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sailing away with R & B
New home
Beverly/sunny and warm
07/02/2014, Harborwalk Marina, Hitchcock, TX

Sunrise at Offatts Bayou

We enjoyed the live music and fireworks every Friday and Saturday at Moody Gardens. (FYI, if you anchor there on those days, steer clear of the area northeast of the Colonel boat dock - they anchor a barge out there to set off the fireworks and you don't want to be too close.) We also walked to Target for provisions a couple of times and bought some delicious shrimp at the seafood market near the Valero. We spent time on boat tasks, read on the rainy days, and just relaxed.

But after 2 weeks at Offatts Bayou we decided to do something semi-permanent. We moved to Harborwalk Marina this afternoon. It was only about 6 nm, so just a quick motor out of the anchorage and down the ICW. We plan to spend 2 months here and then maybe move farther south along the Texas coast.

07/02/2014 | David Grimm
Copy that on the move to Harbor Walk. We're stuck until the 8th. VA insisted that I come for a appointment on the 7th.
Our temporary Galveston home
Beverly/sunny and warm
06/20/2014, Offatts Bayou, Galveston, TX

Our anchorage in Offatts Bayou, right in front of Moody Gardens

On the 18th we moved a few miles south, across the Houston ship channel and part of Galveston Bay to Offatts Bayou. The channel going in is a little tricky, but we just followed the chart plotter and markers. (A couple of the markers are missing the sign - just poles.) The bayou is deep, 15-20 feet, but the holding is good. There is only 1 other cruiser anchored here right now - he came by to introduce himself and tell us Katie and Dean Calkins told him we were here. We'll be here a while, relaxing and deciding where to go next. It's an easy dinghy ride to the dock at the boat ramp and a short walk to a shopping center with a super Target for provisions. Tonight we're enjoying live music from a band at Moody Gardens and they will have fireworks later on.

06/21/2014 | AJ
Hi Guys,
Welcome back to Texas! If y'all need a ride anywhere let me know, we are here in Galveston. Go by and visit my wife at West Marine, her name is Lisa.
AJ (SMJ on the forums)
06/26/2014 | David Grimm
I'm not sure if there are any slips left here at our marina. The price is a whole lot cheaper than anywhere else on the coast. We are hoping to get out of here next week.

Here is Stephanie (harbor master) phone # 361-484-3953
06/26/2014 | Ralph

Not sure where we want to hang out yet. Thanks for the #. Bob is on his way back, so we might join him at Harborwalk Marina for awhile. Clear Lake/Kemah has much to offer within walking distance, so still thinking about that location too.
06/30/2014 | David Grimm
Looks like the weather gods are in our favor. We are throwing the dock lines Thursday morning. We should be in your neck of the water on Saturday. Don't know it we will stop in Offatts Bayou or not.

Tell Bob he'll have to wait until September to get his cushion back. Its doing good in storage.
Back in the Galveston area
Beverly/sunny and warm
06/17/2014, Galveston Bay, near Port Bolivar, TX

Today we were welcomed to Texas by several herds of cattle grazing next to the ICW and watching us pass by.

Another long day of motoring 60 miles in the ICW, but we're finally back in the Galveston area. We saw another couple of alligators along the way. We encountered a lot of barge traffic and some shrimp boats close to the bay. We arrived at Port Bolivar late in the day and motored around the point into the bay, where we anchored just south of Bolivar peninsula.

Back in Texas
Beverly/mostly sunny and breezy
06/16/2014, Taylor Bayou, near Port Arthur, TX

Our anchorage at Taylor Bayou

Today we left our anchorage early in order to make our appointment at the Ellender lift bridge, which is not usually manned so you have to call and make an appointment for them to be there to raise the bridge. We arrived about 30 minutes early and watched the bridge tender drive up and enter the building to let us through a little early. The rest of the 11 hour day went smoothly, although the part through Sabine Lake was a little rough in the SSE winds. (Lucky me, it was Ralph's shift at the wheel.) We did get to see another alligator swimming close to us and, of course, lots of barges.

Mermentau River to Calcasieu River
Beverly/sunny and warm
06/15/2014, Calcasieu River, near Lake Charles, LA

Tonight's sunset at anchorage

Today we motored 43 miles down the ICW to another river, the Calcasieu River. We needed to transit the Calcasieu locks and a couple of pontoon bridges. There was no delay at the first bridge. The second bridge is tied in with the locks, and there was a short delay while we waited for the eastbound barge to come through. But the actual locking through was easy because we just floated the lock again. Nice! There was a lot of barge traffic, but no problems. We saw 2 alligators swimming the other way in the ICW (sorry, no photo - too quick).

Sunset on the Mermentau River

Here's one of last night's sunset photos.

06/15/2014 | Dot and John
Glad you are enjoying the trip home. Sounds like a desolate place. Watching wildlife is very entertaining. Glad you are updating your BLOG so often. The pictures are beautiful.

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