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Gentlemen never sail to weather! Rut-ro!
Raiatea to San Diego
Day 6 Rangrioa to Oahu
02/16/2013, 11 57.993'S:147 44.422'W, South Pacific Ocean

Sorry for the late post but I got lazy and slept this afternoon while George was on watch. Last night was our 1st 24 sail and getting used to a regular routine takes a day or so. Prior to that, it was whoever could stay awake as we dodged squalls and storm cells. Different today as we get into the lowe latitudes, weird thinking that, going north to smaller numbers, oh well, more confused seas and a line of clouds that had us confused. Turned out to be no big deal, but for a couple of hours we were scraatching our heads and being understandably gunshy. We are charging on, heading north and a little, to get to the equator as fast as we can. We may cross somewhere betweem 148 and 150. On a broard reach, rolling a bit so typing is fun and you proofreaders can leave me alone! Also spell checker is on the blink and it's time to eat dinner. That is all we are fine just ready for solid ground!

Day 5 Rangrioa to Oahu
02/15/2013, 13 35.000'S:147 15.424'W, South Pacific Ocean

Yesterday was another episode of the old game, dodge the squalls, and finally we were through the line. Off to the northwest was wide open and off we went as we were on an easterly course eariler. A wonderfull afternoon sail, clipping along nicely, dinner while watching the sunset, then all of the sudden, someone pulled the plug on the wind machine! No a breath of air at all. So we rolled in the swell all night, got up at 0330 to charge batteries and headed north, due north. Saw a line of minor black squalls, hoping for rain, but they petered out before we got there. The around 7, clear blue skies, white puffy clouds and wind from due east at 10 to 15kts. yea buddy! We have been sailing between 4.5 and a high of 6.3, since then and the miles are ticking away. This is what we have wanted for such a long time. Threat level at 0.01 and the sky is crystal clear all around us. Just what the travel brochure promised! I was on watch most of the night so now time to go lay in the coc kpit and dream of showers and Mai Tai's at the Hawaiian Yacht Club!

Day 4 Rangrioa to Oahu
02/14/2013, 14 21.590'S:147 20.229'W, South Pacific Ocean

The gloves are off! No wind again last night and we just listened to the sails flop back and forth. Daylight and a slight breeze came up showing another line of monstor squalls. So I says to myself,enough! I didn't want to burn our precious fuel supply so early in the game but enough!. Time to move, besides the batteries could use a good charge. So we are now motorsailing, flying everything in all it's glory,at 5.5 t 6 plus knots. I'm gonna run this way, on a course of 30 degrees, until we are out of what we call, The Squall Highway! The winds are further to our northeast and it is time move. We still have plenty of fuel in the main tank and about 30 gallons on deck. I was waiting the the equator crossing in case of light winds but we also have them here so....

With all the squalls around a pleasant side benifit are the sunsets and surises. I think George has filled his camera's memory card with those! Mostly during the day we read, dodge the bigger squalls, bs, doze, cool off with bucket baths dreaming of a fresh water shower. We did aim for a couple of the smaller squalls hoping for a fresh water rinse, but, alas, just a few sprinkles by the time we got there. Maybe furl up the sails and say what the heck and motor into a big one, just for a shower and a blow dry. These critter can nail you with some strong winds, but with the sails tucked away, should pose a problem. Ol' Buckaroo has already seen 50 plus knots of winds without a complaint. But with furled sails btw. That was between Huahine and Rangrioa, 3 1/2 days worth, yuck! All is well on the good ship Buckaroo,( would kill for a double double from In n Out and a milkshake), as we head to 0 degrees and 140 west.

Happy Valentine's Day Jane!

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