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Don & Deb's Big Adventure Continues in Oz
We are now living in Melbourne, Australia after selling our beautiful yacht 'Buena Vista' in New Zealand. Even so...the big adventure will continue one way or another!
My kind of town, Hipolito is.
02/05/2010, Bahia De Hipolito

Not much to it but that's what we like.

Nice Catch Don!
02/04/2010, Bahia de Asuncion

We left Turtle Bay, mostly motoring south, but a gorgeous sunny day. You could see rain clouds ahead in the distance but by the time we got there they had broken up. We were barbequeing a fish Don had caught inside Turtle Bay for fish tacos for lunch when zinnnngggggggg....the trolling line had something and it wasn't kelp this time. Oh yeah, silver flashes in the water and Don reeling like crazy. When it got close you could tell it was a great fish. We think, after looking at our books, that it's a Pacific Bluefin Tuna. We caught it on our old reel with old line and old worn out lure. I guess the new heavy duty pole with all new gear is for the next one, an even bigger one. After cutting it up, god there's alot of meat. Fresh tuna sushi for dinner, tonight, tomorrow night. OH Yeah.
Once we got to the island outside of Ascuncion. our destination for the night, we turned to sea, and had a great sail straight out into the Pacific for an hour, then turned around to come in. With wind building, we flew into Asuncion Bay like a shot. Great sail, great fish, great day.

Pedro the One Armed Man was Helpful
02/01/2010, Turtle Bay

No picture of him. Sorry. But the dinghy dock and pier was memorable. This is what it looks like on a normal tide. When we went in the tide was way way down. We were gonna take the dinghy on the beach but we would have had to pull it way up the beach so we went to the dinghy pier instead. The blue stairs that you see in the picture were way up in the air. Like four feet above where there are in the picture. I couldn't jump up from the dinghy ramp so they told me to go into the panga. So I did and I sat down thinking now what? The guy kept pointing at the front of the panga and then I realized what I was supposed to do. He would pull the panga under the 'sky' stairs and I should stand on the tip of the panga which is higher and from there climb onto the stairs. OMG. OK, just go for it. At the top of the stairs was Pedro, the one-armed man. He asked what we needed. We told him tacos :) and a market and maybe laundry.
So...he first took us to a little restaurant (probably owned by his aunt or another relative) where the three of us had 'tacos dorados' which we thought would be fish but turned out to be beef. But they were excellent. We each had three, me and Don and Pedro. Then he took us to the mercado where we just looked around and told them we would be back tomorrow. We should have done our shopping then because the next day it poured with rain so when we did make it back to town we were pulling our little rolling carts in the muddy roads. Next stop to laundry, at Deloros' house, his aunt. And eventually got fuel from his uncle, Enrique. He did his job well I'd say.

Glad he's not on top of me!
01/30/2010, Cedros Island

The elephant seal colony at the north anchorage of Cedros Island is a must see.
Look at that face. With his huge harem, no wonder he's smiling.

Not Many See The Backside
01/30/2010, North End of Cedros Island

The sail from the San Benitos Islands to the north end of Cedros was fast and lively. Maybe the best sail we've had since we left Ventura. The north end of Cedros was 18 miles NNW and with 12-15 knots and west swell it was really fun. We trolled the whole way but not sure if fish came swim that fast. Got some nice views of the backside, the wild side of Cedros. Lots of yachties use Cedros Island as their first landfall going south, and north for that matter. Not too many people see the backside though.

Yummy Yum Yum
01/29/2010, San Benitos Islands

Dinner that night was incredible. We had two lobster tails each and I made Thai peanut sauce on rice with red bell pepper and broccoli pieces mixed in. We feel so spoiled. Slept like a baby.

And That's Not All
01/29/2010, San Benitos Islands

I've never seen an abalone before, I'm not sure I've ever eaten one either. Well, a young couple with a 10-11 year old boy came out and asked if we wanted abalone. We said we weren't sure, what do you want for it. They said soda. So we gave them 2 cokes and 2 sprites and a sprial notebook with a 3d picture of Speed Racer or one of those car cartoons that my nephew Adam would like for their son. And they gave us two abalones, already out of the shell but that's about it. These things were still alive, as if they were plucked from the ocean a few minutes before. If they still had the shell on, turn it over and you would see the one on the left. That's the part that connects to a rock. The one on the right, that's the part that connects to the shell. These islands are so remote. Being 18 miles further west than Cedros Island, they are definitely off the beaten path. The people who live here seem staved for consumer goods, beer, soda, and the like. Do they wait for a boat to arrive and then go out and find something in the ocean that we might like. Then sit down for dinner with a coke or a beer, happy with the day's work? Anyway, they were all very nice and helpful and we very much enjoyed our stop there. If we are in this area again we will definitely go back. PS I trimmed them and sliced each in half, now the size of four pancakes. Tenderized the four patties using a hammer and a tea towel. Sauteed in olive oil, garlic and good. Definitely want to do that again.

Now That's A Nice Trade
01/29/2010, San Benitos Islands

The first guys didn't come back for the tequila but luckily another couple of fisherman came out and asked if we wanted langosta, we said for Tequila? They said, oh no, beer would be good. So we gave them four cold tecates in exchange for five live lobsters. They were pleased that the beer was cold and they popped one each and sat there and drank it. One of the guys spoke pretty good broken english, seems he had lived in Petaluma, California for a few years before coming home again. He had a bloody hand, had cut himself while sorting their catch. I grabbed my first aid stuff, my wound wash spray, antibiotic ointment, some paper towels and some band aids and we got him fixed up. We sent him home with the antibiotic ointment to use later and some more bandaids.

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