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Don & Deb's Big Adventure Continues in Oz
We are now living in Melbourne, Australia after selling our beautiful yacht 'Buena Vista' in New Zealand. Even so...the big adventure will continue one way or another!
What Are You Doing Here?
01/13/2012, Agua Verde

Oh yeah, you live here. On our walk back we had a 'beach cow' sighting. Don tried to herd him along.

Cave Paintings
01/13/2012, Agua Verde

Do these look ancient to you? I'm not sure. It was fun looking for and finding them anyway.

Turn Right At The Chair?
01/12/2012, Agua Verde

As my nephew Adam would there's a chair you wouldn't want to sit on. :) The cave we're looking for is actually visible in this picture just above the chair and just below the top of the cliff. Of course I know this now, but it did take us awhile to locate the trail when we were looking for it. I went around the back side of the hill and found the trail up the ridgeline and then down to the front where the cave is, while Don just scaled the front of the hillside through scrub and cactus to get to the biggest cave we could find. Luckily for him it was the right one.

Another Beach To Ourselves
01/12/2012, Agua Verde

Walking north of Agua Verde to find the 'Hands' cave.

That's a Big Kitty Cat!
01/12/2012, Agua Verde

As we were walking along the beach we saw the footprint of a man in tennis shoes with the big cat's pawprint right on top. That ain't no housecat.

Creature of Prey
01/12/2012, Agua Verde

Not sure if you can see it...there's a mountain lion off to the left walking into the shadows as we neared the water. We didn't bother him a bit, he just saw us and strolled away. I grabbed my camera and took the shot from a long way away while he was still in view. The locals we told about this encounter later in the afternoon were very interested to hear about where we saw the big cat because they have cattle roaming the area as well.

The Local Cemetary
01/12/2012, Agua Verde

We went to shore this morning for a long walk. We're walking north to see if we can find the cave with the 'Hands.' Along they way we passed the local cemetery. The residents there (at the cemetery) are mostly from two main familys who live in the area. There are graves that appear to be extremely old. Also, there were many graves of very young children. It's very simple, quaint and nice.

Just Another Pretty Day
01/12/2012, Agua Verde

Cool at night though. We wear our jammies every night - thanks Sheree.
That's Buena Vista in the foreground and 'Rhiannon' on our starboard side. We're anchoring in about 12 feet of water. 'Picara' is anchored behind us and just out of this shot.

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