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sailing away with R & B
Field trip
Beverly/mostly overcast
04/24/2015, Mud Island

We just had to get off the dock. So we motored over to Mud Island yesterday (it's only about 5 nm away) just to hang out and do something different. Mud Island is actually sandy, but the holding is mud. (This trip also let us check our boat speed now that the barnacles are off. Yay! We are back to 5.5!) We were the only boat there and had a nice quiet evening. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided we needed a thunderstorm with heavy rain and strong winds in the middle of the night. Oh well. Fortunately the holding is good there and we had no problems. By morning it was calm and quiet so we headed back to Cove Harbor.


We finally got Fugue back in the water today. Not totally without drama - the engine wasn't pumping water. But with help, a little finagling, and blowing the air out we fixed the problem for the short trip back to Cove Harbor. Although we had planned to take off once the bottom job was done, we have other jobs to do and can't see them being finished in time to head east. So we'll be here for hurricane season and then head back to Florida and the Bahamas.

Bottom job finished!
Beverly, cloudy and warm

Yay! It's all done! Today Ralph added 2 coats of blue bottom paint. We now have 2 days to let it dry and will be splashing the boat (putting it back in the water) on Monday.

04/04/2015 | RJ2
Great job Ralph, bet you can't wait to do it again ;)
04/04/2015 | Ralph
Umm, yeah. Hopefully this paint stands up better than whatever the yard put on last time. At least this time, the job was done right (I hope), so have no one to blame except myself. Time will tell, but no doubt...Florida will be the real test.
04/29/2015 | Rain Dog
Beautiful work!
Moving the stands

You can see where the stands were - now we have just these few spots to finish.

We had to delay moving the stands. We had hoped to do it yesterday but the paint was not dry enough. Today it was ready so this morning the yard worker moved the stands for us. Ralph and I then scraped off barnacles, sanded, and washed down those areas. We painted a layer of barrier coat to prep, added the first coat of bottom paint (red), and will finish painting tomorrow.

More bottom paint

The second and third coats of paint are blue.

Bottom paint
Beverly/sunny and warm

The first coat of bottom paint is red, so we'll be able to tell when our paint is wearing off. Here's Ralph, part way through.

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