in the past and she was very aware of their loving nature.

As it turned out... Charlie didnt just go to a good home he went to a fantastic loving family who love him just as much as I do. I have been told that he is well and truly settle enjoying sleeping on lounges, beds. going on daily walks and watching the world go by from the front door.

As much as I miss him I couldnt had hoped for a better family. For this I will be forever grateful to Kathy and her family.

This experience proves that you can successfully re-home dogs (even older ones) and when the times comes that we are back on land I am pretty sure that I will be involved in some way in re-homing dogs.

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April 17, 2012, | Julie
Hi Ines,

How wonderful to read that you were able to find such a loving home and family for Charlie! Now you will be able to sail away into the sunset (and back again!) with the knowledge that Charlie is as safe and as loved as he was with you.

Wishing you both many, many happy and adventurous days ahead my friends.

Good luck and may good weather lead you all the way
Julie x0x0x0x0x
April 17, 2012, | Theressa
Hi Ines, as I sit here with Billy on my lap and my eyes welling up, I know it would have been one of the hardest things you would have had to do so its good to see that someone else will love Charlie as much as you did. All the best in your travels ..happy sailing

Theressa xo
Rough Plans
February 18, 2012, , Melbourne

We don't have a set schedule but we do have a rough plan.

How long are we going to cruise for? We don't know, while we enjoy it we will do it.

Where are we going ? At first eastern coast of Australia, Great Barrier Reef & Whitsundays during the non cyclone season, further south during the cyclone season.

Later on we would like to go to Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island the South Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

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February 25, 2012, | Lesley Day
Hi Steve and innes, only a few more weeks until March. We are hoping that your plans work out and that you cast off from HBYC to start enjoying the cruising life. We would love to be reading your blogs from some tropical location. Best wishes from Phil and Lesley
April 7, 2012, | Michael McCombs
Steve -
In sailing I have found that not having a set schedule, or at least having a flexible one, is usually a good thing. :-)
I'm wondering if we could exchange an email or two regarding Australia in general. I've been there a few times, am considering something a bit more permanent...


mccombsm at cox dot net
Time Flies
February 18, 2012, , Melbourne

As the saying goes: Time Flies when you are having fun !

I will fast forward the past few years, we didn't go cruising as originally planned in 2010 or 2011 but WE ARE IN 2012, our ETD is Mid March or there abouts.

Life has been hectic, I moved to Melbourne, bought a very run down florist shop, built it but sold all this took a lot of long hours and hard work but I loved it (something I wanted to do for the past 25 years)

Steve has been busy working on the boat, as it turned out it needed more work that what we were expecting and by the time Steve finishes I don't think there is much left that he hasn't changed or fixed. That's one way to get to know a boat.

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April 25, 2009,

Olympic 40 Built 1980
Designed by Ben Lexcen when he was known as Bob Miller.
Purpose: Cruiser/Racer
Keel: Lead Ballast 4000 approx
Rudder Skeg mount
Engine Volvo Penta
Accommodation: 7 Berth

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April 25, 2009, , Melbourne

Bought Bravado April 2008

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Checking Bravado out
April 25, 2009, , St Kilda

testing testing

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September 24, 2009, | Melissa Richards
hello you Darling Lady....O my you sure look right at home here, what a scrumptuous captains mate you make!! O fantastic to hear from you. Thankyou so much for your email. You look so good, the high seas must agree with you!! We are all well & wish you both a wonderful time. Cant wait to meet Steve. love Mel & Max& all the cherubs xoxoxoxox

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