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Don & Deb's Big Adventure Continues in Oz
We are now living in Melbourne, Australia after selling our beautiful yacht 'Buena Vista' in New Zealand. Even so...the big adventure will continue one way or another!
The List Of Things To Do Is Long!
01/29/2012, Nearly La Paz

Before we take off across the Pacific Ocean to the South Pacific around March 15th, here's what's on our list of things to do. Don's List: Install new Hydrovane, find stainless steel guy to make dinghy davit extensions to reach out past new hydrovane, refurbish water maker pump, refurbish lift pump, refurbish salt water pump, find Perkins guy and have injectors 'done', refurbish injector pump, refurbish exhaust elbow, build new exhaust elbow and keep as spare, then fit it all back together, learning as much as you can about diesel engines as you go (so if there's a problem 'out there' you will have the basic knowledge to get us back on track), have dive tanks hydrostated and filled, install high water bilge alarm, install mast steps, repaint shower stall, go through entire inventory of zincs, impellers, gaskets, hose clamps, etc etc etc. Find and purchase additional spares needed: injector, Balmar smart regulator, thermostat, various pumps, spare tube for dinghy wheel and a hundred other things we haven't thought of yet. Some of Deb's jobs: Book a flight to California and back, pick up Hydrovane when it arrives from England, somehow break it down and fit the pieces into your luggage and maybe even Don's golf bag (bring some golf clubs back too, don't forget golf balls as well) go shopping to find the dozens of other things on my list, go to Stefi Krausz's Bat Mitzvah after going to our storage area in my brothers garage and finding a dress to wear to said Bat Mitzvah, visit your closest friends and say goodbye again, get the blog back up to date! Get dodger and bimini restitched, restitch our dinghy chaps, make six jerry jug covers, make four dive tank covers, make cover for fold-up bike, make bag for Don's golf clubs, start the huge process of provisioning the boat with food and drink, enough to last us for six or seven months as we cross the Pacific on our way to New Zealand, test all navigation systems and computerized navigational charting systems, subscribe to single-sideband weather forecasts for sailing across the ITCZ and on to the Marquesas Islands, find other Puddle Jumpers in the La Paz area and organize the group for information sharing, set up paper nautical chart sharing meeting to share what we've got and to obtain the additional paper charts that we need. OH AND TRY NOT TO PANIC...JUST TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME AND START SCRATCHING THINGS OFF THE LIST!

03/04/2012 | Lisa and Larry
This is why we laugh as cruisers when our friends and family ask us, "So what do you do all day?" Ha-ha! Very exciting stuff you guys! We are very happy for you to be making the big leap! xxoo
03/04/2012 | Mike Anderson
Debbie, thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures and posts on here. Thanks again for letting Adam & I get a taste of your lifestyle. I know you are so busy now but once you shove off, we want updates. Good luck and we are all so proud of you and happy for you too.
03/13/2012 | Krausz House
Just finished Skyping with the Robos. I am a little teary eyed but really happy and excited for them. It was wonderful seeing Deb and having her here for the Bat Mitzvah. We love them so much!
Time To Get Back To The Big City
01/28/2012, Nearing La Paz

It's hard to believe that Buena Vista has not been in a city since we were in La Paz last May. The last time we were here it was with Cath and Linz after our Puddle Jump attempt last April went awry. I have mixed feelings. I like the City of La Paz with it's lovely malecon, nice weather and nice people. But living at the islands immersed in the wonders of nature every day has been so wonderful - I love that life too. Now the real work starts. We have just decided to purchase a new Hydrovane wind steering system in preparation for the long passages across the Pacific Ocean. I'll be making a trip up to California in a week or so to pick it up. Don will stay with the boat and get started on his long list. Wish us luck.

Time To Get Ready For The Puddle Jump!
01/25/2012, On Our Way To La Paz

We've had a wonderful month of exploring the coast of the Baja peninsula.
We've really enjoyed spending the winter here, warm and sunny in the days and cool and crisp at night. But now it's time to get serious about getting ready for the Pacific Puddle Jump. That's what it's called when you sail from the west coast of the Americas to the South Pacific. We've got a long list of boat projects, repairs, and upgrades to get done in the next month or so. First though let's say Good Job to Don as he gives up his weekly Wednesday Amigo Net Controller position. You've been a great Net Controller Don. I'm proud of you.

He Knows How To Warm Up
01/21/2012, Isla Espiritu Santo, by La Paz

Our presence doesn't seem to bother him.

Wonders of Espiritu Santo 4
01/21/2012, Isla Espiritu Santo, by La Paz

You just can't take your eyes away. Something new and different at every turn.

Wonders of Espiritu Santo 3
01/21/2012, Isla Espiritu Santo, by La Paz

So interesting looking, almost spiritual.

Wonders of Espiritu Santo 2
01/21/2012, Isla Espiritu Santo, by La Paz

Does this remind you of anything? Think 'Twilight Zone"

Wonders of Espiritu Santo 1
01/21/2012, Isla Espiritu Santo, by La Paz

We're glad to have another week or so before we have to get into La Paz and get on with our boat projects. We've never spent much time here at Espirtu Santo. The rock formations here are outstanding. I've been reading the 'Clan Of the Cave Bear' series of books recently and I can't help but look up at all of the caves and think, "Which one would I live in?"

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