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Gentlemen never sail to weather! Rut-ro!
Raiatea to San Diego
Day 3
02/06/2013, 15 09.036'S:148 10.199'W, French Polynesia

Opps! I put 14 deegrees yesterday by mistake, but it was pretty rough so that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Today was better, only a couple of storm cells that we had to dodge and luckily, didn't hit us. Due to all the motoring we've had to do, we are stopping at Rangrioa for a fuel stop, and to catch up on sleep. The past days have been very sleepless for me as George was under the weather so to speak. But, today, he is much better and getting back to his old self. Me, I'm just bushed. We won't make the pass into Rangrioa this afternoon, so we get to "hover" overnight, then make our way in. Probably drift and sail around in circles around the southern section of the island so as to use it as a breakwater. If fact, the seas are laying down and we are about 12 miles from there. Not a great idea to enter a strange harbor at night. Pierre gave us the phone number of a good friend of his, that will tell us how the currents and tides are in the morning. Also we will check out of French Polynessia here. Then the north winds won't bother us when we leave as we will be heading in a northea sterly direction to get to the equator and 140 degrees west longitude. The ITCZ is at it's narrowest there according to NOAA. Other than all that, we are doing fine, just wish we did'nt have strong head winds from the direction we needed to go today. Was so much looking forward to plunking down the anchor and getting 12 hours sleep!! end

Day 2
02/05/2013, 14 55.159'S:149 14.729'W, French Polynesia

After a fun filled day of trying to dodge most of the squallls, are these babies hugh!, had a fairly quiet night. Now, as yesterday, we are trying to cross what we call the squall highyway. We just got nailed a bit ago by another one but as we get closer to Rangriroa the weather seems better. All we need to get is get on top of the Tuomotos and we should be in the clear. George wasn't feeling too good yesterday,understandable, as the seas and winds were down right snooty. Not much better as I type this so lay off you guys about errors in this blog post!:) The downside to trying to get away from these monstors is we have been motoring through here, fast! So we've burned up a bit of our fuel. We did sail up to around noon today, then the beast came in a we are hailing butt once more. Kinda like trying to run across the freeway at rush hour! Otherwise we doing fine, just tired of this garbage and hopefully tomorrow we will be back in sunny skies, no rain and steady winds. See ya then

02/06/2013 | Susan and Jeff
Hi George and Lynn,

You probably can't see this but we just wanted to let you know we are following you, hoping you get fair skies soon, flatter water, and make it past the squalls soon. Happy sailing!
Good Bye Huahine!
02/04/2013, 16 43.168'S:151 02.327'W, Fare Huahine FP

squalls day 1 but we are ok that's all more later

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