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Dreamboat 2011-12 Cruise
Nice uneventful day!
Bruce & Jill
10/24/2011, Deltaville Va.

Everything went as planned today. Departed Solomons at 8:15 and motored down the bay in light winds in clear sunny weather. Found our way into Fishing Bay on the Piankatank River in Deltaville, Va. with no problem. Dropped anchor about 4:30. Great peaceful, sheltered anchorage. Similar weather forecast for tomorrow. We hope to make it to Norfolk tomorrow.

10/25/2011 | Carol Haggas
What an awesome adventure. This blog is so cool! I am really looking forward to traveling along with you. Be safe!
Lay Day
Bruce & Jill
10/23/2011, Solomons, Md

Woke up to dew all over the boat, and the return of the electrical gremlin. Also, I woke up at 5:30 with the realization that I had not brought along my prescription refill bottles. We decided to motor out of our cove and around the corner to Zahniser's Marina. At the end of our cove we ran into dense fog and decided to drop anchor and wait. The fog dissipated shortly and we motored around and took a slip for tonight. Talked to the office about the electronics and arranged to rent a car to drive back home and get the refills. When I returned and got settled I tried the electronics and they worked just fine. I could hear the boat trolls giggling. Decided not to turn them off overnight and see what the morning brings. Plan is to leave early tomorrow with a target 60 miles away of anchoring in the Piankatank River below Deltaville, Va. The Captain
Two days on the water and only 70 miles south of home by car! The Admiral

10/24/2011 | Judi
Well, SOUTH is good. The pics are beautiful.
10/24/2011 | Sue
Glad you are on your way. Will keep track on your progress. Hope you have nice weather. Sue
Annapolis, Md to Solomons, Md

We had a great night on the mooring in Annapolis. We departed about 8:30 for Solomons, Md. We motored or motor-sailed (motoring with the mainsail up to stabilize the boat). We passed a submarine outside Annapolis, a pirate ship in the Patuxent River before turning into Solomons, and a wedding on a back lawn as we motored up Mill Creek to a peaceful anchorage. The picture is from our boat at anchor in Mill Creek.

10/22/2011 | Jerry & Francine
Glad things improved so quickly, smooth sailing from here on I hope. See you on the other end.
10/22/2011 | Karen and Tom
Sailboats and submarines. Interesting combination. We wish you great weather perfect winds and seas. We will check out those marinas next weekend.
False Start, Fabulous Finish!
Bruce & Jill
10/21/2011, Annapolis, Md

Well, we were up early and had the boat all ready to leave. Started the engine and turned on all the electronics. However, the Autopilot and half of the display on the wind indicator were not working. Made a phone call and ended up motoring 12 miles north (remember we're supposed to be going SOUTH) to Haven Harbour Marina in Rock Hall to have it checked out. It took about an hour for the technician to find a loose wire. Checked everything out and we were underway. We pointed Dreamboat south down the bay into stronger winds and lumpier seas than were forecast. After 19 southbound miles of that we were passing the entrance to Annapolis' harbor. A quick consultation between the Admiral and the Captain resulted in the decision to snug up for the night at a mooring in downtown Annapolis. The Captain.
Wonderful finish to our false start! Moored in Annapolis Harbor, we were smack in the middle of a sailboat race of Optimists! I felt like I was back in school again. These kids in their miniature boats could not have been more than 9 years old. It was like watching bumper sailboat chaos. We were almost rear ended at least twice. In the distance were two more Friday night races and to our left was a Navy football game, complete with the band. Add that to tour boats, kayaks, cruising sailboats, water taxis, and the Harbourmaster! We could not have had a better ending to our first cruising adventure day. ..... The Admiral

10/22/2011 | Gary and Dawn
Yes!!! SOUTH! .... SOUTH !
Departure Preparations Underway
10/16/2011, Home Dock

We loaded all our clothes on the boat today. Jill was pleasantly surprised to see we had room for all of them (because she uses the forward stateroom drawers, shelves and hanging locker, and I use the aft stateroom cabinet). Plan to load all the staples we've been stocking up on tomorrow. Jill plans to shop mid week for perishables. Based on the current weather forecasts we may depart this Friday 10/21/11. Will try to update this blog regularly once we get under way.

10/20/2011 | Judi
This is a very cool site. I will be watching you all the way. Have a great time. Bon Voyage!
10/20/2011 | Tom and Kelly
Kelly and I will be watching the whole way!! Bon Voyage!!
10/20/2011 | toni
I'll be watching everyday. Bon Voyage! See you in the Spring.
10/20/2011 | penny
Maybe you'll see some of susie!s ducks. Have fun!
10/20/2011 | Pat Snyder
Happy Sails!!! May St. Christopher(patron saint of travel) be with you both.
10/20/2011 | Bob & Dee
Clear Skies, Smooth Seas and A Following Wind!
10/20/2011 | Chris
Can't believe the day has come, have a wonderful time!
10/20/2011 | Rich
Bon Voyage! You'll be casting off for Florida about the same time I'll be buying snow tires.
10/25/2011 | marty
sounds great Virginia already enjoy your trip MES
St. Michaels
Bruce Cloudy & Damp

Motored down to St. Michaels in grey damp weather. We have reservations tomorrow on the Mister Jim sightseeing boat to go out and watch the log canoe races outside of St. Michaels harbor. Rain is supposed to be gone, and sun should come out. Not sure what it looks like lately. Current plan is to anchor overnight Saturday night in the Wye River on the way home.

09/26/2011 | Gilligan
OK Skipper...time to get down to biznus and get ready to cast off! I'll get the halyard, or was that the lanyard...wait!.... there is no 'yard on the boat!

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