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Quick Visa Run Goes Wrong
Was that the Summer?
09 May 2011 | Home on the Wirral
We flew back to the UK at the begining of April as our 90 day Turkish visas needed renewing, and crazily it was cheaper jumping on an EasyJet flight to the UK, than getting the ferry over to Rhodes.
The idea was simple, catching up with friends and family and taking in a couple of weddings, before flying back to Turkey, but as ever, things never go quite as you expect them to and for us its been a very harsh lesson. You should never plan too far ahead, because you never know what's around the corner!
Cathie went to the doctors and has been diagnosed with breast cancer, this will mean months of chemotherapy, an operation and then radio therapy.
After the initial devastating diagnosis we ended up waiting for what seemed like an eternity (but in reality was only a few weeks) for the results of further tests, which gave us the only bit of good news it hadn't spread everywhere!!!! So although the "BIG C" has sunk its teeth in and we know that it won't be easy, she's now started her chemotherapy and the fight is on.
She's got an amazingly strong and positive attitude, which coupled with her close caring family and friends, who are all sending their love, thoughts, best wishes and offers of support, will doubtless see her through.
So no sailing for her this year, but fingers crossed that the tratment goes well and we can try again next year, by which time hopefully the floating caravan should be moored in a new marina in the Turkish side of Northern Cyprus.
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