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sailing away with R & B
The Exumas!
Beverly/sunny and breezy
05/20/2013, Allans Cay, Bahamas

We arrived at Allans Cay in the Exumas on Saturday afternoon after an 8 1/2 hour motor/sail from Nassau, about 40 miles. We have spent the last 2 days feeding big iguanas on Leaf Cay and exploring the beaches there and on SW Allans Cay.
The iguanas hang around the beach when they see boats coming, they're so used to being fed. They will come right up to you to get food (in our case lettuce). The sign says these iguanas are endangered and have been studied for decades. They can live up to 80 years and weigh up to 24 pounds.
The water here is so clear! We have a bucket with a clear bottom that lets us see things from the dinghy or while walking along the shore. We have seen small coral heads, many live conch, some beautiful blue and yellow fish, and some black and yellow sergeant majors. There are also larger fish swimming around, some of which are sand colored and hard to spot. We can't bear to leave yet...but soon we'll head on to the islands of the Exumas Land and Sea Park.

05/20/2013 | George
You are in the zone! Excellent
Conch dinner
Beverly/sunny and breezy
05/16/2013, Nassau, Bahamas

Yesterday it was very windy and a little chilly here so we spent the day catching up on laundry and planning the next leg of our trip down the Exumas. Later in the afternoon we walked the few blocks down to the Potters Cay vendors area under the twin bridges to Paradise Island. We stopped in at a few stands and had a wonderful spicy conch salad and some delicious conch fritters, along with a pineapple/strawberry daiquiri for Beverly. Back at the boat we enjoyed this pretty sunset, looking west toward the bridges.

05/16/2013 | Ellen
Looks like you guys are having fun! Are you still going down island?
05/16/2013 | Dana Greyson
We're in Journey, anchored (not docked) right where you are now! We just left Exumas and are headed North to Florida eventually. We're here getting sails repaired. Feel free to say "Hi!"

We're in a 36.5' ketch with the main down for repairs.
05/16/2013 | Dana Greyson
Oh and we too had a delish spicy conch salad at Potter's last night!
05/16/2013 | Ralph

Stop by tomorrow if you get the chance. I don't have the dink in the water, and we are planning to leave for Allens on Saturday. We are the sailboat next to the blue and white motor cat, near shore.

Here is a shot of the little hitchhikers we had on our way across the Banks.

Beverly/warm and sunny
05/13/2013, Nassau Harbor Club Marina, New Providence Island

After an easy day of motoring across the Northeast Channel of the Atlantic (in depths over 2000 meters), we have arrived in the big city of Nassau. We left our beautiful anchorage around 7:30 am, anticipating 9 hours of motoring in light and variable winds. The shades of blue in the water were incredible, changing from very light turquoise in the anchorage to deeper blues as the depths increased. There were very small wind waves on top of big, smooth, widely spaced ocean swells out of the northeast. It felt great! We alternated 2 hour shifts at the helm and just enjoyed the day. The swells actually pushed us toward our destination so we arrived earlier than planned again although still at slack tide as planned. It was an easy trip through the harbor and when we arrived at the marina Peter helped us get all our lines tied up correctly (anticipating the norther on Tuesday). We went to the shopping center across the street and found the liquor store (since we were out of beer, rum and wine). We had plenty of time to chill out on the boat and spent some time at the beautiful pool.

This is the marina pool area. You can see Paradise Island in the background (where Atlantis Resort and other resorts are located).

Frozen Cay anchorage

Doesn't this look like a great place to be? We would have stayed longer except there was a cold front due Tuesday so we wanted to be safely tied up at a marina in Nassau for protection from wind/waves.

Beautiful Berry Islands!
Beverly/Clear and sunny, light breeze
05/12/2013, Frozen/Alder Cays anchorage

Wow, what a great day! This is what conditions were like as we rounded the northern tip of the Berries (Little Stirrup Cay) and an anchored cruise ship.

We left Bullocks Harbor at 8, anticipating a 9 hour trip to our planned anchorage. We were unable to sail due to winds on the nose most of the way, but made great time anyway. In fact we arrived an hour earlier than planned! (That has almost never happened for us.) Sunny skies the whole way, beautiful shades of blue as we made our way out of the Bahama Banks into the Northwest Channel of the Atlantic, and only a little unsettled wave action where shallow and deep waters meet. We were able to enter the cut to our anchorage in the lee of Frozen and Alder Cays at slack tide (so no risk of strong current or rage conditions). We set the hook in 8 feet of beautiful clear smooth water. It was early enough that we were able to enjoy swimming off the stern of the boat (until there was loud splashing not too far away - which turned out to be a huge barracuda). Refreshed, we just enjoyed our quiet evening in beautiful surroundings.

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