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Mad'Em Cait / Bristol 41.1
02/20/2013, Key West, Fl.

I've posted 4 photos today from yesterday's visit to Key West. We have our friends, Bob and Sandy visiting us and we drove down to see the sights!!
I was away for 10 days while Dan stayed aboard and had some quiet time. This is the reason I have not posted on the blog for a while. I enjoyed being in Richmond with the granddaughters. Their lives at this time are in constant perpetual motion with very little down time! Always somewhere to go or something to do.
I am truly blessed to be able to return to the boat where I can nap and relax! I will try to resume my blog duties as I had done before.

02/22/2013 | Tom Malloy
I have been following (and coveting) since departure. Vicarioulsy enjoying from afar in the frigid climes. Comment to Ame, please teach Dan to post - 10 leisurely days? Every day s/b leisurely. Dan is looking mighty tan and Magnum-esque. Tom Malloy -Sojourn
Pre Sunset
02/20/2013, Key West, Fl.

Another view from up high on La Concha Hotel.

Pre Sunset
02/20/2013, Key West, Fl.

We went up on the roof of the La Concha Hotel to view the sunset. What a view of the whole island!!

Grandma and girls
02/20/2013, Midlothian, Va.

You may wonder why my blog hasn't been updated. The reason is that I flew to Richmond to keep the granddaughters while their parents had a vacation in St. John's. So here is a photo of me and my gals!

Day trip
02/05/2013, Key West, Fl.

Dan sure liked his Rum Runner at lunch today.
I've posted 3 pictures of our trip to Key West. We took the public bus down from Marathon. Our fee to ride one way was $3.00. Guess it pays to be old! It was cold going down (AC) and took over 45 min. to get off of Key West coming back north. Many stops on the island plus construction!
We went down on the 10:?? bus and came back on the 4:20 bus. We enjoyed the day & got back at dusk.

02/06/2013 | Andy
Those buses stop running about 9 p.m. I caught the last one out of that town one night! Pete didn't!
02/07/2013 | Bearboat
A fellow member of the Pennsylvania Navy about to cross to the Bahamas tomorrow, his blog has some potentially useful wx info for you:
02/12/2013 | Cindy
Glad you 2 are having fun. Be safe I am following you.
Day trip
02/05/2013, Key West, Fl.

We ate at the Blue Heaven Restaurant. The drinks were great and the food was good. You'd hardly know it was there if you didn't know where to look.

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