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sailing away with R & B
More work
Beverly/sunny and warm

Here's Ralph sanding the hull - you can see the nice clean rudder, ready for paint.

All day Wednesday and most of Thursday (after the rain) were spent scraping those barnacle pearls off the hull, rudder, and prop and sanding. Today was also spent sanding and a bit of scraping. Fortunately the rudder was in good condition under all that muck. It sanded down smooth and ready for painting. There's no way we could be this far along if not for our good friend Bob, who is helping with the work. We also discovered a few blisters, which we have cleaned out and filled and we did some fairing on the keel. We are tired of ending every day covered in blue dust! I even had blue streaks in my hair - but they washed out. Today I told Ralph he could join Blue Man Group, or maybe the Smurfs.

03/29/2015 | Dot and John
Glad you are posting again. Glad you have plans for returning to Florida.

Scraping rudder - yes, it's a mess. When we had the bottom done 2 1/2 years ago they didn't prep it correctly and the protective paint just stripped off. So lots of stuff grew on it.


Pressure washing and scraping

Fugue on travel lift

Fugue on lift, Ralph on bow (before they brought him a ladder to get off).

Haul out
Beverly/sunny and warm
03/24/2015, Hooking Bull boat yard

Fugue in position for lifting

After arriving in Rockport, we settled in and checked with the boat yard. Since we had a few days we rested and did some grocery shopping and laundry. This was our day to get started! We had the boat hauled (had to go in backwards to accommodate rigging) and they pressure washed and scraped it. Of course since they do that on the travel lift, that leaves the part covered by the straps still covered by barnacles. We spent the rest of the day scraping off barnacles and started to remove the "pearls" - those circles left at the base of the barnacles. Let me tell you, those are not easy to get off! We still have plenty left for tomorrow!

Buddy boat

This is First Light, our buddy boat for this trip. Thanks Bob, for sharing your experience and your radar and AIS! (And for putting up with our slow speed.)

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