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03 November 2017
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03 November 2017
In case you wondered, here I am with my cup of witch's brew! (Mixed by Michael Torras)

Monthly update

31 October 2017 | Brunswick, Georgia
Beverly/sunny and cool
Anniversary dinner

On October 2nd we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary with a delicious dinner at Island Jerk, a restaurant just a couple of blocks from the marina.

On the 4th I flew to San Antonio, Texas, to visit our son. I spent a great week there with Derek and Murphi, including a wine tasting in Fredericksburg on Saturday and Sunday brunch at the Boiler House restaurant in the old Pearl Brewery complex downtown.

We have seen so many butterflies this month on their migration south! Most are monarch butterflies but there are others as well. The first real cold front came through on the 28th. We had to get out our blankets. :(

Tonight the children staying at the marina went dock to dock, for treats. Then the marina threw a party with pizza, snacks, cupcakes, and drinks (beer, wine, and green witch's brew). Lots of great costumes! What a fun way to end the month!


25 October 2017
This monarch was enjoying a flower in one of the squares in downtown Brunswick.

Pearl Brewery complex in downtown San Antonio

09 October 2017
The restaurant we went to for brunch is in this area.

Monthly update

30 September 2017 | Brunswick, Georgia
Beverly/mostly sunny and warm
Marina view showing boats with sails and canvas removed to prepare for hurricane Irma.

September began with the marina Labor Day picnic on the 4th. I enjoyed food and drinks with live music. (Ralph was working.) We had a great turnout!

The rest of that week was devoted to hurricane preparations for Irma. The city of Brunswick and the county issued an evacuation order on Friday the 8th so most boaters left, although some of us stayed (based on predicted conditions). Saturday afternoon the rain and wind began with tropical storm conditions arriving Sunday through Monday. Most of the time the winds were in the 30s-40s with higher gusts; Monday the wind was in the 50s with gusts as high as 88. The rain finally stopped Monday afternoon, just in time for the storm surge. As predicted, the surge was only a few feet so the marina was fine since the pilings are high. We never lost power, although it flickered sometimes. By Tuesday some of the small local businesses were open, including the marina. The city and county allowed residents and marina tenants back on Friday.

Thank goodness the rest of the month was pretty quiet!

Monthly update

31 August 2017 | Brunswick, Georgia
Beverly/hot and humid
This month Beverly spent two weeks volunteering at the library (which is only a few blocks from the marina). She helped set up for the semi-annual book sale, assisted during the sale, and helped clean up afterward. It was tiring, dusty work but fun.

Here in Brunswick we had 93% occlusion during the eclipse. The marina provided 100 pairs of these "stylish" glasses. :) I was able to use them to take pictures with my phone, although the photos turned out a bit grainy.

We also enjoyed a visit from our friend Bob from Rockport, Texas. Unfortunately while he was here Hurricane Harvey tried to wipe out Rockport. They're rebuilding, but it's going to be a long process.
Vessel Name: Fugue
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 36
Hailing Port: Kemah, TX
Crew: Ralph and Beverly Brogdon
About: We sold our house and everything in it, retired from our jobs, and are sailing away to new adventures.
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