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Mad'Em Cait / Bristol 41.1
Heading towards Key Largo
01/16/2013, Heading to the Key's

We did 65 miles today! That's a lot for a sailboat. The day started early! Made the first bridge at 7 a.m. Then after 2 more bridge openings, we headed out into the ocean. It was a lot more excitement than what we wanted but we were determined. Let's say it was kind of an angry ocean. But we made it and we are so glad we did!
We are anchored off of Key Largo at Jew Point. Another 2 hrs. and we could have hooked up with Suzanne but tomorrow's another day and we'll maybe get a hug then.
Both Dan and I are spent. It'll be an early bedtime for us!

01/17/2013 | Bob
Another beautiful picture Ame...seas look much better than earllier. I am still jealous.
Capt. Dan
01/16/2013, Heading south from Miami

We finally got to put up both sails! Winds on the inside were very nice and we went 7 knots down towards Key Largo.

01/17/2013 | Bob
Dan looks like all is good with his world. Glad the trip is still going well.
01/17/2013 | GREG
Looking good, be safe.
We survived!
01/16/2013, Miami

Pulled into Miami at noon today. We felt like we'd been in a washing machine and so happy to have arrived!

01/16/2013 | Danielle
So glad you survived!!! Love you!
Today's ocean
01/16/2013, Off Ft. Lauderdale

Let me tell you that the winds were to be 5 - 10 knots with 1 - 2 ft. waves.....they got it wrong again!!! Actual was 19 knots with 4-6 ft.!!

Beginning of the day
01/15/2013, West Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale

We left this a.m. around 7:10 after a restless night of a strong breeze and people anchored too close to us. We do not sleep well when we realize that other people's mistakes could affect us if there would be bad weather or such. So we anxiously departed for more challenges (bridges).
We made 14 of the 16 bridges and decided to anchor by 2:30. We must be getting old cause we sure don't have the stamina to stay "out there" and keep going until sunset!
We are anchored in Sunrise Bay tonight that is located before the Sunrise Blvd. Bridge with a boat named "Sunrise" from N.J.! How's that for an interesting evening. The weather got humid today but there's a nice breeze here and we will sleep well. Tomorrow we go through 3 bridges and then pop out in the ocean.
I've posted 4 photos from today. Hope you enjoy them!

Parade through the Bridges
01/15/2013, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

We continue on through these darn bridges. Tomorrow we pop out in the ocean. Pray for safe weather! Otherwise, we sit still.

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