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Don & Deb's Big Adventure Continues in Oz
We are now living in Melbourne, Australia after selling our beautiful yacht 'Buena Vista' in New Zealand. Even so...the big adventure will continue one way or another!
Let's Take A Hike
01/04/2012, San Juanico

Beautiful wild desert landscapes, high ridgeline trails and incredible views. It's all here. You can see Buena Vista anchored in the cove to the left of Don's head. Punta Pulpito is visible off in the distance.

Bocce On The Beach Of Course!
01/03/2012, San Juanico

As 'Picara' sailed out of view to the south, Caleb on the sailboat 'La Querencia' sailed in from the north. Also, Phil and Louise, land cruisers with a great four-wheel drive truck with camper and heaps of great camping gear set up on the beach at San Juanico. They have a sailboat too, called 'Metica' and it's up in Canada. Maybe one day they'll sail into San Juanico themselves. Great folks that we hope we can meet again down in La Paz. They may stay in San Juanico for awhile though. They've been to most beaches up and down the Baja and like us, they think San Juanico is their favorite.

Donny Back To Nature
01/03/2012, San Juanico

We walked over to La Ramada and had several hours lazing on the nice warm sand. Don had a swim but the water's a bit too cold for me. That big rock in the background is Punta Pulpito.

Not Bad for 55.
01/03/2012, San Juanico

An early winter's day in the Sea...the sun is nice and warm. Later in the year the sun beats down so hard that you are always looking for shade. But now - it's glorious and walking around in a bathing suit feels so great. Here I'm standing in front of the Cruiser's Shrine where boaters throughout the years have left mementos of themselves, their boats, their crew. Standing here I can feel the spirits of everyone who has passed here, the cameraderie, the love.

Here's Picara
01/02/2012, San Juanico

Mike and Marni from the sailboat 'Picara' came to say good morning. The water's pretty cold right now but it didn't seem to bother Marni as she swam over, with Mike rowing along in their cool wooden dinghy. They're from Vancouver Island, Canada. Maybe that's why. Don and I snorkeled yesterday in our 7ml suits that we used for diving at the Channel Islands in Southern California. Dressed that way we were able to stay in the water for an hour or more easy. Marni and Mike are also doing the Puddle Jump in March - like us they're getting ready to sail to the South Pacific, very exciting. 'Picara' is a steel boat that they've been working on for ten years, she's a beauty.

How's That For Starting Off The New Year
01/01/2012, San Juanico

It's really cool that we're able to be here this time of year. The sunrises and sunsets seem to be more spectacular in the winter.

Hello 2012 - We've Been Waiting For You!
01/01/2012, San Juanico

Had a fun time last night bringing in the New Year with the folks on 'Picara'.
Don went around to various coves yesterday in the dinghy and collected a bunch of driftwood. He built a huge bonfire on the beach. We enjoyed shots of tequila and shot off heaps of old flares. Some of the flares we shot off were dated back to 1989. Of the really old ones about 1 in 3 were either duds or weren't as bright and strong as they are when they're new. Feeling a little fuzzy this morning but it looks like it's gonna be another perfect day in paradise.

Saying Goodbye to 2011
12/31/2011, San Juanico, Baja, Mexico

This is the 7th time we've been to San Juanico - it's definitely our favorite place in the Sea of Cortez. We've had some wonderful times at this very spot, gotten to know some incredible people and have made lifelong friendships here. Right now it's just us and one other sounds lonely but it's not. Sitting next to the cruiser's shrine you can feel the good vibes of the hundreds, make that thousands of cruisers who have come here through the years and experienced this wonderful place, each leaving their own mark. It's meaningful to me to come here and say 'Hasta Luego' to 2011...a year of memorable sailing experiences, great new friends and some really happy times. There were also some sad times and a few pretty big disappointments as well. This cruising life is really not that different from our other's full of ups and downs and you try your best to make the best of every day. We're thinking of all of our wonderful cruising friends in the Sea, on the mainland of Mexico and spread out across the Pacific Ocean as far as New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia. We're also thinking of our families, both in the United States and Australia/New Zealand and all of our friends...Here's to you! Happy New Year One and All! We got up this morning to a beautiful day, bright and sunny. We walked the beach and found our spot and had a little ceremony letting go of the past, being thankful for everything we have today and looking forward to the future. Then we layed back in the beautiful sunshine and started on our tans for 2012. Tonight we're going to build a bonfire and shoot off a bunch of old flares and say goodbye to 2011.

01/03/2012 | Steve
Don and Debbie,
San Juanico is one of our favorite anchorages also. The Shrine does give you a feeling of comradarie with all the other cruisers who have passed through. A lovely place. Happy 2012. See you at Loreto Fest.
Steve and Susan
m/v Pacific
01/07/2012 | Carla and Doug
What a wonderful start to 2012! We will be looking for you two in French Poly next year!
02/15/2012 | Carol & Livia Dupuis & Gilstrap
Found your blog!

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