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Gentlemen never sail to weather! Rut-ro!
Raiatea to San Diego
Afternoon Update
01/13/2013, Huahine

Afternoon update:
It's 2:20pm and the rain is still falling full bore. A minute ago lightning hit the water near the boat and the resulting thunder was instantaneous and LOUD! A little un-nerving to say the least. I'm going to sit in this nice protected bay until this blows itself out, it would have been a crappy 1st of many days to Oahu. 1 more day in the big picture isn't much to lose plus it will be nice to have a full day to get in the groove without being soaking wet, no dodger or bimini on this boat.
Time out.

More of the same, looks like a lot of run off as the waters from to the entrance in the reef are a river of brown. Sure glad CNi boatyard checked all the hatches like I had asked, not! Leaks in the forward cabin over the bunk, another in the main salon, skylights leak on the salon table and the main hatch, when closed, leaks into the galley. Hard to have work done properly when the yard is a few 1,000 miles anyway. Hell bad enough when the yard is in your hometown! BUT! I have Gorilla tape! Can't figure out why the masthead tri-color and anchor light just quit, power at the panel and may take a ride to the masthead once the lightning is over for sure to check it out. Don't really feel like climbing a lightning rod today.
All for now, reporting live from Fare Huahine French Polynesia,

Thunder and Lightning!

Today, Sunday, was our take off day for Oahu after having a nice day off yesterday in Huahine. Woke up this morning around 5 am to claps of thunder and a lightning display! None of the strikes were close but then the sky opened up with not just rain, but solid sheets of water!! It is now 11 am and while typing, the rain stopped, yea!
Went up on deck to check it out and open a couple of hatches but the lull looks like a short one. Hopefully we can bail out this afternoon and head north!
More to follow,

01/12/2013, Fare Huahine

This will be a catch up post. Not sure where I left off as I can't see the blog but...after 3, Tuesday days of solid rain dawned bright sunny and down right hot!
At 16 degrees south of the equator, the sun is very intense and the need for shade and tons of water are on your mind full time. As there was no wind, tried out the furling main sail, in mast, before we left CNI, to move to town. Stuck! I worked on it for a couple of hours with little success, then Sylvain and I worked on for another 3 hours with a 90% success rate. Enough to run with so Wednesday am we moved over to the city dock, almost the exact spot on the blog, where John had the boat a few years ago. Provisioned using the 3 stores in town, then that afternoon Jim left us to fly home. Three days of rain, trapped inside a closed up boat with 3 guys, stuck in a boatyard far from town, made for a nasty cold that he could not shake. Fever, chills, nonstop coughing made up his mind that he better go home. So now it is George and I. Makes for a longer watch but we are both good with and have a excellent working relationship so all is right with the world!
Next, fine 5 gallon/20 liter gas cans! Since we only carry 36 gallons on board I need at least another 30 gallons to see us through the first 1,000 mile to the equator as the winds are light or non-existent! Problem! There ain't any on the friggin' island, new or used! So for the measly amount of $607.00 usd, there are now 2 12gallon outboard fuel tanks strapped to the cabin roof! Plus there were 2 5 gallon gas already on the Buckaroo and we living the good life! (fingers crossed)
Then the bilge pump switch decided to go on a permanent leave of absence, took about 3 hours or so to trace that down and rig up a temp. switch, as in jumper wires. So got food,check, full of fuel, check, everything appears to be working, check. Thursday at around 0730 we left the dock for an island east of Raiatea called Huahine , cleared the reef at 0820, and motor sailed the 20+ mile to village of Fare. Those of you reading this be warned! You DO NOT want to come here! I'll post a couple of pics and you'll see why.
It is now Saturday morning and George and I just got back from the Farmer's Market in town, full of fresh fruits and veggies. Ready to head north but....last night the anchor light and the big tri-color running light at the top of the mast are on vaction. On the list after I post this, to fix/McGyver. At 1st light in the morning, we head north as I'll be posting via sat phone, blog post will be short. Out here in the anchorage, there is wifi, so we have internet and e-mail and we are making the best use of it for our last day before we reach Oahu. Once underway, you can e-mail us, please no photos,attachments as sat time is not free!!!
Time to close this and go for a swim!

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