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sailing away with R & B

St. Augustine lighthouse as seen from the southern end of the south mooring field.

Daytona Beach to St. Augustine
Beverly/sunny and warm on Friday
05/05/2016, St. Augustine, Florida

ICW crossing Matanzas Inlet at low tide with lots of current.

Our trip on Tuesday illustrated the benefits of keeping the bottom of the boat clean: we were a knot faster overall all day. The trip (51.2 nm) went pretty smoothly until we got to the Matanzas Inlet. This short stretch of the ICW is tricky with lots of shoaling due to strong tides. You look at the markers and it seems like you're going to run into the shore, but they are accurate. It's still not easy. Ralph made the first attempt and got almost all the way through before bumping the bottom. He got us off pretty easily but the current turned us around going back the way we came. We went back to the deeper water and idled around until some other boats went through, then Beverly followed them and vigilantly watched the depth finder to get us through successfully. We still arrived at the St. Augustine mooring field around 5 pm.

Yesterday was rainy all day so we didn't get anything done. We just relaxed and read. Today dawned sunny, breezy, and cool so we went to shore and met with our friends Dot and John. They took us to run errands and then out to dinner at Columbia restaurant (which we highly recommend).

Titusville to Daytona
Beverly/sunny and warm
05/02/2016, Daytona Beach, Florida

This is the International Speedway bridge in Daytona.

On Friday we made the run from Titusville to Daytona. Just north of Titusville we saw our first manatee of the day. Later we saw more manatees and lots of dolphins. I tried, but couldn't get a photo of the manatees or the dolphins. There were not many ospreys on this stretch but we did see a couple of turtles near the Ponce Inlet. When we arrived we anchored but moved to Halifax Harbor marina the next day to get some work done. We had the barnacles cleaned off the bottom of the boat and the prop, changed the oil, cleaned the boat inside and out, did laundry, and filled the water tanks. We also met up with some internet friends (Robin and Teresa) who took us out to run errands and have dinner. It's a nice, reasonably priced marina and we recommend it.


This is the water at Titusville. In the sunlight it really does look orange. We asked about it at the marina and they told us it's because of an algae bloom. Weird!

Eau Gallie to Titusville
Beverly/sunny and warm
04/28/2016, Titusville, Florida

Ralph enjoying the shade on the foredeck.

Today the wind allowed us to motorsail most of the way (until the wind died down in the afternoon). When the wind died the clouds began to build and we arrived in Titusville in light rain. It didn't last long and we were able to dinghy in from our mooring ball to check in, shower, and walk around town a bit to pick up a few things and eat at KFC.


Sunrise at Dragon Point

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