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sailing away with R & B
day 8
Beverly/calm and warm
11/22/2012, Lafitte, LA

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we left Houma at about 7:30. It was calm with a little mist rising off the water. It was an easy day - 45 miles - with 1 fixed bridge, a pontoon bridge, and a lift bridge. They all went pretty smoothly and we were anchored here by 2:30. Tomorrow we enter New Orleans via the Harvey locks, negotiating several bridge openings, the Mississippi river, and the Industrial lock to arrive at a marina where we plan to spend a couple of days. Should be fun!

Another picture

Here is a shot of Fugue tied up here at Houma.

Day 7; a week on the ICW
Beverly/warm and calm
11/21/2012, Houma, LA

Well, we cannot recommend the Morgan City docks for a restful night: lots of noise from the bridges, the train, and the passing boats, plus wakes. Not a lot of choice on that leg though. What a contrast here in Houma at the downtown marina! It's clean with a little park, we have it all to ourselves, there's no water action, and even though it's between 2 bridges, it's much quieter. Today was a very short day. Even though we left Morgan City at 8:30, we were still here by a little after 2:30. We travelled past a cable ferry, through another set of locks, and under a bascule bridge on the way here. We were approached by a Customs and Border Patrol boat along the way. They pulled up next to us and asked where we were from and where we were going and wished us well. We were early enough to take a walk, visit an ATM, and have an early dinner at The Pit Stop.

11/21/2012 | Chris Edwards
Awesome to see ya'll moving along!
Day 6
Beverly/warm and sunny this afternoon
11/20/2012, Morgan City, LA

It was a long 10 hour day. We left Shell Morgan in Intracoastal City just after sunrise, around 7:00 on the misty ICW. It's weird to see a barge appear out of the mist! We went under 2 fixed 73 ft. clearance bridges and had to wait for a cable ferry to clear at one point. At one of the bridges we were delayed by barge traffic, but still made it to the Morgan City docks just before sunset. Today we saw our first sailboat since Galveston Bay. It was westbound towards Galveston and we enjoyed talking to them on our way past each other.

We saw several bald eagles, hawks, herons and seagulls. There have been lots of geese flying over. We even saw a raccoon swimming across the ICW!

Here's a shot of the sunrise at our anchorage at the Mermentau River.

11/21/2012 | Robert & Anna Boyd
Not sure I understand how the barge and other boat traffic works. Is the ICW marked with buoys to aid in keeping the East bound traffic separated from the West bound.?
11/21/2012 | Beverly
There are no divisions on the ICW. The only buoys are in places where it transits water areas such as lakes or bayous. In that case they are usually green on the right and red on the left, although that would depend on whether you are traveling east or west. As far as avoiding barges, they are bigger and cannot stop. They also need to make wide turns, especially the long or wide ones (some are pushing 4 barges long and some are 2 wide and 2-3 long). Lots of mass! We just get as far to the right as we can and hope we don't run out of depth.
day 5
Beverly/calm and warm
11/19/2012, shell morgan marina, Intracoastal city, LA

Today we had a close encounter with a barge on a curve. Ralph maneuvered us around and it went well but it was scary. We also transited another lock. (FYI, put on a life jacket before you go out to handle the lines so they don't tell you to go back and get one.) The rest of today was pretty calm and easy. We are tied up at a marina this evening. We got here around 3, filled up with diesel and gas, walked to a little store for a few groceries, cooked dinner and had the luxury of warm showers. We've been charging phones and the laptop since we have shore power. The hotspot on my phone works great so we're able to update daily. Tomorrow will be our longest run to date at 65 miles.

11/19/2012 | Ray
Glad things are going well for y'all. Hopefully you are sleeping by now since I know you said you were going to have to get started early to make 65 miles. Be careful and don't rush and you will be fine! Enjoyed the chat we had last night. Talk to you again soon.
day 4
Beverly/calm and chilly
11/18/2012, Mermentau river anchorage

Today I saw an alligator sunning on a log! Yay! We also went through our first lock - they didn't even make us stop; we just idled on through. Then we went through 2 pontoon bridges. The rest of the day was mostly straight runs down the intracoastal. We saw bald eagles, big hawks, white pelicans and other seabirds. We were anchored here and having a glass of wine by 4. It's a beautiful spot and really quiet.

11/19/2012 | Robert & Anna Boyd
Sounds like you are having good weather so far and are on your plan. Are you planning on any night sailing? What is the maximum depth that you can anchor? Be safe!
11/19/2012 | Charlie McKenzie
R&B: Glad you are having fun. Sounds like a great trip. Ralph -- Did you get the AP or are you steering by hand? I am so jealous.

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