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Don & Deb's Big Adventure Continues in Oz
We are now living in Melbourne, Australia after selling our beautiful yacht 'Buena Vista' in New Zealand. Even so...the big adventure will continue one way or another!
Some Docks No Muy Bueno

Look at the size of these guys. I don't know how they live in the harbor, the water is pretty gross. The slips next to this are also falling apart but they do rent them cheaply to yatistas on a budget. The thing is, they are only for calm weather. When the big storms hit, they actually kicked all the boats out of the docks and made them anchor out in the harbor. I guess they figured the extra stress on the old docks would cause them to break up.

Ensenada, Mexico

We left Shelter Island in San Diego at 5am, total darkness and really thick fog. That was pretty exciting. The trip down to Ensenada was pleasant, mostly motor sailing. Later in the afternoon we had our autopilot on and Don took a walk around the deck and saw some whales blow directly ahead of us. Three or four gray whales lollygagging around. I was surprised because I thought that whales could hear boats coming but these didn't. He yelled out to me to turn 'Auto' off and turn hard to port and we passed them by. We're looking forward to seeing more whales but not like that. Anyway, we made it to Ensenada safely and checked in at Cruiseport Marina, to the right of the cruise ship in the photo.

Beautiful San Diego Bay

Our friends Bruce and Lyn showed us around the Bay. What an exciting place to sail. From America's Cup racing yachts to power boats to dinghy sailors and everything in between. Lots of traffic on the water. Military jets flying overhead. Plenty to see, we had a great day.

Taking Evan With Us
12/24/2009, Marina Del Rey to Catalina

Really happy that Evan was able to come with us for a week or so. He's been sailing with us for several years now. This year he won the fishing contest.

Leaving our Home Port
12/18/2009, Ventura, California

We both have mixed feelings today. Very excited to finally be moving, to be starting a new phase of our lives. But also sad to be leaving our home of the last ten years and the beautiful Channel Islands that we have enjoyed so much.

Another Birthday for Deb. No More Please.
12/04/2009, Ventura

What do you think happened when I opened this card? You got it. The fat lady sang her heart out!

Work Work Work
09/25/2009, Ventura Isle Marina

too much to do!

11/26/2009 | Frost
Fabulous pictures
01/01/2010 | Lyn
How fun for us to be sailing with you guys on San Diego Bay New Years Day 2010!!! Loved your boat and the great day. You are on your way. Have a fabulous trip and look forward to seeing you in Mexico.
Lyn & Bruce
We need ice cubes.
09/15/2009, Ventura, Ca

Deb needs ice cubes so Don went to work building a better refrigerator.
In the meantime we were living out of an icechest which wasn't fun. See the photo gallery for more on the refrigeration project.

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