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Dreamboat 2011-12 Cruise
Myrtle Beach end to end
04/24/2012, Little River, SC

This morning we left our very pleasant dock at Osprey Marina (see picture) which is on the southern end of Myrtle Beach. We motored out way north for 28 miles through canals through the Myrtle Beach golf communities, Both built, partially built but stopped, and unbuilt - an education on the housing crash. One community had at least a mile of bulkhead on the ICW with some nice docks and a large boat ramp, nicely graded and level land, and about 10 houses facing the ICW spread out over that mile where clearly they had planned closely spaced houses for that whole mile. We had to navigate three swing bridges. A local tour boat passed us that looked like a miniature river boat. WE passed one golf course that straddles the ICW had has an aerial cable car for the golfers to get from one side to the other. We are docked in Lightkeepers Marina on the very north end of Myrtle Beach, SC. Four miles after we leave here tomorrow we cross into North Carolina. My brother Gary is joining us tomorrow morning and will travel with us through Sunday. The Captain

Osprey Marina
04/24/2012, South Myrtle Beach, Sc

Here is picture of Osprey Marina's lawn mowing crew. They were at the far end of the field but the minute we drove up in the golf cart, they came running to meet us. They even jumped up on the fence and tried to lick our faces. Friendly bunch! The Admiral

04/25/2012 | Faye
Yes, they do look like a friendly bunch.
Through the Cyprus Swamp
04/23/2012, South Myrtle Beach, SC

The temperature was in the 50's when we left our slip today in Georgetown with cool winds forecast gusting to 16 knots. We planned a short 30 mile day today so were able to leave a little later than usual. It gave me time to visit the Kudzu Bakery and Market the morning. It's a great stop for any boater in Georgetown with homemade frozen items, a deli, wine, and fresh bread. We headed up the ICW toward the south end of Myrtle Beach though miles of what looked like wilderness. Miles of thick stands of cypress trees lined the banks of the Wacamaw River, some jutting out to the edge of the channel. We noticed a large bald eagle perched in a tree overlooking the ICW as we went by. We arrived at Osprey Marina about 1 PM after reading good reviews on Active Captain. It's a nice hurricane hole marina with about 100 slips. Because the transient dock is a ways from the office, ship's store, and bathroom, we had use of the golf cart to run back and forth. The marina provided us with a goodie bag of snacks and information about the area including a menu from an Italian restaurant that provides a ride from the marina and back. Who could turn that down? It seems like a great stop with a complimentary breakfast of coffee and muffins in the morning. As a nice little aside, there's a flock of goats near the marina store. Just a homey little extra that reminds me of the MD Eastern shore. The Admiral

Wild Weather Day
04/21/2012, Georgetown, SC

We started the day waiting for the fog to lift enough for us to be able to see the drawbridge that was only a few minutes away from where we'd docked. When it did and we got underway, we had to zip closed the clear side panels of our cockpit enclosure because the breeze was chilly. By noon, with the sun out we rolled up the side curtains because it got warm and humid. Later in the afternoon we took the two rolled up side panels out and replaced them with screen panels because our cockpit was becoming a gathering place for greenhead flies. They weren't biting, but they would fly in and not be able to figure out how to get out. Then, as we were traveling up a long land cut canal within an hour from our day's destination it started to rain lightly. When we came out of the land cut and turned up the river towards Georgetown, a severe thunderstorm suddenly engulfed us. We spent about a half hour basically motoring at a slow enough speed that the outgoing tide and the strong winds in our face held us more or less in one spot against very strong winds, sideways torrential rain, and thunder and lightning. Of course, we'd had no time to swap the screen panels back for the window panels, so the rain also blew into and thoroughly washed the cockpit and its occupants. Lastly, just as we got finished tying up at the dock in Georgetown's Harborwalk Marina, another small thunderstorm passed nearby and doused us with rain again. That one was nice enough to give us enough warning that we got the clear side panels all in and zipped up before it rained, so we got out he wine and cheese and crackers and sat in the enclosed cockpit as the storm made its way through. There is more rain forecast for overnight and tomorrow morning so we are planning to spend tomorrow and tomorrow night here as well. The picture today is of an alligator that swam across the canal in front of us. It's the second alligator I saw, but the first one I was quick enough to get a picture of. The first one was quietly swimming along the river bank behind the dock at Jekyll island Marina. The Captain

04/22/2012 | Gilligan
Hurry up and get by the bad weather ...and the alligators...before I jump on.... Skipper!
04/22/2012 | Chris Greenwald
Just catching up on your trip, sounds like you had a wild weather day yesterday. Loved the pic you took in Beaufort, looks like a very interesting and beautiful place. Sea Pines Resort sounded fun also. Have a great trip back!
South Carolina Wilderness
04/20/2012, John’s Island, SC

We pulled away from the dock in time to get through the bridge just north of the marina before it closed down for the 7 to 9 rush hour. We then spent 8 hours traveling through the "sea island" area of South Carolina. The photo above is one of the spots of civilization we passed today. Tomorrow we plan to get to Georgetown, SC so we can wait out the bad weather forecasted for tomorrow night and Sunday. The Captain

Touring Beaufort
04/19/2012, Beaufort, SC

We spent a nice easy day exploring Beaufort today. We borrowed the marina's courtesy car to get to the grocery store to replenish the fridge and freezer. Then we walked around the town and found a nice restaurant where we had lunch on their back veranda which looked out over the city's waterfront park to the river and towards Saint Helena Island in the distance. After lunch we took a horse and carriage ride tour on a carriage that held 16 plus the driver with a horse who was much happier trotting than walking. We learned about Beaufort's interesting history, dating back to the Indians, the Spanish, the French, through the prosperous years of the plantations, the difficult years of the Civil War where the residents abandoned the town and the Union Soldiers occupied the town and created hospitals during the war, to the bad economic times after the war, terrible damage from hurricanes, and on to more prosperous times with the arrival of the military bases. The Captain
In addition to all our history lessons, we heard about the movies filmed here in Beaufort : The Big Chill, Forrest Gump, and the Prince of Tides. The best story was about Barbra Streisand's 7 week stay here for the filming of the Prince of Tides. Apparently she wanted to live in an antebellum house that also had a pool. That left one choice and it was right here in the downtown area. Unfortunately, the owners said they wouldn't rent. Her agents gave them another offer and they said no again. Three times they refused but as you know, money talks. Finally on the fourth offer, they agreed to move out for the 7 weeks. She moved in and promptly covered their wood floors with white carpet because she only walks on white carpet. She also arranged for all their furniture to be stored and bought all new, undoubtedly from rooms to go. Long story short, they moved back into their house after the seven weeks were up and were able to send all four of their children to college, fully paid, with the proceeds of their windfall. Guess you never know what's going to happen to change your life. Another fun vacation day! The Admiral

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