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sailing away with R & B
Hangin With Other Cruisers
02/13/2013, Ft. Meyer's Beach

We are still in our slip at Moss Marine for now. A cold front will blow through tomorrow, with rain possible. If we're to be stuck here for a while, we may move to the mooring balls since it will save some serious cruising dollars.

We've been hanging out with friends, old and new. Dessert and a movie aboard our dock neighbor's boat. Sundowners (adult beverages) aboard a couple of other boats here. We're really enjoying our stay here.

Our Escort
Ralph/Sunny and 81*
02/07/2013, Ft. Meyers Beach

I have noticed one thing. It never fails that something always comes up when extra attention is already needed. Like a barge as we are about to round a tight bend on the ICW, or like in this case, something happens just as we are about to enter a channel that we are unfamiliar with. So it goes....always expect the unexpected.

A friend emailed me, asking if the Lynx was still in Ft. Meyers Beach. I wasn't sure exactly what he was asking about. If you are not familiar either, here is a link - Welcome To The Home Of America's Privateer Lynx...and Privateer Lynx to City: We won't be back |

She was flying full sails when I noticed her. The Lynx was obviously heading for the Pass, just as we were. She was on our starboard bow, and pretty much on a collision course with us, noting their position was staying the same relative to us. She had the right of way. I throttled back, and we fell in behind her. It was pretty cool as we watched them bringing in all that sail.

Pretty cool, huh?

Ft. Myers at last
Beverly/calm and warm
02/06/2013, Ft. Myers, Florida

We have talked about this so long and we are finally here! After 4 days of traveling and our nights at anchor, we decided to go to a marina for a night or two. We're staying at Moss Marine, a very nice place. We will do some provisioning and various boat tasks and look around the area while we're here. We need to do some planning for the next part of our trip to Marathon at Boot Key. More to come! This was taken along the waterway today - houses built on stilts in the middle of Gasparilla Sound.

02/07/2013 | kenny
While you adjust to 80 degrees, we prepare for "a historical snow event" called Nemo. LOL
Thanks for sharing. Helps a lot.
02/07/2013 | Ralph
Hi Kenny,

We've been cold for so long, this heat feels great! We don't get the cold like you are talking about, of course. Put another log on the fire.

All the best to you, and still hoping to meet up with you someday.

Bridge, this is sailing vessel Fugue...
Beverly/calm and warm
02/05/2013, Cape Haze, Florida

Wow! Nine bridges to go through, which means 9 times we had to say our boat's name (and sometimes spell it) and that we were southbound and requesting an opening. It also means 9 times Ralph had to maneuver the boat around while waiting for the bridge to open. Still, there were no long delays and we were anchored at Cape Haze by 5. We are in a small inlet surrounded by houses. It's kind of like parking in the middle of a cul de sac. It's beautiful and quiet, a great place to relax after a long day. There was even a dolphin swimming around in here, plus a couple of ospreys. Here's a shot of some of the houses and a docked sailboat the ospreys hang out on.

Where is the circus?
Beverly/calm and chilly
02/04/2013, Sarasota, Florida

We made it to our anchorage just inside the Ringling Causeway 65 foot bridge a little before sunset. Sarasota used to be the winter home of the circus but that is no longer the case:( Still, maybe that explains the big purple arena we saw as we came in. There is also a brightly colored house that looks like an Escher print. Our trip today included 8 bridges, a couple of hours on Tampa bay, and a passage across Sarasota bay. Thankfully there were only a few rude power boaters. Here is a shot of Bird Key across from our anchorage (taken by Beverly while Ralph was dropping anchor).

Another Gulfport
Beverly/light winds and cool
02/03/2013, Gulfport, Florida

We left Clearwater Beach at around 10 this morning and arrived here around 3:30. It was 22.4 mIles down the GIWW but included 1 fixed bridge and 5 bascule bridges, which caused delays. We also got waked countless times by power boats. One boat waked us 3 times! #@#!! We were even stalked by a pirate ship in Boca Ciega bay - they fired (fake) canons at us while we were waiting for a bridge to open! In a quieter section we saw some dolphins and one came close enough to splash us. We're glad to be in a quiet anchorage after such an eventful day. Here is a shot of the Gulfport anchorage.

02/03/2013 | Penni & Jay
Beautiful anchorage. Looking forward to being there.
02/03/2013 | GrimE
Don't you just love power boaters? I get on the VHF and let them know how rude they are creating a very uncomfortable wake on us and remind them of the state and federal laws.

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