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Dreamboat 2011-12 Cruise
Peaceful Day in the ICW
03/08/2012, Saint Augustine, Florida

We were up early this morning to take advantage of the forecast of calm winds until early afternoon. Left Halifax Harbor at 6:30 am and motored through four drawbridges on our way to Saint Augustine. The winds were pleasant until about noon when they started to increase. At 1:30, when we were attached to a mooring ball in Saint Augustine, the winds were blowing about 12 to 18 mph. The temperature is in the mid 70's but the wind makes it feel cooler. The winds are supposed to be light overnight so we expect a pleasant overnight stay. Tomorrow we have about 32 miles to go to Palm Cove Marina in Jacksonville Beach which is our final stop on this leg of our trip. The Captain
Today was a varied, interesting vision of the ICW. We went past beaches, ordinary neighborhoods, upscale houses with elaborate docks, public parks, walking paths, and Florida wilderness. The wilderness was a thick mixture of low palms and mangrove trees interwoven with flat marsh. On the edges were white sandy beaches accessible by canoe or kayak. Our maps showed depths of 0 to 1 ft. in this area. As we made our way toward St. Augustine, the Matanzas River wove through lightly inhabited islands and wildlife sanctuary. It was an ever-changing beautiful ride. The Admiral

03/07/2012, Halifax Harbor, Florida

Just a brief update to tell you we are still in Halifax Harbor. The winds have been blowing steady since we got here at mph in the upper teens with very frequent gusts in the upper twenty's and a few over thirty mph. Since we have the luxury of time until our scheduled flights out of Jacksonville we are just staying put. The weather forecast looks like we might be able to leave tomorrow, and definitely good for Friday. When we do leave the target for our next stop we be St. Augustine, and then Jacksonville Beach the next day. The Captain

03/07/2012 | Faye
Sounds like a plan.
Harbinger of Home
03/05/2012, Halifax Harbor, Florida

We woke up this morning to very calm winds and got underway at 7:08 am. We saw a lot of birds including several groups of white pelicans sitting on the tidal flats. They are a very different looking pelican - all white with an orange beak and a black patch at their wing tips top and bottom. We had a very pleasant 65 mile trip up the ICW through a lot of undeveloped stretches after we passed by Cape Canaveral. Except for the southbound tug pushing a couple of barges that came around a blind corner just as we were passing under a bridge! I floored the throttle to get through the bridge and immediately turned off the channel to get out of his way. His barges filled the channel through the bridge almost side to side as he slid by and went on his way south. Right after that we arrived at a stretch of the ICW with several shallow spots, and wouldn't you know that we got there at an unusually low tide. I routinely set depth alarms at 8' and 6' whenever we are moving. The 8'alarm is to get my attention so we don't get into too shallow water and set off the 6' alarm which is "hey do something quick" as we need at least 5'3" or we'd be aground. The 8' alarm must have gone off a half dozen times in the half hour it took to travel that stretch. Each time I would pull the throttle back and swing Dreamboat side to side looking for the deepest water. Fortunately, we never got to any 6' spots. The remainder of the trip was through more developed areas and had no more depth alarms, and we had a great dockhand to help us get safely in our slip for the night. The Captain
The picture we posted today is a harbinger of home. Two mallard ducks, drake and hen, heard our voices and paddled over to see if we would feed them. They are the first mallards we have seen on the entire trip - south or northbound. Kent Island, here we come! The Admiral

Cocoa Village Marina
03/04/2012, Cocoa, Florida

We have enjoyed the last two days in Cocoa Village. We lucked out to arrive the weekend they were having an arts & craft fair downtown. They closed off several streets and had over 100 vendors set up tents in the street. In addition, all the shops were open and we had a great time wandering around. On Saturday we noticed that the Cocoa Village Playhouse was having the final showing of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "State Fair" at 2pm Sunday, so we attended that this afternoon. This play is a musical about the Iowa 1946 State Fair and they put on a very impressive performance . We really enjoyed it. Winds blew very strong most of the day but are calming down now. Tomorrow looks like a good day to travel so our target is Halifax Marina which is near Daytona. The Captain
Goodbye, Cocoa Village. What a charming place to stay! The marina facilities are first class, from the bathrooms to the laundry room to the docks themselves. To top that off, the village itself was a three block walk. I think we were there three times yesterday alone. And imagine being able to see a Broadway play here on the spur of the moment. As Bruce said, the production was excellent. They do all Broadway shows, 7 a year, and call themselves Broadway on Brevard. Next, if you can believe it, is "Titanic." Today's photo, taken from the marina clubhouse deck, shows how quaint and picturesque it is here. We will surely come again. The Admiral

03/05/2012 | Patty
Beautiful! It was perfect timing. I'm glad you saw the show and loved the town.
Cocoa Village Marina
03/02/2012, Cocoa, Florida

We stayed in Fort Pierce Thursday because friends from NJ who were visiting family in Florida drove over from Sarasota to visit with us and see Dreamboat. We had a great time giving them a tour of the boat and trying to find manatees for them, but we were unsuccessful. The mother and calf that played around our boat at lunchtime were nowhere to be found when they arrived. Nor did we find any at the Manatee Viewing Center in Downtown Fort Pierce. However, a good time was had by all as we shared a wonderful seafood dinner in the dockside restaurant in the marina, and sat and talked until they closed up. Today we motored north about 67 miles to Cocoa Village which is on the Indian River near Cape Canaveral. We are docked in a very nice marina and will be staying through Sunday night so we can see this quaint little town and wait out nasty weather on Sunday. Hopefully it will calm down enough for us to travel again on Monday. The picture today is one of the many beautiful houses along the ICW north of Vero Beach. The Captain

03/02/2012 | karen and tom
ahoy! thinking of you both..
03/02/2012 | Chris
Pretty picture, the water and sky are so blue. Is the water really as blue as it looks, and did you get any good shots of the manatees? Have a fun weekend!
Harbortown Marina
02/29/2012, Fort Pierce, Florida

We had a very nice evening at anchor in Hobe Sound. In front of us on the east shore of the ICW were beautiful waterfront homes, behind us was a huge bird sanctuary, about 500' to the left was one anchored sailboat and about 1000' to the right were two sailboats. By 5pm the boat traffic down the ICW died to almost nothing. The sky had scattered clouds so we could see a fair number of stars. We slept with the windows open and the east wind sent a mild breeze through the boat all night. This morning was pleasantly cool and sunny. We were in no hurry so we had a leisurely breakfast in the cockpit just enjoying the morning. It was after 8:30 when we finally pulled up the anchor and resumed our journey northward. We only had one drawbridge to open today as the other three were all 65' high fixed bridges. We traveled up through Jupiter Sound, across the intersection of the ICW, the St. Lucie River and Jupiter Inlet and into the Indian River which runs between Hutchinson Island and the mainland. At the north end of Hutchinson Island is Fort Pierce. We traveled just past the Fort Pierce Inlet and into a marina on the western shore of the ICW River. Harbortown is a large marina with very nice facilities and good shopping nearby. We will stay here at least tonight and tomorrow night. The Captain
I think the section of the ICW from North Palm Beach up through Jupiter is the prettiest section we've seen. It combines pleasant houses with docks and beaches with wilderness for the wild life. Sprinkled along in between are marinas and an occasional waterfront eatery. The ICW meanders from wide to narrow and there is always something to see. Our anchorage last night rivaled the peaceful coves on the Chesapeake that we love to wander into. The Admiral

03/01/2012 | faye
Take it easy. Davy Jones died yesterday. He lived in Indian Town

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