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Mad'Em Cait / Bristol 41.1
Ocean off Marathon, Fl
03/08/2013, Florida

Here we were out in the ocean today. It was very cool (temps.) but we were fine. We power sailed a bit until the wind was on our nose then we just powered up and into the bay.
I've posted 5 photos.
We are anchored off of Key Largo tonight. We were tired after 55 miles today.
The worst was that the depth was very touchy. We draw 4'8" so when we sighted 5 - 6 ft. we were pretty uptight. We endured and made it but did slow down quite often just in case we touched bottom (but we never did).
We may sit here until Sun. when winds are more favorable to go north.

Entering bay at Channel 5 Bridge
03/08/2013, Florida

As we entered the bay, the color of the water was just right, the water flattened and we had a good day on the water.

American Flag
03/08/2013, The bay heading to Key Largo

The color of the water was beautiful today. Not much depth. We were between 5 & 6 feet several times which made us tense.

Toy Tug visits Mad'Em Cait
03/08/2013, Key Largo, Fl.

So we're sitting in the cockpit after a long day at sea and here comes this toy tug boat along side of us. We saw the neighboring power boat launch his dingy and then saw that he had this boat which he put into the water. What a hoot. The boat had smoke coming out the chimney and even had all the bells and whistles....even a water spout with real water out the side!! We got quite a chuckle out of it. You just never know what will happen on a boat!

Key Largo Sunset
03/08/2013, Key Largo, Fl.

Dan took this sunset photo. It's worthy of a mention!

03/11/2013 | Cindy
Beautiful sunsets. I hope ou oth are having fun
Good bye Marathon!
03/07/2013, Marathon, Fl.

We saw our last Marathon sunset here tonight. A perfect one but the temperatures started to drop with the sun.
Today we walked to Publix and got our last "Original Key Lime Pie" for this year. They had it on sale for $6.99!! We will return in the future!
Plans are to depart in the morning and head north. Depending upon wind as to how far we get. Will post as we go.
I've posted 3 pictures this evening. Enjoy!

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