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Gentlemen never sail to weather! Rut-ro!
Raiatea to San Diego
Day 2? What? Anyone?
03/13/2013, 19 40.918'N:158 36.215'W, Pacific Ocean

The winds are blocking us from Oahu and the Hawaiian Yacht Club's guest dock, so we are on a course for Kauai! Miles wise, it's 40 miles further. However, the track I'm on to Kauai and Nawillwilli harbor also keeps me in a good position in case of a wind shift to the east. Kinda a win win deal. Worse case, we dock in Kauai and take on fuel, rest up,clean up get some decent food,(cheeseburgers and beer!), then head to Oahu. It's only 60 mile between the two and with a full load of fuel not an issue in case of no are contrary winds. Right now I have about 10 gallons left, not enought to motor to Oahu, which lies due north,106 miles into a 8' swell and 20 knot winds. On this course of 340 true, starboard tack, motor off, 15 to 20 knots out of the north and making 5.5 to 6.4 knots! Could possibly make Nawillwilli tomorrow afternoon with these winds. That's all I have so stay tuned to this channel, see ya tomorrow with,I hope, good news!!!!!!!! Lynn

03/14/2013 | Gordon
George - Kauai is way nicer than Oahu anyway. Enjoy! We're all with you every nautical mile.
Day 2?
03/12/2013, 19 05.000'N:158 06.000'W, Pacific Ocean

Winds have us at their mercy. We were all set to dock tomorrow and the winds died and started back up from a direction we need to go! So we get to tack back and forth when we only had 125 miles to go or less! We could motor some but we need the fuel to charge batteries. I may just say the heck with it tomorrow and run for it! I'll keep you all posted, till then. Lynn

03/13/2013 | Tim Taylor
Hey Dad, glad to see you guys are doing well and close to your final destination. I miss you a lot and can't wait to see you. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your journey!


Day 27
03/11/2013, 17 22.285'N:157 41.829'W, Pacific Ocean

Wind came up around 5 am so we unleashed the genny and are doing a blazing 3.5kts.! Better than wallowing in the trough! Shut the motor down yesterday afternoon to save fuel and we decided to just wait for the wind and get a good sleep! Worked out just fine, and now we are under 200 miles to go. Winds are light but we're moving and should make landfall Wednesday sometime and maybe cell service tomorrow for at&t, verizon is second best on Oahu. An odd thing I noticed this morning while doing a rigging check, small brown dots, like dust, smoke or ash, all over the boat. Has a volcano gone off somewhere? Let me know at [email protected] Very odd as there are regular white clouds but nothing to indicate where this is coming from. Great, like my boat clean up list isn't long enough as it is!! Feel free to drop us a line, George and I like hearing from you all. Pray for wind!

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