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Don & Deb's Big Adventure Continues in Oz
We are now living in Melbourne, Australia after selling our beautiful yacht 'Buena Vista' in New Zealand. Even so...the big adventure will continue one way or another!
Adios Mexico - Hello Pacific Ocean
03/20/2012, Offshore from Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico

Sailing vessel Buena Vista left Cabo San Lucas this morning and rounded the cape about 8am into confused seas. We saw what looked like an orca whale briefly and then came face to face with the Carnival cruise ship 'Splendor'. It was headed to Cabo and passed one mile behind us before making it's turn. We're about 20 miles offshore, the seas have calmed down a bit and the Baja Peninsula is starting to fade away behind us. Next stop - Nuka Hiva in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia. It's 2614 nautical miles from Cabo San Lucas. It should take us 20 days or so to get there. My plan is to do a position report about this time every day. I'm able to send these reports via our single sideband radio using a pactor modem. Unfortunately they are text only so pictures will be added once we get to th,e next internet cafe...about 2,600 miles from here. Our mates Karen and Mike on 'Chapter Two' are about 15 miles behind us. All is well on board.

03/20/2012 | ray allen
wishing you lots of luck you are so lucky carnt wait to see your pics hope you managed to get some of the whale god your sooo lucky take care x
03/20/2012 | barney
Hey Guys, Good to hear you are on the trek at last. Fair winds and good sailing to you both. Wish I was there with you. Talk soon.
03/21/2012 | Linz and Cath
4th time Lucky,I'm with you Barney wish I was there as well. See you in the South Pacific.
Mexico - We Love You
03/19/2012, Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico

We arrived at Cabo two years ago and now we're getting ready to leave Mexico from here in Cabo...full circle. What does the future hold for Don and Deb? The next few years will be full of excitement and challenges, new places and new friends. But we'll always look back to Mexico and especially the incredible Sea of Cortez with great fondness. It's where we were part of a wonderful sailing community. It's where we learned how to cruise. This is a place that will always welcome us back. Thank you Mexico, we'll miss you.

Cabo Rocks
03/19/2012, Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico

The music is pulsing and several hundred college kids are having the time of their lives partying on the beach for spring break. Buena Vista is here too watching the fun from afar. We've got work to do. Don topped off the diesel and water tanks. Then he put on his wetsuit and took a final look at the bottom of the boat. My sister Nancy took us to Costco to top off our cheese, wine, and tonic water supply among other things. I cooked a big batch of spaghetti for the trip. When most chores were done we hoisted the dinghy motor and then the dinghy up on the foredeck and tied it on. It's been really windy here - good conditions for us to start our passage. I looked at the grib files today and saw that if we leave tomorrow morning we've got two great days of sailing in 20 knots of wind. Unfortunately, the gribs also show that in about three days the wind machine completely shuts down and there may be three or four days of really light winds. So, the we sit here at $18 per day just to anchor and watch a bunch of teenagers wig out while we wait for the next 'weather window' or do we take off in the morning and see how far we can get in two days before the wind dies. What will it be like out there with the 6-8' swell rolling by us with not much wind to fill our sails? I don't know but we're gonna find out.

Getting Ready To JUMP
03/16/2012, Bahia Los Frailles, Baja, Mexico

After leaving La Paz we had two casual days at a local anchorage to chill out and let our minds relax after the hectic over-excitement of the last days in the city. The weather forecast showed a few days of fairly light northerly winds so we took advantage of that (along with 'Picara' and 'Chapter Two') to move south down the Baja Peninsula, closer to our 'jump' point. We had a nice calm night at Ensenada De Los Muertos with 8 other boats in the anchorage. When we woke the next morning nearly everyone had gone...many moving north towards La Paz and our buddies already on their way south with a very light breeze from behind. Half an hour later we also had raised the hook and were slowly motoring south. Around noon the wind from behind us started to build so we lifted our sails and enjoyed a great sail down to Frailles, 45 miles, having about 20 knots of wind at the peak of the day. The three of us rounded the point towards the anchorage at about the same time. I had emailed my sister in Cabo and told her we planned to be there. When we came into the anchorage we saw our brother-in-law Alex standing on the beach watching and waving. How fun to be greeted by family that way. I hope when we get to the South Pacific we'll have family and friends join us along the way. Imagine sailing into Tonga and seeing your loved ones awaiting your arrival. It's getting and tomorrow forecast southerly winds so we'll stay put here. But the next northerly change....we'll be off.

03/17/2012 | Linz and Cath
Are you sure thats enough Beer Donny. will be toasting you guys with Blue Moon on Kapiti Island, this week for my 50th.Will be watching all the way guys fair Winds
03/18/2012 | Linz and Cath
Oh and Dont forget it goes all the way down. Thats down the OUTSIDE
03/18/2012 | Larry, Lisa & Ben
Ok, so we'll meet you in the Marquesas? We decided if you can do it, maybe we should as well. When do we leave? We'll stop in the Galapagos, then see you in the Marquesas.
03/21/2012 | Al & Esther Roth
We are so glad that Alex could be there on the beach to greet you and Nancy could take you for some last minute shopping. Happy Sailing!
Pacific Puddle Jumpers - Yippee
03/15/2012, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

We just received our Pacific Puddle Jump burgees from Latitude 38, the sailing magazine that we all read from San Francisco. Of course Don and I have one from last year too - even though we didn't make it. As our friends Robert and Virginia on 'Harmony' said, "Sometimes it takes a few tries to get to lift off velocity". You're right Robert....but I think we're there now!

03/15/2012 | Chip (MissTeak)
Don - safe travels to you and Debbie. We're on our way (via airplane) to PV for the Bandaras Bay Regatta Monday. Then in October we'll bring our boat back to Mexico for the season. Keep living the dream my friend!
03/17/2012 | Mike Anderson
03/17/2012 | Pascale s/v Calou
Have a safe passage! Fair wind to you.
Provisioning 101
03/15/2012, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

Lists, lists and more lists. I should have invested in 3M for all the post it notes hanging everywhere. We've got enough food onboard for 6 months at least. The big question, how much beer should we bring??? Don finally settled on 15 slabs (24 in a slab) do the math. :) For Don's projects we use a white board. He has fun taking things off the white board when he's finished that job. Problem is I'm always standing off to the side with the green pen waiting to write something new in the blank space he just created. We're making good progress though as evidenced by the fact that we're both starting to sleep a little better these days.

Quite A View From The Top
03/15/2012, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

Yep it's a nice view from up there. See the double masted sailboat right in the middle of the picture? That's 'La Condesa del Mar' - it's a Herroshoff 65+ owned by our mates Jenny and Mark who are taking it back to Brisbane, Australia. Another fun fact...Condesa Del Mar's bowsprit is 14 feet long. Our other mates Karen and Jim on s/v Sockdolager...their boat is a Pacific Seacraft Dana 24...only 10 feet longer than Condesa's bowsprit! Whoa.

All The Way To The Top
03/15/2012, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

There's Don at the top of the mast replacing the windex that the frigate bird sat on and broke. Thanks to Bob on 'Amiga' for hoisting him up to install our new mast steps and also to Bruce on 'Ruby' for getting him all the way to the top to replace the windex. Thanks guys.

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